The Most Comprehensive Email Marketing Automation How To Guide of 2022

The Most Comprehensive Email Marketing Automation How To Guide of 2022


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As businesses grow, they end up spending time on repetitive tasks that can be automated. This frees up more time for business owners and marketers to focus on growing the business with activities such as new product development, networking, and pitching new deals.

This article will seek to explain email marketing automation from the simplest of levels so you can start your campaign or improve upon what you already have going. 

Regardless of industry or size, nearly every company has automated email marketing because it is so effective.

What is email marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to software tools that automate specific email marketing campaigns. The main goal of email marketing automation is to make email campaigns more efficient and increase email opening rates.

Why email marketing automation? Email marketing automation helps marketers send email campaigns quickly, get better email delivery, reduce manual tasks, analyze email campaign data, improve their email deliverability rating, and get more targeted leads. Some top email marketing automation providers are Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvoPilot, etc.

Types of email marketing automation tools 

You can break down email automation tools into two types:

Email campaign management software 

Email campaign management software is focused on managing email campaigns across channels such as email, social media, etc. Once a campaign has been launched, email campaign managers track the progress and success of each email sent through their platform.

This includes identifying any issues with messages and adjusting content accordingly to maximize open and engagement rates.

Email automation software

It is another type of email automation tool that manages your email campaigns and also automates other parts of the email marketing process for you too.

Automation typically occurs during the first stage of an email's life-cycle (acquisition), including how it will be distributed to subscribers (segmentation), email open rates, email click-through rates, email unsubscribe requests, email complaints (complaints are bad, unsubscribes are good), email bounces back to the mailing list manager from which they came from, and the email bounced back to the sender of an email.

In addition to all of this automation, email marketing software also provides management tools for your subscriber lists to update your contacts on a more regular basis without needing to dedicate large chunks of time to go through old contact records.

How can you automate email for marketing campaigns?

You can automate email marketing in a few different ways. One way is to create an automated campaign that sends out emails at predetermined intervals.

For example, customers can receive an automated email campaign after they purchase a product. This automated email could include information about related products or promotions that are currently happening at the store.

Consumers often ignore busy inboxes unless there is something important within each message. Automated emails can be sent to make sure that even if people do not read their emails, they will still see advertisements for specific products over time.

Another form of automated email marketing is through social media posts - these posts can either be pre-scheduled or automated to go out with specific dates and times.

This is beneficial for companies because it ensures that information will be published on social media when most people are using social media, such as at night or early in the morning.

Automation of email marketing benefits

By creating automated email marketing campaigns, businesses can increase the number of readers who see each message while also increasing their response rate due to its frequency.

Furthermore, since automated emails are sent often instead of all at once, they do not come off as overly invasive or spammy. Instead, they appear to be more personalized than automated posts on social media sites because each automated email contains specific information about what has recently happened within a business's industry.

By following up with recent events through automated emails, companies can increase their number of potential buyers.

All automated emails are different and have varying benefits for companies depending on the desired outcome.

Automation of email marketing benefits - Dropship USA

The true power behind automated email marketing is that businesses can craft automated messages to provide specific information to readers without wasting time by sending out individualized messages every time an event happens.

It saves time, increases effectiveness, and makes online advertising more personalized than ever before.

One of the main benefits of email marketing automation is it reduces time spent on manual tasks involved in email marketing. This means marketers save more time to spend on other essential aspects of growing their business or product offering.  

All you need to do is subscribe to an email automation service, configure it, set rules, and then let the software handle everything else related to email marketing campaigns.

To set up email automation, run your regular email campaign as usual but instead of clicking send manually every time, simply go into the dashboard settings of your email automation service and set it to send an email at specific time intervals.

Automated email marketing strategy

There is an automated email marketing strategy in which computerized messages are sent to your customers when certain events happen.

One automated email marketing strategy that generates automated messages is the purchase of a new product. For example, if someone purchases kitchen knives, they may receive automated notifications, including sales on knife sharpeners and other related products.

Another automated email marketing strategy is offering discounts or coupons through an automated message after making a new purchase, follow-up emails about the status of their order, and reminders for scheduled shipments or appointments.

You can use automated messages to notify loyal customers of sales or upcoming promotions on the company's website. Email programs allow you to send these automated messages, but it can be time-consuming, so staffing needs to be increased.

How do email marketing automation tools work?

Email marketing is a great way to promote your business and keep in touch with customers, but it's also a lot of work.

It takes time to write emails that engage readers, send out email newsletters regularly, and time that would be better spent on running the business rather than emailing people who have already bought from you.

To help email marketers cut down on email-related tasks, there are email marketing automation tools. These programs will do most or all of the email marketing legwork for you.

Pre-written templates

For example, instead of spending an hour each week writing new email newsletters for different segments of your audience, you can choose from pre-written newsletter templates in one click.

Subscriber list

Email marketing automation can even go through your subscriber list to find email addresses that aren't linked to a social media profile and make it easy for you to send them email newsletters (especially useful if you use email marketing in conjunction with social media campaigns).

With email automation software, you can send email newsletters simultaneously each week or when email open rates drop below a certain percentage.

With all of these features, email marketing automation tools streamline your business communication process. This means more time to grow your company and better communication with customers.

High-quality email body and content

If automated emails are well-written enough, they could even mean drawing email subscribers back into buying from you. With no tedious tasks taking up valuable time, email marketers can create content that engages customers through personalization, humor, newsworthiness, insights into their industry, and other email marketing techniques.

Final Words

As a marketer, you're more likely to be proficient in certain aspects of email marketing –advanced subject line techniques, for example – rather than knowing how it all works behind the scenes.

Email campaign managers that offer a high level of automation reduce email marketing to its most essential components so email marketers can focus on the email campaigns themselves.

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