How to Get Social Media Shoutouts for Free in 3 Easy Ways?

How to Get Social Media Shoutouts for Free in 3 Easy Ways?


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The old saying “word of mouth” is more than a slogan when it comes to advertising. As consumers become increasingly skeptical about traditional ads and branded content with ulterior motives, they turn to social media for recommendations from family members, peers, or even celebrities that help fill in this void left by businesses hoping to drive sales. 

For instance, if you read an article online praising your local bakery as having some of the best croissants around town, then most likely you will take note—whether it’s a next-door neighbor's post on Facebook or a tweet from mega-celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain!

And this is where social shoutouts matter the most for small businesses

Why are Shoutouts So Important for Businesses?

Small-business owners are always looking for ways to get their name out there and create more business. New research proves that the best way is by utilizing social media channels like Twitter or Facebook because they can increase customer traffic and boost sales considerably with a single post. 

A recent study found people who advertise through these outlets have 23% of their revenue coming from them--which amounts to $197 billion annually! And 78% say it's one of the most effective marketing strategies in helping drive success, as evidenced by positive shoutouts about products/services across various platforms such as Instagram, Yelp!, etc.

What is Social Media Shoutouts?

They say that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement, but in today's world, where everyone has a social media account, you can't rely on it to spread your message. 

Social Media Shoutouts are when individuals promote another business or channel by recommending their product and linking them out for more information. The idea behind this is to promote products within different customer segments so they get seen by new people who may not have been aware before now!

A shoutout sounds like such a good thing because it means other customers will see what I'm promoting, too- less work for my company and me while we grow together!

For this reason, many companies are turning to “social media influencer marketing” as a way of connecting with customers. You might think that you have the perfect product for someone who is reviewing different computer compatibles- and so do they! 

How about teaming up? Your prize customer will likely see your offer on social media and may want to buy from or visit your website (or store)

Once in a while, you'll find somebody on your social media feed that constantly posts something good. You know the type; they're always liking and commenting on other people's posts to make their point clear or just because it feels right. But what about those moments when an influencer decides to give others more credit?

A shoutout can be defined as someone giving public recognition of another person’s achievements/contributions etc. They usually do it by praising through social networks (such as Facebook). It often leads to followers being exposed to new things from different perspectives via recommendations made by these notable individuals with large followings like yourself! 

How to Get Social Media Shoutouts for Free? 

I’m sure you know how to use Twitter now, but the hard part is getting other people to notice your account. It can be tough because most influencers won't shout out new accounts unless they get something in return! 

Usually, these requests take one of two forms: paying for a service or offering them yours for free at some point down the line. You might also have luck following an individual's request and then asking if they'll promote you on social media later on.

Search for an Account or Influencer That Matters to You

For those of you looking to get some major exposure for your brand, influencers are key. But how do we find them? You can’t just search social media networks and hope one pops up – that would take way too much time! 

Instead, try using hashtags on Instagram or Twitter to scour pages catered towards a similar niche as yours. This will help narrow down your search, so it doesn't take forever- but keep in mind not all accounts with 100k+ followers are worth working with; go for the ones who have smaller followings instead because they'll be more affordable (and from what I've seen lately tend to work out better).

Search for an Account or Influencer That Matters to You - Social Shoutouts - Dropship USA

Developing a relationship with the influencer is vital. Before you ask for anything, spend time liking and commenting on their content to show that you’re following them well!

Contact the Account Owner or the Influencer 

Once you’ve found the pages that go with your business and might potentially cooperate with you, subscribe and follow them.

It is essential to reach out first before asking for a social media shoutout or anything else of the like from another page. To do so in an effortless way, try complimenting their content instead of just asking outright if they would be willing to give your company some promotion on their account by sharing it directly there. You never know what could happen!

Offer a Win-Win Proposal: Shoutouts for Shoutouts 

You can offer them a shoutout for their shoutout to keep it economical. If they agree, be sure you are discreet about the details and discuss when, what kind of post should go up, etc., with your new partner!

3 Ways to Find Social Media Shoutouts 

The most effective way to make your shoutout campaign successful is through creativity and specificity. When you ask for a random person, it can be an ineffective method because they may not have the same interests as what’s being advertised to help grow their business or following on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  

However, when asking someone specific, just keep in mind that every individual has different tastes, so try not to do anything too outrageous even if it sounds perfect!

Search for Related Niche 

You need to find a C in your niche which is trustworthy and will recommend you. This way, they can help bring more customers and make sure that the person recommending your product knows what they are talking about!

Pick the Right Social Media Platform 

Before you try to make your content go viral, it's essential to think about what personas are on the social media site receiving and viewing your post. For example, suppose I'm posting a link or video of an article from my blog onto Instagram. In that case, this could have better engagement with people who enjoy looking at visual posts rather than reading text-based articles.

Go for Diverse Audience 

Lastly, you may find an influencer who is in a similar niche. However, he might not have the same audience as your brand because they are different demographics and target markets. 

A lot depends on gender, age (teens vs adults), marital status (single or married); for example - these parameters can make all the difference in getting that successful shoutout!

Paid Social Shoutouts also Payoff 

Influencer marketing is a great way to get your business out there, especially if you don't have the time or resources to do it on your own. Some social media accounts will sell shoutouts for those who want them- but be careful! 

It's important not only to know how much they charge but also whether or not their account has any reach at all. Influencers can help by connecting one of their followers with another follower in exchange for something like cash money (or maybe just bragging rights). 

Final Words 

When you're trying to decide whether shoutouts are worth it or not, look at your niche. Are they a good idea if you offer products and services in certain areas? 

Shout-outs can be an effective way of growing your audience through the help of other influencers who have followers that align with yours. You'll need to consider how influential their reach is before making any decisions about working together, though!

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