11 Must-Have Chrome Extension for Dropshipping in 2021

11 Must-Have Chrome Extension for Dropshipping in 2021


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It doesn't matter what kind of business you run; you want to use the best resources available to grow your company. If you're a dropshipper, knowing how to use these resources would help you remain informed and competitive in this increasingly growing industry.

As a dropshipping business owner, you should have the right collection of dropshipping chrome extensions and software to help you save time and money. Best dropshipping chromes extensions are mainly used for consumer analytics, marketing, task automation, cashback, and other aspects of the dropshipping seller's day-to-day operation. These dropshipping chrome extensions will help you function more efficiently when working on your business.

AliExpress is a massive online marketplace. If you're dropshipping from AliExpress, there are many brands and categories to choose from. Using dropship collector extension is the best way to choose your favourite niche and products.

If you're a dropshipper, use these 11 handy Chrome extensions to make your workflow easier.

Best Chrome Extensions For Dropshipping

1. Google Trend 

Google Trend is a research tool that allows you to identify recent trends in products and niches.

One of the common question dropshippers ask is how to find the hottest products. Google Trend will help you conduct your own analysis to search for niches and evergreen and seasonal items.  

Google Trend also allows you to research trends based on location (globally, by nation, area, or city), which is especially useful if you sell on multiple marketplaces. 

2. Grammarly

Grammarly helps you to become a better writer instantly! 

Grammarly is definitely a name you've heard of. They had a monopoly at one time. However, I avoided Grammarly for a long time because I thought the browser's built-in language correction features would suffice.

However, I'm not a native speaker. And even if you're, it's unlikely that you're not going to make any mistakes. There shouldn't be any errors in the product lists or commercials. Otherwise, customers will lose faith in the site and mock you for simple spelling or grammar mistakes.


Grammarly not only corrects misspelt sentences but also improves the writing style. When you don't know what to say, it suggests alternatives. Grammarly is now experimenting with tone recognition to understand how the tone sounds in your writing (friendly or authoritative).

Grammarly has both free and premium plans. I suggest you not buy it right away. Start experimenting with the basic features, and then if you feel like you need the premium features, buy them. 

3. FindNiche 

FindNiche is another excellent analytics tool for dropshipping sites. It has advanced analytics with so many filter like low competition, high ROIC, and new hot-selling. These filters will help you to identify trending brands and products. 

FindNiche is a must-have for any e-Commerce store owner or dropshipper using Shopify or AliExpress. It has proved beneficial for many startups seeking to get into and succeed in the e-Commerce industry.

4. AliTools 

This Chrome extension will help you to find the best AliExpressn dropshipping suppliers. 

If you're currently dropshipping with AliExpress, Alitools can be a game-changer for you. It allows you to find information on AliExpress products and sellers. 

For example, you can look at a product's price history. By clicking on the heart on the right, you can also save the product through their extension. You can also locate AliExpress sellers with a product picture. 

Simply place your cursor over a picture of a competitor's product, and then select "Find on AliExpress." It will then show a popup window in which it will look for AliExpress sellers who are selling the stuff. It's fantastic and simple, isn't it? 

5. ColorZilla 

If you own a dropshipping website, you are like to showcase a lot of product with Shopify or WordPress. 

ColorZilla may come in handy if you want to find some colour on the internet. It's like an advanced eyedropper tool. Perhaps you'll be browsing a competitor's shop and come across a colour that you want (pun intended).

ColorZilla, on the other hand, allows you to copy that colour with only two taps. It can save you time. ColorZilla also saves your recently pinned colours, so if you need it again but are scared you've copied it over, don't worry! ColorZilla will have it ready for you when you need it.

6. Commerce Inspector 

This Chrome extension can assist you in competitor research as well as product research for your dropshipping company. 

Commerce Inspector allows you to seen the best-selling brands, Facebook advertisements, monthly web users, and more. They have added a new feature recently named 'Trends'. You can see the latest dropshipping trends, such as top posts and brands there. 

 Isn't it great for product research?

7. Oberlo

If you're dropshipping with AliExpress and Shopify, this extension is a must-have. 

Oberlo lets you see the shipping details when you're on an AliExpress product's listing. It also helps you to import AliExpress items into your shop with a single click. You can also make whatever changes you like to the product definition, versions, and photos you want to retain. 

8. SimilarWeb 

SimilarWeb is an excellent extension for analyzing competitor traffic.

This extension provides monthly traffic statistics for almost every website on the internet. The site doesn't necessarily need to be built on Shopify.

Well, the information you get isn't necessarily 100% perfect sometimes. What I do is to compare data from this tool with the data from Commerce Inspector.  This tool also displays traffic by region and traffic sources such as direct, scan, email, referral, etc. Such a handy little tool, isn't it? 

9. ePacket Identificator

You can use Aliexpress ePacket identificator extension to see whether the product is suitable for the ePacket shipping process.

You should use this extension instead of heading to the product's website to see if it supports ePacket as a shipping tool. It would save you a significant amount of time!

I suggest you only deal with goods that use the ePacket shipping process.

10. WeFind 

WeFind is the most recent addition to this collection of Chrome plugins for dropshippers that I've discovered.

WeFind is an entirely free influencer targeting analytics platform (at least for now). It appeals to both Instagram and YouTube users. There are several functions, such as automatically organizing influencer data rather than manually entering it into a database.

However, the commitment calculator is the most valuable feature I would suggest. It helps you identify influencers with real followers.

11. AliScraper (Spocket)

Finally, there's Spocket's Chrome expansion, which makes AliExpress dropshipping much better. AliScraper is the name of this extension.

Before AliScraper, Customers used to use a separate app to handle AliExpress orders. That's where AliScraper came in. This tool allows you to quickly import AliExpress items into your store while still using Spocket. These orders are then processed on the same dashboard as Spocket orders.

So, if you're using Spocket and want to add a few AliExpress items to your store, this is the Chrome extension for you!

Final Thoughts 

I hope that you found this article useful. I use these 11 extensions almost regularly for my dropshipping business. However, don't just stick to this list. Let me know if you also have one or two tricks of your own. Also, don't feel obligated to use all these extensions. It'd be exhausting. Instead, figure out which are important for your business and install those only. 

These add-ons are all designed to make your workflow simpler. So, keep grinding and don't give up. I just wish you the best of luck!

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