Is Shopify Oversaturated? - Is Dropshipping Still Viable to Earn Money?

Is Shopify Oversaturated? - Is Dropshipping Still Viable to Earn Money?


While all available data on the Internet indicate that the industry is crowded and competitive, this does not imply that dropshipping is dead. Indeed, it is more vibrant than ever.

Shopify is an e-Commerce platform that enables you to create and manage an online shop. That is analogous to wondering whether Amazon is saturated. E-commerce and internet shops will continue to exist. Perhaps the most pertinent issue is this:

Is Shopify oversaturated? Is Aliexpress dropshipping saturated?

And the answer is theoretically affirmative. Locate alternative sources for your items and create a one-of-a-kind business. Aliexpress manages its marketing, and anybody may download the AliExpress app on their phone and purchase an identical item at a far lower price.

Aliexpress was unknown a few years ago, but today many customers purchase directly from the site. Their vendors will sell to everyone; they are unconcerned with the success of your internet business.

What is Market Saturation?

Market saturation occurs when most potential buyers in a given market have already purchased a product or service. And it implies that the existing market's demand is met or virtually met.

This signifies that dropshippers' clients have lost interest in a particular product they offer. Again, this is because the client demand has been met, and the market has been saturated to the point that the product is no longer profitable.

To a large part, your business's success is contingent upon your knowledge of dropshipping in general; it is also contingent upon your understanding of the amount of saturation for the items you sell.

Its because a marketing plan may need to be altered or enhanced in order to remain competitive.

However, the question "Is dropshipping saturated?" assumes that dropshipping is saturated in and of itself. While it does not fulfill the definition of "market saturation," this is a frequently asked subject that merits a careful response.

The point is this. Dropshipping is a fulfillment technique — a form of merchandising that has a long and illustrious history around the globe.

Is there such a thing as dropshipping oversaturated?

Consider the following nine large eCommerce companies that began with or continue to use dropshipping as their fulfilment strategy.

Yes, eCommerce platforms such as Shopify have made it simple for many of us to enter the world of eCommerce and fulfill our dropshipping dreams. And indeed, this has resulted in the emergence of a bustling online dropshipping community.

However, dropshipping has endured decades of adversity, and there is a slight hint that it is about to go. On the contrary, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of entrepreneurs have established successful internet businesses in that sector.

While a crowded market makes competing and profiting more challenging, it also creates possibilities.

Is Dropshipping Oversaturated 2022

Is Dropshipping Oversaturated 2022 - Dropship USA

In a nutshell, no. Numerous statistics indicate that the dropshipping sector is saturated, but there is still much room for growth, and it is far from dying. By 2025, the dropshipping business will reach a market value of $557.9 billion. Additionally, there are the following:

That is not the case since dropshippers seldom perish. AliExpress was the undisputed king of dropshipping. Things changed over time, and dropshippers now deal directly with wholesalers.

Similarly, there are several communities where individuals attempt to persuade purchasers and consumers that dropshipping is not dead.

There is much uncertainty among those who want to learn about the feasibility of dropshipping. Here is a Quora expert analysis that will help you determine the feasibility of dropshipping.

Now you can see why dropshipping is still thriving in 2022! Indeed, it is a perfect moment to launch your dropshipping company. This is why:

  • The global community has embraced eCommerce.
  • More customers are purchasing online than ever before. Merchants understand dropshipping and are eager to cooperate with them.
  • It's simple to send money online.
  • Can assist with paid internet marketing campaigns
  • The initial investment is close to $0.

How to Know if a Product is Saturated Dropshipping

Product testing is a vital step in the dropshipping process. This is because even a single bestseller may significantly influence your company. A critical aspect of product testing is determining if a particular product is still viable or has reached saturation.

And you need to collect this information since the likelihood of your product being a blockbuster may be contingent on saturation. This article will assist you in resolving this critical dropshipping issue and determining which items have the potential to become bestsellers.

Alternatively, if the dropshipping product has reached saturation and is no longer capable of providing the sales boost your firm need.

Search for Facebook Videos

Facebook Ads is perhaps the most widely used social media site when it concerns dropshipping. Thus, by looking at Facebook searches alone, you may obtain a very accurate sense of how saturated the market for the product is.

This may be accomplished by searching for the items you are promoting. And if it created a large number of results, it indicates that the dropshipping product has reached saturation.

Available Suppliers on AliExpress

Another quick technique is to verify the number of things on AliExpress or any other online shop you're presently utilizing.

First, you must search for the item as soon as the website loads and scroll down to view the number of pages that include your items.

If the listing exceeds three pages, it is a solid sign that the products are likely outdated and saturated.

Evaluate Order and Review Ratio

Following that, you arrange the AliExpress results by most recent orders. Then, open the list's first item. One technique to tell whether a transaction is a dropshipping one is to compare the number of reviews to the number of sales.

If there are a lot of sales, but few reviews, the majority of transactions are likely from drop shippers.

And the reason for this is that a direct consumer of the online retailer has no method of reviewing the things they purchased from the dropshipping company.

Therefore, if the item has a high volume of sales, it almost certainly signals that the thing is saturated, making it even more challenging to sell.

Selecting the incorrect items to advertise might be the cause of your business's continued stagnation. Proper merchandise and marketing are your most effective instruments for increasing income.

Is Shopify Oversaturated: How to Know

Since the web became widely accessible – about 2010 – the tendency for consumers to purchase online has been growing.

However, as new data from demonstrates, the number of sales made on online sites remains a minuscule proportion of total retail transactions. According to their research, less than 5% of all retail purchases are made online. However, the tendency is gradually increasing.

This indicates that online retailers – of which Shopify is one – are still a long way from competing with traditional storefronts. As a result, Shopify is not oversaturated in the retail business and has the potential to expand.

According to, Woocommerce formerly displayed the number of downloads on their site, about 80 million. However, Woocommerce has erased this data, and after much inquiry, I have been unable to locate it.

Kindly notify me if you locate it, and I will happily incorporate it into this page. Perhaps it is a tightly held secret.

Although individuals may have downloaded it to evaluate the software's usability and may not now operate an e-commerce website. After installing it, they may have discovered a more suitable alternative and moved to another e-commerce platform.

According to, there are already slightly under 4 million websites that use the Woocommerce platform.

Around 4 million looks to be a reasonable estimate of Woocommerce-powered e-commerce websites. Compared to Shopify, which has a user base of just 1 million, the figures indicate that Woocommerce is more saturated than Shopify.

This suggests that Shopify has a substantial market share to grab before reaching saturated levels.

Market share is a word used to describe how firms compete. It refers to all businesses that possess e-commerce websites. One firm may run certain marketing advertisements to persuade clients who use one product to switch to another.

This is only applicable to saturated industries. Where the product is already widely used.

However, in the case of Shopify and other e-commerce software suppliers, there is so much potential for growth that Shopify would need to expand its market share and meet current interest in online shopping before being saturated.


So, is Shopify oversaturated?, No, it's not overcrowded yet since internet retailers account for less than 5% of total retail sales. Which implies there is enormous potential for expansion.

Additionally, Shopify has around three times the number of shops as Woocommerce when compared to other e-commerce platforms. Thus, Shopify does not account for a significant portion of all online e-commerce enterprises.

This is an excellent opportunity to begin selling online. You should give Shopify a try, but be aware of the associated expenses. Additionally, you may utilize our marketplace to sell your things commission-free and free.

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