A Simple Guide To Finding A Product To Sell Online!

A Simple Guide To Finding A Product To Sell Online!


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One of the most common problems that we see dropshippers face is finding the right product to sell online. Whether it's a single product or a whole line of products, the standard remains the same. It has to be profitable and trending. Many aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs find the process of discovering products to sell tricky, with plenty of them becoming demotivated towards the e-commerce industry altogether.

So if you are having a hard time finding a product to sell, then you are at the right place. We here at Dropship US work with dropshippers and provide them with comprehensive web solutions to maximize their sales numbers. So we are perfectly poised to let you know how our clients found their products to sell online. Don't worry. It is relatively easy once you get the hang of it. There are a few things you can look at to find products to sell online. So let's check out what they are!

Addressing A Customer Pain Point

Remember, people are always looking for something better. Addressing a pain point means developing a product or service by taking into account customers' poor or frustrating experiences with the current selection of available products. You are already aware of the pain points and small annoyances you come across in everyday life. Merely taking a look into niches that you can use to alleviate the pain points will give you all you need to know for a product idea.

Try Tapping Into The Demands Of Enthusiastic Hobbyists

Hobbyists are among the most passionate types of people out there, with many inclined to spend a lot of money on the things they love. The willingness-to-pay is a fantastic way to find out if the product is good enough to sell online. Along with evaluating opportunities, you will also get higher levels of engagement and loyalty with your brand. Remember, enthusiasts are usually more invested in the niche than you as they want to get better value for their money, so make sure you tap into their desires the right way.

Work With Your Passion

While there are inherent risks when choosing a niche within your interests, there are ways to utilize your know-how to create a product that will be highly profitable. It is tough to build a successful business, and working with a product you are invested in ensures you stay motivated to build your brand. Find a product to sell online that aligns perfectly with your interests, and make sure you do the legwork and check the viability before bringing it to market.

Use Your Professional Experience

Have you been working long in the industry and know all the ins and outs? Maybe you now have skills or a particular set of experiences that set you apart from the average person. Well, if that's the case, then you can start leveraging those to create a business that is not only unique but also successful. It is smart to enter the market with a product to sell online that others will have a hard time duplicating. 

Early Adoption Of Trends

Early Adoption Of Trends - Dropship USA

Trends always influence online product selling, and recognizing a trend early can become a significant business upside. If you adopt a trend before, it will give you a lead amongst your competitors and help you carve out a place for your brand within the industry. If you play it right, then digital marketing's general traits will help you lower your ad spend and increase opportunities to build long-term SEO traffic. 

However, you have to understand the difference between a fad and a trend. A fad will quickly fizzle out as the based purely on novelty or gimmick wears off. However, a trend will fulfill an existing need in a new way. Fads can be an excellent tool for marketing, but trends ensure sustainable growth. Here are some ways you can find trends before your competitors:

Social Awareness: You can do it in two ways. You can check out popular hashtags and topics on social media platforms to see what people are talking about. Or you can use social listening tools to monitor trends over time.

Google Trends: Using this free tool, you can check out the popularity of topics and products over time within the search engine.

Trend Hunter: It's the "world's largest, most popular trend community." It uses data, artificial intelligence, and real humans to identify consumer insights and discover new opportunities.

Reddit: Anything that's gone viral on the internet, odds are originated in Reddit. Accredited as the front page of the internet, it showcases forums about everything there is. Check out the popular subreddits to find what people are talking about.

Analyze Customer Reviews

Whether you are an established seller or an aspiring e-commerce business owner checking out customer reviews on existing products always helps. If you are already selling products online, check out what people are saying to find inspiration on what to do next or make your existing product line better. 

If you are looking to get it into e-commerce, look at shortcomings and complaints being shared and develop a product that will directly address those complaints. It doesn't matter whether or not if you have a product chose or not. If you don't have a product in mind, simply select a target market and start exploring specific demographics and focus on brands and products they gravitate towards. 

Keywords As Hints

Organic search traffic is a great way to ensure sustainable growth. However, you can also use it to find which products to sell online strategically. By looking at search data like the number of searches per month and overall competition for those searches, you can identify popular products in high demand. While this approach does require a bit of knowledge about SEO and keyword research, it isn't something you cannot learn with a bit of effort. 

While it is a bit technical but if you can pair a product with highly searched keywords, you will capture consistent organic traffic from Google. But be wary of this method as it can make your business susceptible to Google's algorithm changes. Remember that Google isn't the only place that you can use to mine popular terms that people search for. Here are some other popular platforms people use to find keywords :

  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Keyword Tool
  • KeywordInspector
  • Helium 10
  • Sonar
  • EtsyRank
  • Alibaba Hot Keywords and Industries Keywords

Test Before You Launch

You only know that the product you are selling online is any good if money changes hands. So finding out the level of interest and investment from potential customers before you ship is invaluable insight. Products that look great can flop if you launch them to no audience. So make sure you test the level of interest before you fully launch a product. Create a landing page to promote your potential product and run a few ads to see the traffic status it generates and see the level of interest. Then if things seem positive, think about launching the product.

Check Trending Products In Marketplaces

If you want to sell products online in your online store, you may want to look at what's popular in significant e-commerce marketplaces. Go through sites like that to show you which products are in high demand right now. You may also want to check:

  • Amazon Best Sellers
  • Amazon Most Wished For
  • Amazon Movers & Shakers
  • Etsy Most wanted
  • Etsy Best selling items
  • Etsy Most popular item
  • Trending on eBay
  • Popular on Kickstarter

You should check out the "Best Sellers" Rank on Amazon as well while also use tools like jungle scout to ensure an in-depth look into what's popular. You can filter your search based on the filter by category, price, sales, and other attributes to ensure you cover every aspect. 

Find Products With High-Profit Margins

It would be best if you always looked to sell products online that have little overhead costs. These products tend to have a higher profit margin than ones that cost a lot to produce. When pricing the product, you need to factor in your cost of goods sold. You need to factor in the cost and how much it will cost to promote the product to ship it. Check for products with low overhead costs and high return on investment (ROI) to ensure success. Two things to remember, however. One is that just because a product has lower overhead costs doesn't mean it will yield a high ROI, and the second is that lightweight items are always cheaper to ship. 

Finding The Right Product

So that's our simple guide to finding the right product to sell online. As you can see, all you need to do is put a little bit of effort into researching, and you will find the best product to sell online. Once you find the product you want to sell online, feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with a comprehensive web solution that encourages sustainable growth. If you have any queries regarding anything drop shipping related, please drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials. We will come back with something new soon. Until then, see ya

Don't forget, you can get a fully automated USA based dropship website, built for you, in whatever niche you want, in 72 hours or less. Go to https://learn.dropshipusa.io/webclass to register for our free webinar that will teach you our secret dropship model, and how you can get it built for you in only 3 days!

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