A Simple Guide To Optimizing SEO For Dropshipping Sites

A Simple Guide To Optimizing SEO For Dropshipping Sites


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So you are thinking about becoming a part of the dropship Nation. You have a website, you created social channels, and you chose a killer dropshipping niche.

Right now, the next step would be selling your product. However, if people don't discover your brand on the internet, you will never get any sales, and for that, you need dropshipping SEO optimization.

You need to find out how to generate traffic. You may think Google Ads and Facebook Ads will be enough for developing traffic, but that's not sustainable.

Dropshipping SEO is all about generating organic traffic. We here at DropshipUSA have been working with dropshippers for a long time and have provided Shopify SEO optimization for many successful drop ship businesses.

Our comprehensive SEO plan guarantees sustainable growth. So we created a simple guide to optimizing SEO for dropshipping sites to ensure you start earning as soon as possible. Let's get into it right now!

What Is Dropshipping SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a marketing plan that optimizes a business for generating traffic. Dropshipping SEO is the same but in a much more focused way as the marketing plan is much more optimized for a dropshipper.

It will help you rank high on search engines like Google and Bing. So how do you do it? Well, that's what we will talk about today. Here is our take on SEO for dropshipping.

Focusing On Keywords

Creating the perfect SEO plan for a dropshipping business hinge on keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that people type in when searching for things on the internet.

When people want to buy something, they usually go on a search engine and search terms. If you are looking for phones, you will search for terms like "smartphones for sales" or "best smartphone deals," ETC.

You need to find the right keywords for your dropshipping business and then optimize your website with the keywords. So how do you create a comprehensive dropshipping keyword strategy? Well, here is how you can create your keywords list.

Finding Your Keywords

Finding your keywords is an essential part of creating a comprehensive SEO strategy. Since you already know your niche, you can easily find out the keywords you need to be focusing on for SEO.

You need extensive research, and for that, you can use tools like Answer The Public, Keywords Everywhere, and Ubersuggest. Once you find the keywords, you need to know what keywords he has to choose, and that's what we will talk about now.

Choosing The Right Dropshipping Keywords

Now you have many keywords in your list, but how do you know which keywords will bring your maximum business yield? Before you start putting in the keywords, you should know which ones to choose.

There are two things you should think about when selecting your keywords. The first is search volume, and the second is competitiveness. Thinking about these two metrics will help you generate traffic.

Search Volume

Search volume is an important metric you should look into selecting a keyword. You don't want to optimize your dropshipping website for keywords that people don't search for.

Try using Keyword research tools like Keywords Everywhere to find out the search volumes of the keywords. You can also see the search volume over time with Google Trends to determine which keywords can provide sustainable growth.

With Google Trends, you can find out which keywords you need to choose when you have two similar keywords. Often keywords change, and another takes its place.

You can find out which is the more current keyword with Google Trend. Remember that trends usually die out, so find out which keywords are going down in the trend charts before selecting your keywords.

It will make sure your marketing plan is future proof and generate traffic continuously. Consistency is vital for a successful dropshipping business, so make sure you find out which ones are the phrases that have been generating traffic for some time.


As a new dropshipper, you have to know that other businesses are competing for the same keyword, and they have been doing so for a long time. For this reason, when selecting keywords for your SEO strategy.

You should avoid choosing highly competitive keywords as a new dropshipping business. Usually, keywords with substantial search volumes are very competitive and may make it hard for you to rank at the top.

Now you may think that optimizing for high volume keywords should be included because you may get some traffic for your site but trust us; you will not rank high if you choose highly competitive keywords.

However, you shouldn't choose a keyword that has low search volume and little competition. That would mean you will not generate any traffic at all.

For your dropshipping SEO optimization plan, you have to choose keywords that fall somewhere in the middle. Tools like SEM Rush can help you find high-value keywords with a lot of click potential.

Your keyword list should consist of highly competitive keywords and medium competitive keywords with keywords that have potential in the near future. Try introducing long-tail keywords within your keyword list to ensure maximum SEO optimization.

SEO Optimization For Your Dropshipping Website

SEO isn't only limited to marketing strategies. You have to make sure your website is SEO optimized as well. There are several things you need to ensure your website is geared towards generating traffic, and it starts with the title name, web design, and other aspects of the website.

Here are the things you can do to guarantee your dropshipping website is SEO optimized. So let's begin.

Choosing The Right Title

You see, one of the reasons we focused on Keywords first is that you have to use it to write the title, content, and pictures. Now choosing a unique title is the goal, but choosing one with a keyword will help you generate a lot of traffic without much effort.

Whether you are optimizing your product page or collection page, or any other pages, you have to optimize each page with keywords from your list.

You can create unique titles while also integrating keywords, so make sure you do that. Remember, you have to make it a simple title people don't really like technical jargon. You have to find out what the searcher's intent is when creating titles for your dropshipping site.

People have to find your website, and making sure the titles have something that people search for will ensure you are generating traffic.

Think about each page, think about its purpose its value, and then optimize the pages accordingly. When the titles match user intent, your dropshipping site will pop up high on search results. Next up is optimizing the content descriptions. So let's start with that.

Optimizing Content Descriptions

Whether it's pages or products, you need to add content descriptions, and you need to have them optimized with the right keywords for maximum yield.

Optimizing Content Descriptions - DropshipUSA

The purpose of content descriptions is so that the audience can know what it's about, and it's great for SEO. You have to craft your content description according to the carefully selected keywords for that page and product.

Please make sure all the keywords are relevant, and when you create your content, they are all relevant to the topic and title. When the content is appropriate, the search engines will have an easier time relating your dropshipping sites to search engine queries.

However, you shouldn't just populate the page with a lot of content. You have to consider two things when it comes to content, and that's what we will talk about in the following passages. So let's start.

Too Much Text

In the early age of SEO, people would populate entire websites with irrelevant keywords and texts that would make people coming to the website lose interest.

When search engines switched to the relevant content model, everything about SEO changed. Companies think about the user experience as it is an essential part of ranking high on search results.

There will be a lot to write about your niche, and you may want to divulge everything on the web pages, but that would not be the right approach.

Remember that people on the internet aren't patient, so putting up a lot of content on the web pages will only lose you money. You have to make sure you put the right amount of content where you are precise, and the information you put in is pertinent enough for people to engage.

You will have a lot of content to write but putting them all on the content descriptions will only hamper the user experience. So try limiting your content descriptions to about 100 words or so.

Now you can make it a bit longer but don't overpopulate the pages. If you want to put in a lot of content, then you can use buttons like "read more" and make sure you put in a "FAQ."

FAQs and buttons like "read more" are highly interactive, and it ensures that the user experience isn't hampered. So make sure you put in optimized content for your dropshipping website.

The next thing you need to take care of is ensuring you don't have duplicate content. So let's talk about that next.

No Duplicate Product Details

If you are thinking about the perfect results for dropshipping SEO, you have to make sure that there isn't any duplicate content. Creating fresh, unique, and relevant content is a sure-fire way to rank high in search result pages.

However, you have to keep in mind that search engines hate duplicate content. Copying the manufacturer's product details is a common mistake that dropshippers make, which hampers the SEO results.

Search engines hate duplicate content, and it having duplicate content on your website will only harm your search result rankings. When researching your niche, make sure you do enough to write descriptions later on that are unique to your website.

Besides, having your descriptions make the website visitors see your effort, plus the search engine loves unique content, so it generates the best dropshipping SEO results.

Now that content optimization is done for the next step for dropshipping SEO, optimize the other aspects of it. Let's start talking about those now.

Image Optimization For Dropshipping SEO

Search engines love illustrative content, especially images. These are usually high in quality, which ensures better user engagement and guarantees better rankings in search result pages.

There's SEO optimization you can do for images as well, and that means it's something you should look to optimize in your dropshipping SEO plan.

When it comes to optimizing images for SEO, you have to make sure you use the right image tags, use specific sizes, and use the right keywords in the tagline.

As a dropshipping business, images are one of your most effective tools. It's a chance to showcase your product to your potential customers from many different angles, and it can be the perfect marketing tool to have as well.

So make sure you have image optimization as a part of your SEO strategy. With that being over now, let's get into talking about some other aspects of dropshipping SEO.

Building A Credible Backlink Profile

Backlinks give credibility to a website. Search engines love backlinks because this is how it verifies the website as something legitimate and relevant.

While having a vast backlink profile is a plus point, there is something you should be wary of. Not all backlinks are good enough for you to include in your backlink profile.

Many will even harm your website's ranking. Remember that you need to create a backlink profile with websites considered the authority in the niche you chose for your dropshipping business. You will need a lot of different types of backlinks as well.

From review sites to high-ranking news sites as part of a PR campaign, you need to make sure you choose all the right websites to build your backlink profile.

Doing the research and creating an optimized profile will boost your rankings and guarantee success for your dropshipping SEO campaign.

Now that you know what you have to do to optimize, let's look at some other things you have to consider for dropshipping SEO, so let's start talking about those now.

Optimizing For The Best Dropshipping SEO Results

Now that you know what makes the perfect SEO plan, you have to bring it to reality. In essence, the entirety of your business's online presence has to be optimized.

To guarantee maximum yield from your dropshipping SEO efforts, you have to optimize your social media profiles, advertising campaigns, and a YouTube channel if you have one. There are three main aspects to optimizing your dropshipping business as a whole. They are:

  • Website Optimization.
  • Blog & Vlog Optimization.
  • Ad Strategy.

So now that you know what to optimize let us tell you how to optimize your business correctly. In the following passages, we will discuss all the aspects of dropshipping SEO optimization. Let's start with that.

Website Optimization

We already talked about optimizing your website's content and managing the content's length as part of your dropshipping SEO optimization.

However, that's not all you have to do to make your website perfectly optimized. There are two more things you have to do.

One is optimizing your site's functionality, and the other is to create an aesthetically pleasing outlook. We will discuss both here. So let's get into it right now.

Website Functionally

When optimizing your website, dropshippers often forget that it's not only about the content. It's about the entire experience you provide your audience, and it means you have to optimize the site's functionality as well when thinking about dropshipping SEO.

Your website loading speed is a significant factor in creating the perfect SEO plan. One of the first things you have to do is to remove any unnecessary popups.

Then you have to remove any useless advertising on your site that may be hampering your loading speed. If you have any widgets and videos that take time to load, then this is the time you should be removing them.

The next step in SEO for dropshipping is to optimize the site for mobile users. Most of the traffic on your site will come from phones. At the bare minimum, you are looking at about 40-60% of the overall traffic coming from phones; making sure your website loads fast on mobile is a significant step in creating a successful dropshipping SEO strategy.

To optimize your website for phones, you have to start minimizing menus to take up less space on the phone screen.

You also need to resize your image for better loading speeds on phones; along with that, you need to provide bigger buttons for mobile customers to click on. Once that is done, you need to take a look at the aesthetic part of your website. So let's start talking about that part now.

Aesthetic Optimization

Now that you have a comprehensive dropshipping SEO strategy and have cleaned up your site of any clutter, it's time for you to optimize your website's aesthetic aspect.

You need to make it look a bit more professional. What does making a website more professional looking you may be wondering. Well, that means you need to choose a color scheme for your website's theme, optimizing the layout of images and menus, and the widgets you add to your site.

As a dropshipper, it is imperative to shorten content as much as you can. The main focus of your dropshipping website should be the checkout button and "product search results." You can take Amazon as an inspiration.

It's a site that isn't too flashy, and it shortens the customer journey from home to checkout as shot as it can, and that is what you should be focusing on.

Once you have this, you will retain the traffic you gain from your dropshipping SEO campaign and convert them to customers. Now that functionality and aesthetics are out of the way, let's get into the other parts left.

Blog Optimization

We said before that you might have many things to write, but you shouldn't put them on your web pages. Well, that was because you will be putting all the things you want to write about in your blog section.

Google and other search engines love long format content like articles and blogs, and here is where you can show your audience why you are a leader in your niche.

Blogs are a vital part of your dropshipping SEO plan, and you have to make sure that the blogs you write are optimized with the keywords you researched.

That way, your website will not only start ranking high on search results but also will help your dropshipping business establish itself as a thought leader in the niche you are operating under. If done right, then you generate high traffic numbers to your website with SEO optimized blogs.

You can then divert that traffic from the content to the money pages, where they can turn into valuable leads or customers. What that means is optimizing your blog section should be a priority when creating a dropshipping SEO strategy. There are plenty of different types of content you can post on your website.

From topics like pros and cons lists, best product reviews, tips, tricks, how to use, and hacks, you may know about being a thought leader in the niche.

So you see, you are not restricted to only one type of product for your website, so make sure you focus on your blog section.

Remember that blogs are a continuous process, so always keep updating the blog section with new blogs and articles regularly to make the most of your dropshipping SEO efforts. So that's it for organic SEO growth. Now we will discuss Ad strategy and outreach.

Discussing Your Ads Strategy

So let's talk ads strategy. Ads are a great way to generate traffic for your dropshipping business. Make sure you have a comprehensive approach to PPC and guest posting when building a dropshipping SEO plan. In the following passages, we will talk about both to guarantee the best results.

PPC Optimization

If you are a new business, then going head into PPC might not be the right move. You have no customers or audience for your website to showcase.

There's a chance you may be showing your ads to the wrong person. So before going into PPC, start making a few sales and then create a campaign with the information you get from your sales.

You can also put up surveys where people can fill it up with information about what they liked and didn't like, which will allow you to create custom campaign profiles on whom to target.

Another thing you have to add to your PPC campaigns are localized keywords. Localized keywords can be phrases that have the words "near me."

These keywords usually have high conversion rates as the user intent amongst people who search these terms are looking to buy a product.

Optimize your PPC campaigns for high conversion localized keywords to get more out of your dropshipping SEO strategy. So with that done, the last thing we need to cover is guest posting, and that's what we will talk about now.

A Comprehensive Guest Posting Plan

Guest posting is all about creating valuable backlinks and showing off your business to the world. When guest posting on other websites within your niche, you have to make sure you create a hyperlink to your money pages and a link back to your blog section.

You can have independent testers review your products and post them on a different website. Another great opportunity for guest posting is committing to PR campaigns.

Letting people know what your business is about and recent developments is a subtle way to generate new traffic opportunities for you as a dropshipper. So go hard into dropshipping to make sure you complete your dropshipping SEO plan.

Dropshipping SEO For Success

So there you go, that's about it for our dropshipping SEO guide to make your website a success. We covered all the basics and provided you with insights into how we do Shopify SEO optimization.

When creating your SEO plan, make sure you follow everything to the tee here, and you will be able to generate the traffic you need to make your dropshipping business a success.

Well, that's about it for now. If you want a perfectly optimized dropshipping website, then feel free to contact the DropshipUSA developers; they will be more than happy to provide you with any solutions you may need.

So with that being said, we arrive at the end of our discussion. If you have any queries regarding SEO for dropshipping, please drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials. Now that's about it; for now, we will come back with something new about the dropship nation soon. Until then, see ya!

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