An in-depth dive into our FBA dropship model







The Basics

What Do We Offer?






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It's So Easy

We Take Care Of Everything


You DON'T have to worry about any of these tasks:

  • Finding products / quality control
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Purchasing product in bulk 
  • Importing product to the US
  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Keeping track of price changes
  • Storing products in a warehouse
  • Fulfilling orders manually

Value Adds

Why source your products from FBA?


We source your products from Amazon's FBA warehouse

  • Your product is already warehoused in the US
  • Shipping is free over $25
  • All orders qualify for 30 day free returns
  • Everything ships as a gift (no receipt in the box)
  • Ready to sell from day 1
  • No inventory costs
  • No warehousing costs
  • No fulfillment costs

Your Site

What Will Your Website Look Like?


You get all of these EXTRA features on your dropship website:

  • Live chat direct to your cell phone
  • Abandoned cart email automation
  • All policy pages built for you
  • 90 minute video training session
  • Colors and style customization
  • Stunning royalty free images
  • Online checkout in an instant
  • Responsive for mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop

The Details

Fulfilled By Amazon Dropshipping


Source From FBA Inventory

1Suppliers (other companies) send bulk product to Amazon warehouses, and outsource the warehousing and logistical aspect of the sales process to Amazon. We jump in at this point in the supply chain, and use automated software to list those FBA products on your Shopify store, with an API running in the background that automates several processes.

Automate Price and Inventory

2The API is a software program that automates tasks associated with scaling a dropship website without issue.  The system will monitor the source price, and automatically reprice your products with a markup. The API will also reference the stock quantity at the source market, and continuously update the available stock on your Shopify store. This means you'll never sell and item that isn't in stock.

Automate Order Fulfillment

3When a customer buys something on your site, the software logs into an Amazon account created specifically for the purpose of fulfilling your order, adds the items to the cart, adds the customers details as the shipping information, ticks the box that says “ship this as a gift” so it leaves out the invoice and packing slip, and ships it out to your customer using the available free shipping option.

Add Value Where It Counts

4By sourcing FBA you get a ton of extra value that you can pass on to your customers. You’ll get free (fast, domestic) shipping on carts over $25, and free returns. Everything leaves in the same box, arrives at the same time, with no packing slip so the end consumer doesn't know the source cost. The best part is that customers don't have to wait weeks or months for product coming from China. 

Your Fully Automated System

Ready To Sell In 72 Hours

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