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Smart home entertainment drop ship site with automated repricing, stock management, and order fulfilment, returns, tracking number upload, and accounting.  The site is built on a beautiful theme, with live chat feeding directly to your cell phone. All products are sourced from US suppliers only!

Included in the sale:

-Shopify store with theme customization (viewable at www.homelyentertainment.com)

-Hosting configuration to accommodate API calls

-Dns and SSL propagation and domain setup

-Drop ship automation software installation

-Repricing configuration accounting for merchant fees, auto ordering fees, margin, minimum profit threshold, etc

-50 product uploads. Researched and cross-referenced with Amazon Best Sellers which shows items with the highest 24 hour sales volume, Amazon Movers and Shakers which shows increasing and decreasing derivative rates of growth to give an indication of trend direction, 4 star and above rating, high volume sellers. We have a number of filters which we show you in the video training at the end, and we show you how to use the web scraping tool to add any products you like down the line.

-50 product short description, long description, meta, and slug cleanups (basic SEO optimization)

-A round of site revisions to get aesthetics to your satisfaction if you wish

-Live chat setup linking directly to your cell phone

-Logo included

-Imported 5 star reviews

-Social proof popups

-Countdown timer

-Dynamic live visitor counter

-Inventory Meter

-Merchant gateway setup for credit card processing

-Photo minify to improve load speed

-Privacy Policy Page

-Returns Policy Page

-Terms of Service Policy Page

-Shipping Policy Page

-Mobile friendly responsiveness setup with correct page orientation on Desktop, Notebook, Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, and Android

-Site security configuration and all passwords in a document for your reference

-90 minute digital video walkthrough/training. It explains every single aspect of your system, step by step, including showing you how to add new products to your store. 

There are three levels of support:

1.) Shopify is available 24/7 via live chat, phone and e-mail

2.) You have a dedicated account rep at PriceYak, the parent company of the automation software. Her name is Alyssa. She helps with diagnosing, maintaining and fixing your automation system as well as answers any questions you have about how to use the web scraping tool.

3.) You can schedule up to two 30 minute meetings with myself and I will also be available via email for further questions. 


You’ll receive access to our recommended social media marketing agency and our SEO guy Shovon and his team of over 15 people based in Bangladesh. Our own business ranks on the first page of Google for many keywords thanks to Shovon’s work. The other contact is the social media marketing agency based out of Australia. They specialise in Facebook and Instagram advertising and offer our clients discounted monthly pricing.

But as you are starting a brand with no following or reputation, it will be quite difficult to gain momentum through these avenues. I have found influencer marketing to be one of the most effective ways to launch your brand. Influencers are individuals who have a large dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche. You send the influencer a product and they will create content based on that product - whether it be a review or photos using it. They will then post this on their social media accounts and tag your brand. Influencer marketing works because of the high amount of trust that social influencers have built up with their following, and recommendations from them serve as a form of social proof to your brand’s potential customers. If used correctly, your brand should grow quickly with the use of influencer marketing.

How does the dropship system work?

Please watch the video in the attachments section prepared by my colleague Jon Preston for a full overview of our dropship sites.

We have tested many dropship suppliers and platforms including Aliexpress to eBay, Aliexpress via Oberlo to Shopify, dropshipping from suppliers in India, Pakistan, China and even locally. The system we’ve settled on and now recommend to our clients is utilizing Amazon FBA as a dropship supplier. Most people haven’t considered this solution even though Amazon has thousands of products waiting to be shipped from their warehouses! 

Amazon FBA has over 350,000,000 products for us to choose from which offer free US shipping over $25 AND free returns. All products are already in the USA, everything leaves in the same box, arrives at the same time, with no packing slip so the end consumer doesn't know the source cost. 

We utilize free, pre-existing software integrated with Shopify to setup automated order fulfilment, inventory management and repricing for your store.

Please see the video attached for how the model works.

Here is the breakdown:

Suppliers (other companies) send bulk product to Amazon warehouses, and outsource the warehousing and logistical aspect of the sales process to Amazon.  We jump in at this point in the supply chain, and use automated software to list those FBA products on your Shopify store, with an API running in the background that does the following:

-updates stock quantity so you never sell an item that is out of stock

-feeds the source price through a repricing algorithm and automatically updates the price with markup on your site.  The repricing algorithm takes into account all overhead variables (Cost of goods sold, 2.9% interchange plus rate for merchant gateway, etc)

-when a customer buys something on your site, the software logs into an amazon account created by the software specifically for the purpose of fulfilling your order, adds the items to the cart, adds the customers details as the shipping information, ticks the box “ship this as a gift” so it omits the invoice and packing slip, and ships it out to your customer using the available free shipping option. 

If you have any questions, please send us an email or schedule a call :)

Once you've purchased the store, please keep an eye on your email inbox. We'll deliver the store, instructions and training within 12 hours.

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