9 Ways You Can Make Your Product Detail Page More Engaging!

9 Ways You Can Make Your Product Detail Page More Engaging!


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Your product details page is vital to your sales bottom line. If you want to know how important the page design is, think about the last time you bought something online. Did the page have a product video? Did it showcase top reviews? The only reason you bought from that website and not its competitors is the product details page design.

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you need to attend & alleviate all the customer journey's pains and obstacles. Your customer's decision matter the most on the product details page, and that's where they decide whether to buy from you or to keep looking. That means you need to design a product details page that addresses a few different things. They are: 

  • Make sure the design has and highlights detailed, benefit-focused information about the product.
  • The sign-up or checkout process must be very simple and intuitive.
  • The page should have a design that showcases alternate product recommendations.

To ensure you have the perfect product details page design, you need to integrate and adopt a few different things. However, you don't need to overexert yourself. These are relatively simple and easy to adopt for someone who is just getting into dropshipping or e-commerce in general. 

We here at Dropship US work with dropshippers from all over the US to provide complete dropshipping web solutions that ensure sustainable growth. Because of our experience in building highly successful websites, we know all there is to know about creating a product details page design that sells. Our goal here is to shed some light on the matter let you know what you need to do to make sure your product detail page generates leads and sales in general. So let's talk about the ways you can optimize the design of your product detail page!

The Name Of The Product

The name of the product is significant. You should always ensure the name you choose is descriptive. That's because each word is a potential keyword that might be helpful for organic search results. Remember, Google prefers descriptive titles because it allows users to find exactly what they are looking for. Longer names usually indicate the value, and you may have a better chance of standing out than your competitors.

Product Description

Copywriting starts with understanding and defining your target audience. Your job is to understand what they need, what they desire, and what their problems are. Remember, you need to avoid technical jargon. It should be in a simple format that people will be easy to scan with all your benefits highlighted so that people know exactly what the product offers customers. When writing product descriptions, remember that it should convey essential product information and short-circuit objections while also answering the customer's most pressing questions. Always make sure that the product description isn't too wordy and conveys your message.

Integrating Call-To-Actions

Integrating Call-To-Actions - Dropship USA

Once you are done with letting the people know all the benefits and clarifying the objectives, the next step is to generate sales or leads. To do this, you need to integrate CTAs or call to action buttons within your product detail page design. It can be something as simple as a "Add to Cart" button. Ensure your CTAs are prominent, clear, and easy to perform while also optimizing your checkout process for a seamless customer journey. 

High-Quality Product Images

High-quality images or illustrations are vital to boosting your sales. This is where your copy gets validated. Make sure your product pages have as many demonstrative photos of the product as you can fit. The idea is to let people know what it means to own your product. Find creative ways to develop product images and illustrations to ensure it aligns with the product description to see the maximum impact.

Demonstrative Product Videos

In this day and age, video is the best content you can have as it can push your conversion rates to up to 85% or more. If you have a product with a reputation for being too complicated to use, then a video can quell those complaints and show users how easy it is to use your products. You can also use video as a way to let your customers know the difference between certain features quickly and accurately. Use videos in the product details page to highlight benefits, deflate objections, and answer frequently asked questions so that customer knows your product is the right choice.

Showcase Social Proof

People don't have any reason to trust you or marketers. Your customers will only trust their peers. According to recent studies, user-generated reviews have twelve times more impact on your bottom line than the manufacturer's claims. So having social proof and showcasing it within your product details page is an essential part of creating high sales numbers. The types of social proof your customer needs are influencer recommendations, user reviews, testimonials, and social media buzz. Make sure they believe they are making the right choice by going with your brand and that credence comes from hard-hitting social proof. 

Utilize Recommendations and Comparisons

The online world is a market place of comparisons. People have a minimal attention span, and they don't usually give attention to something unless it provides fantastic value to their cause. As a business, your priority should be to hold the customer's attention. They will usually skip through most technical jargon you provide. Make sure you simplify the selection process through comparisons. Showcase to the customer's features/benefits of related products all within your product details page. You can make sure you make personalized recommendations by leveraging historical data, ensuring attention retention. 

The Wish List Option

Most of the traffic to your product details page is not ready to buy right now. You have to keep that in mind always when designing your product details page. So providing them with an option to bookmark a particular product for later provides value for you and the customer. Usually, people use their carts to hoard products they want to consider buying. So when you give them a personal wish list for storing the things they want to buy ensures you get to reduce cart abandonment numbers and improve your retargeting efforts. Wishlists work exceptionally well with mobile traffic. 

Since most of the traffic to your dropshipping site will come from mobile devices, you should look to integrate them within your design. Wish list data is another crucial factor for businesses. It allows you to make a host of different improvements. From surveying product demand, linking product affinity to buyer personas, providing personalized offers through email or onsite recommendations, wish list data has many different uses. So make sure you have a wish list option for your website.

Impeccable Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of every successful business out there. Just put yourself in your customer's shoes. Think about the type of support you would want from a company, and then integrate all those into your customer service plan. Remember, it shouldn't be intrusive but should always be readily available. Make sure you have all the basic modes of contact like phone-in support, email support, and live chat support. You should also ensure that these support systems are prominently displayed on the product details page. 

Remember that good customer service will save a sale, retain a customer, and reassure prospects that they are making the right choice. Chatbots are getting increasingly popular options for initial first-contact customer service. This is a much cheaper alternative option that businesses are integrating, but you should know that chatbots are supplementary to human customer service teams and not their replacements. 

Building Sustainably

So there you go, those are the nine ways you can improve your product details page design. These ideas are essential for e-commerce entrepreneurs like dropshippers. If you want to make your product details page correctly optimized to generate a high volume of sales, make sure you work with specialists that can match your requirements. That's where we can help you. Dropship US is a specialized web service provider that creates highly engaging platforms for dropshippers to sustainably build their brands. So feel free to contact us if you need help setting perfect product details pages for your brand. 

Also, let us know if you have any ideas on what else to integrate within the pages to make it even more engaging. Hit us up on our socials as well if you have any dropshipping queries. We love interacting with you, so give us a shout whenever you see anything drop shipping related. And with that being said, that's all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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