Your Best Holiday Ecommerce Action Plan for 2021

Your Best Holiday Ecommerce Action Plan for 2021


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Holiday ecommerce sales are known to outpace other sales, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. We have rounded up some of the most effective ecommerce holiday marketing tips for your site here.

These marketing tips will guide you through how to create ecommerce promotions for the holidays so you can capitalize on sales this year!

6 Best Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Tips

Before the Holiday season begins, let’s check the six best marketing tips to boost your sales.

1. Use promotional discount codes

One of the easiest ecommerce holiday marketing tips is to use promotional discount codes. You do not need any kind of technical knowledge or special skills to create ecommerce promo codes - just utilize your ecommerce platform's built-in functionality.

Offer shoppers percentage discounts off their purchase or flat amount giveaways with certain items (i.e., buy a $100 item and get a $15 discount code). Shoppers love deals, and offering them a chance will help improve ecommerce holiday sales.

2. Promote ecommerce holiday sales on e-mail lists

Holiday ecommerce sales are not just about the ecommerce platform's landing page but also promotions advertised on e-mail marketing lists.

These customers have already shown interest in your products and services, so how can you take advantage of this? You can create ecommerce promotional codes that shoppers will receive when purchasing from your e-mail list. Add another incentive to their purchase!

This is why B2B ecommerce works so well around the holidays. Customers trust your brand enough to spend more on higher ticket items if they feel an added incentive, like a coupon code or e-mail promotion for a gift with purchase.

3. Advertise ecommerce holiday sales on social media

You may have the best ecommerce holiday marketing tips about how to advertise ecommerce sales on your e-mail list. But what about other advertising channels? 

Social media is a must for ecommerce holiday shopping - offer shoppers ecommerce promotional codes so they can save money on their purchase.

It's easy enough to create e-mail promos, but if you already have e-mail lists of customers who follow your company's social media pages, send them ecommerce sale notifications!

You'll be able to capitalize on sales without putting in much extra work because these are customers following you anyway.

4. Announce discounts via multiple outlets

Another way that ecommerce merchants can capitalize on the holidays is by offering ecommerce coupons and e-mail ecommerce promotional codes to everyone, not just their e-mail lists.

This tactic is referred to as "retargeting" because you are retargeting audiences with ecommerce ads from multiple sources around the web. You can use ecommerce holiday marketing tips like these to advertise your ecommerce sales on social media and across general online advertising channels like Facebook or Google AdWords.

These tactics will start to work after a bit of time passes - most ecommerce sale promos require between 24 to 48 hours for maximum impact.

5. Highlight products with fast ecommerce shipping times

Shoppers love convenience; they especially want to find gifts that will arrive in time for Christmas or Hanukkah during the holidays. And this is among the most common ecommerce holiday trends.

eCommerce merchants who provide ecommerce shipping options such as ecommerce same-day delivery (and even ecommerce same-hour delivery!) will be able to capitalize on ecommerce holiday sales.

For example, you can offer an e-mail coupon code for fast shipping or free returns shopping. These ads will not give huge discounts like other ecommerce holiday marketing tips - instead of a discount; the focus is on the convenience and ease of purchase for your shoppers.

6. Customize your website around the holidays

Finally, it's essential to customize your e-stores around the holidays by decorating them in festive colors and using sale banners to make deals obvious & enticing for shoppers looking to make ecommerce holiday purchases.

eCommerce e-stores look much more professional and well taken care of when customized like this and will bring in shoppers who would not consider shopping with your e-store otherwise.

Holiday ecommerce sales can be incredibly profitable for e-stores if you incorporate these ecommerce holiday marketing tips into your strategy! Happy holidays & happy e-selling!

Holiday Selling Ecommerce Tips

In every holiday season, shopping is the main thing on many people's minds. Whether you are buying holiday gifts for family members or yourself, here are some tips to help out with holiday selling ecommerce tips.

Holiday Selling Ecommerce Tips - ecommerce holiday trends - Dropship USA

Many people are often curious about how online retailers make money during the holiday season when they seem to be offering many products for discounted prices. It can be challenging to stay profitable during the holiday season as an online retailer if your margins are already slim. This is where a holiday ecommerce marketing strategy can come in handy.

Increase Sales During Holiday Season

One of the best things you can do is increase sales through marketing efforts. You can do this by creating holiday-themed banner ads, holiday-themed email subject lines, holiday-themed advertisements, holiday promotions with holiday sales on certain products.

Offer Holiday Shipping Dates

During the holiday season, people are often busy and may forget to order their holiday gifts in time for the scheduled holiday shipping date. By offering holiday shipping dates that will give customers an incentive to buy before a specific date, you can increase sales even more.

Create good holiday selling vibes by promoting your holiday shipping dates, so people have an incentive to shop early.

Create Holiday Shopping Deals

Another way you can create good holiday sales is by creating holiday shopping deals where customers enter sweepstakes or raffles for free items. They must pay only small shipping fees on any item they purchase. You can increase sales through customer word of mouth by offering holiday shopping deals.

By creating holiday shipping dates, holiday sales on certain products, holiday-themed banner ads, email subject lines, holiday shopping deals that give customers free items when they shop with only small shipping fees, you can effectively increase the sales on your ecommerce site.

What are some other ways online retailers can increase their holiday selling using ecommerce holiday marketing tips? Write in the comments below to let us know what holiday selling ecommerce tips have worked well for your company!

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