Spocket vs CJ Dropshipping: Which is the Better Subscription App

Spocket vs CJ Dropshipping: Which is the Better Subscription App


Dropshipping is a relatively new eCommerce concept gaining popularity among online merchants. Its low entrance barrier is highly appealing to many newcomers.

However, given the industry's fierce rivalry, it's still tricky for anybody to stand out and flourish.

Fortunately, there are several dropshipping platforms and providers available to help you optimize the operation of your shops.

Such a dropshipping platform may significantly increase efficiency and alleviate several user duties. Different platforms have distinct advantages and disadvantages, making it critical to choose the platform that is most suited to your needs.

This post will compare two popular dropshipping platforms: Spocket vs CJ dropshipping. You might examine which is most appropriate for your circumstances.

What Is Spocket vs What is CJ dropshipping?

Spocket is a drop shipping solution for Shopify and WooCommerce shops. With a few mouse clicks, you can establish a dropshipping company selling items from suppliers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

CJ Dropshipping is a platform that provides e-commerce merchants with integrated dropshipping services. These services include product procurement, order processing, and fulfillment of orders.

In other words, this is a marketplace for finding things and placing purchases, with CJ Dropshipping handling the shipping.

Spocket vs CJ dropshipping: Key Differences

Spocket vs CJ dropshipping Key Differences - Dropship USA

After thoroughly evaluating and comparing both Dropshipping Tools, we've determined that Spocket is superior to CJ dropshipping!

We tried both products for many weeks and evaluated them on the following criteria: price, quality, customer service, and user reviews. Here are the detailed Spocket vs CJ dropshipping 


As simple as dropshipping seems, once you're up and running, it's quickly apparent that numerous dropshipping procedures may transform your side hustle into a full-time career. Spocket and CJ dropshipping have both developed compelling apps to automate the process of sourcing products, fulfilling orders, branding, and shipping items.

On the one hand, Spocket is a relatively simple application to set up; a quick install from Shopify's app market and a quick registration process get you started. Since then, Spocket's UI has been straightforward, well-organized, and well-organized.

CJ dropshipping, on the other hand, is a little more tricky. Some customers may struggle to understand the customer interface, and the shipping prices can get complex at times. However, CJ dropshipping does provide several useful guidelines and tutorials to assist clients in maximizing the app's functionality.

If you think about how to cancel a spocket subscription or CJ dropshipping subscription, you don't have to worry. The cancellation process for both subscriptions is relatively easy.

Automation in Dropshipping Models

While dropshipping may be successful, it also demands considerable labor, including repetitive work.

Dropshipping automation is meant to relieve you of time-consuming and tedious duties such as listing items, changing product quantities, synchronizing orders and tracking information, etc.

Having said that, automation is a "MUST" if you want to grow your firm. Both CJ and Spocket may assist you in automating dropshipping, and there are no significant distinctions shown. 

They provide automatic order import from your shop, automated order fulfillment, automated inventory updates, and automated tracking information sync to your stores, among other features. These are all critical characteristics for every dropshipper.

Product Sourcing

Dropshipping firms rely significantly on suppliers, so finding a reputable source may save you time and work.

According to Spocket, the average product quality is higher on Spocket because it concentrates primarily on local manufacturers. In contrast, many others get most of their manufacturers from AliExpress, and Spocket also conducts product inspections.

Spocket's supplier team would undergo a rigorous onboarding process that includes interviews and sample testing. All of which contribute to improved product quality. Although US and EU vendors may provide higher-quality items, the product selection is restricted.

But that's not how CJ dropshipping works. Most CJ dropshipping's producers are located in China. Numerous clients have preconceived notions about Chinese items. Indeed, due to China's rapid growth, many new technologies are being applied to production, and more skilled laborers are capable of producing higher-quality items.

China's industrial capability has increased significantly. Additionally, since China has more manufacturers than the US and EU, CJ will undoubtedly benefit from this and provide more product options for dropshippers. Not only that, China's goods prices are much cheaper, ensuring better profit margins for dropshippers.

Spocket's delivery is often quicker since most of its suppliers are local manufacturers who can dispatch the packages from their location. This is a significant benefit of dropshipping since many customer complaints are due to logistical issues, such as damaged or missing items during distribution and delayed delivery.

Shipping and Logistics

CJ has always strived to improve its shipping techniques to provide a positive experience for dropshippers and consumers.

For example, CJPacket Ordinary and CJPacket Sensitive are two newer shipping methods developed by CJ; the former is intended for non-battery-powered items, while the latter is designed for battery-powered products.

CJPacket Ordinary takes around 8-13 days to deliver from China to the United States, while Sensitive takes approximately 10-14 days. Additionally, CJ operates a worldwide network of warehouses that may be utilized to store private inventory.

If you sell a product regularly and are concerned about losing sales due to delayed delivery, you can pre-order private stocks and send them to one of CJ's worldwide warehouses.

If you want to send your private inventory to the US warehouse, CJ will stock and ship them from the US on your behalf when your clients make purchases. This significantly reduces delivery time since it is local.


Creating your distinct brand will significantly assist you in marketing your items, which is precisely what many dropshippers are doing right now.

Spocket assures that no promotional material, bills, or fliers will be included in the shipments that reach your consumers. Along with neutral, generic packaging,

Spocket provides you with the added convenience of suppliers attaching your store's invoice to the box, which includes your store's name, contact information, logo, and if desired, a personal letter from you to the consumer.


CJ has the same functionality as Spocket and some additional tools to help you establish your brand effortlessly. The POD (Print-on-Demand) product is one of the features. Custom designs are available for these goods.

You may add your brand or a photograph to the items, modify the colors, or engrave anything. Additionally, CJ offers customizable packaging. You may pick the packaging you want and customize it to meet your items.

With all of the uniqueness that CJ brings to you, it's simple to create a distinctive brand and earn customer loyalty. Additionally, you may include a Thank You note in the bundle to demonstrate your thanks to the consumers, which CJ will assist you with.

CJ's ambitions are unique compared to those of the majority of other platforms. 

To begin, CJ is absolutely free. On the majority of items, there is no setup price, no monthly fee, no storage fee, and no minimum purchase quantity.

However, CJ does offer multiple client tiers, which are determined by your sales volume, not your plan. When you accomplish a particular number of sales, you will be promoted to a higher level with additional benefits. This is a significant benefit of CJ since the absence of a membership fee lowers the entry barrier for new dropshippers.

Product Delivery

CJ dropshipping provides a number of shipping methods. CJ dropshipping has three warehouses, two in China and one in California.

Shipping from China to the United States typically takes 10 to 15 days. If the shipping time between the warehouse in the United States and the clients in the United States is less than 1-4 days, it's faster. Spocket shipping is faster. While Spocket's inventory is not as extensive as Oberlo's, goods are available worldwide.

They primarily get their items from sources in the United States and Europe. Generally, they arrive within 2-3 days.


Spocket and CJ dropshipping both provide 24/7 customer service in several languages, ensuring that regardless of the issue, you will obtain help. Apart from that, both platforms have a robust self-help center where you can browse commonly asked questions and step-by-step walkthroughs of all procedures.

Additionally, both platforms include Facebook groups where frequent tips, ideas, and instructional content are shared, and shops may request a free site assessment from professionals.


CJ dropshipping and Spocket are both leading one-stop dropshipping platforms, offering a variety of features to meet the varied demands of dropshippers. Continue reading the Spocket vs CJ dropshipping post to determine which platform is the most excellent match for you, and begin expanding your dropshipping company immediately.

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