What To Do With Bad Product Reviews? 5 Fixes

What To Do With Bad Product Reviews? 5 Fixes


Reviews offer more accurate pictures of your p[roduts and services than any other means. But what to do with bad product reviews?

Of the ecommerce businesses who reply to bad product reviews, 33% turn around and submit a positive rating, while 34% erase the original negative review. It's logical to answer each review, positive or negative, but what should you say?

For bad product reviews, the ideal reaction is to ask for more information and try to figure out what went wrong.

Despite your natural frustration, do your utmost to fix the problem. By apologizing and making amends, you can resolve the issue. When the issue is resolved, many consumers will be pleased to leave favorable evaluations of your company.

In the following sections, I'll walk you through how to respond to negative online reviews.

What To Do With Bad Product Reviews?

New consumers and your firm's reputation might benefit significantly from client reviews. Even if you have a lot of positive reviews, bad ones can stand out and scare away potential clients.

That's why it's critical to master the art of promptly and effectively responding to negative feedback. Taking the following steps can help you avoid the negative effects of bad reviews.

Respond to The Review ASAP

If you see a negative review, study it carefully and devise a strategy for responding to it. It's excellent if you respond within 24 to 48 hours. An unanswered negative review is something you don't want to happen.

It would be a shame to pass up this excellent opportunity to reply to negative reviews when they have the potential to increase conversion rates. You can increase consumer advocacy by 16 percent when you respond to a negative review.

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is word-of-mouth advertising. Simply by failing to reply to bad evaluations, companies lose 37% of their customers as advocates.

Approach the situation with empathy. In many cases, all reviewers want is to be heard. Showing that you care about solving their problem can go a long way toward making a consumer pleased.

Resolving a client issue in a single contact increases customer satisfaction twice and the likelihood of a repeat sale.

Acknowledge and Act Accordingly

Let people know whether they've had a terrible encounter or received something that wasn't what they expected. Customers would appreciate it if you went out of your way to fix any problems that may have arisen.

Reviews and reviewers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but the majority of them fit into a few general categories. In order to speed up the response process, use BrightLocal's advice on dealing with different reviews, such as first-timer sharpshooters or serial complainers.

New Customer

Think about whether or not the negative input is accurate before acting on it

If this is the case, make internal adjustments to fix it. If applicable, describe the steps you'll take to ensure this problem doesn't occur again. It's also a good idea to politely dispute the reviewer's assumptions and explain why you think that way.


Aim for conciseness when reading a brief, confident evaluation from an expert. Condense your response rather than using long sentences better to reflect the communication style of this type of reviewer.

Serial Complainers

Tread carefully when it comes to dealing with serial complainers. This group of reviewers has worked with similar companies before and knows how to paint them in a negative light. To avoid this, pay attention to what other organizations did and avoid making the same mistakes while replying to them!

Provide Explanation About The Bad Experience

Provide Explanation About The Bad Experience - Dropship USA

Some unfavorable reviews may demand an explanation, but not all of them must. Businesses make mistakes, and their products may fall short at times.

You can alleviate a customer's terrible experience if the company explains what went wrong, how long it will take for the product to arrive, or if there are backorders.

Be careful not to rationalize a bad event when you talk about it. You don't want to appear as if you're blaming yourself for something. To express your apologies, say so clearly.

Look for the good in the bad. Without a response, bad reviews will remain bad forever. Customer perception of your company's trustworthiness might be shaped by how you respond to bad press.

There is an additional benefit to addressing the issues stated in bad evaluations. Potential customers begin to trust you. As a corporation, you should respect your thoroughness and responsibility more highly if you correct your mistakes.

Resolve It Right Then

Do whatever you can to ensure your firm maintains its high standards, even if it wasn't directly responsible for a customer's unpleasant experience. Show that you share their disappointment by expressing your disappointment. A refund or a complimentary service or product could be offered as a way to put things right.

Resolving the issue may persuade the reviewer to take down the bad comment. However, you should never ask them to delete it from their website. Customers want to know that you're listening to their concerns, and removing a bad review might stoke the flames.

Customers may submit negative reviews if they are unhappy or dissatisfied with your product or service rather than because of something you did. If at all feasible, send them a personal reply with a thoughtful answer to what they've said.

More than a response is needed to remedy the issue. Investigate the reviewer's complaints and find out what went wrong. Contact them via email or phone if you can find their contact information in your database. You'll be able to fix the issue in person.

Encourage More Positive Reviews

Before making a purchasing decision, the vast majority of individuals consult an average of ten customer evaluations. A consistent supply of positive evaluations will eventually extinguish any unfavorable reviews that may have been left behind in the review process's chronological order.

Get a couple more positive reviews to "push down" the unfavorable review and offset it. Provide a simple method for your consumers to post good reviews about your business on the internet (and respond to Google reviews).

When your firm has internet reviews, it's worth a searcher's time. A consistent supply of good customer evaluations for your business is as easy as using Brightlocal's Get Reviews service.

Final Words

Managing your brand's online reputation begins with learning how to handle bad reviews. When it comes to customer service, having the right equipment might mean the difference between a happy and dissatisfied customer.

DropshipUSA has your back in establishing a seamless and intuitive customer experience. With fully managed WooCommerce hosting, your online store will run faster and more responsively for your customers.

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