The Beginners' Guide to Craft a Killer "About Us" Page for Your E-Commerce Website

The Beginners' Guide to Craft a Killer "About Us" Page for Your E-Commerce Website


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Imagine this: you're at a dinner party where everyone is chatting nonstop about their startups. But they can't seem to find any terms other than 'innovative' and 'amazing' to explain about it. After all this, you don't have any idea regarding what the business does! If an e-commerce company bore you like this on their website, you wouldn't really buy from them, would you? 

Nowadays, 91% of businesses use content marketing. However, most of them aren't using it as well as they should. Primarily, your "About Us" page is the single most important page for your e-commerce business to shine. The "About Us" page allows you to present your business on your own terms. It's where enthusiastic buyers will relate to your brand.

A well-crafted "About Us" page build confidence about you into your customers' mind. It also serves as a one-stop place for a customer looking to learn more about your business. However, it's not that straightforward to build one. You have to meet certain standards. If you want to know 'how to write about us for business', this blog will teach you everything. 

9 Tips On How to Write About Us Page for Ecommerce Website

At first thought, building an insightful "About Us" page might seem like a simple job. You have probably seen plenty, right? But have you bought from all of them? The answer is most likely 'No'. Because most people seem to underestimate the importance of this one. You don't want to become one of them. 

Here is 9 tips with examples for writing a compelling "About Us" page for your small business that conveys your message and generates leads from your website. 

1. Show The Faces 

Most e-commerce business owners just put the name and two lines of description in their 'About Us page. Showing your customer the 'true people' behind your brand will help you establish an immediate bond with them. Use team images with titles, positions, and any additional information illustrated or an introduction video. 

2. Tell Your Story 

Your 'About Us' pager should include the brief and snappy version of your business story that tells: what you do, what makes you different, and why your consumers should care about you. Keep in mind that the pitch must be important to the target audience. Simply putting the history will make your content boring. Make sure to include: 

Tell Your Story

  • Why was the company started in the first place?
  • Which problems you're solving? 
  • How are you helping the industry you're in?
  • The objectives of the business.
  • What people have said about your company (testimonials, etc.)

Example: "I started this company because I was sick of drinking bad, overpriced coffee and thought there had to be a better version of it!" 

3. Show What You Offer

The 'About Us' page is indeed about you and your company. However, it should also solve the customers' needs rather than your own. Every page of your e-commerce website should educate prospective customers about your product, explaining why it should matter. Your company's "About Us" page is no exception. 

Tell your target audience why you were inspired to make such a beneficial product/service and how it can help them. Giving the consumer a clear picture of what the brand will achieve for them is crucial in convincing them to buy.

Example: "We believe in buying one ethically farmed beans. We roast them in-house and offer our customers fresh coffee at a reasonable price."

4. Let Your Personality Shine

As an e-commerce company owner, you and your team's identity should be presented in a glorified way. The customers should realize that they are important to you and your team and not just a revenue source. Doing an online business isn't like 9-to-5 jobs. It requires a convincing narrative. What was your team's previous work, and what prompted you to branch out on your own? Tell these things to your consumer. 

5. Use Social Evidence to Build confidence

Only telling what you have to say (No matter how well you do that!) may not be enough. A third-party perspective can reassure customers that they have to find the right business. In the competitive business environment, having your people' testify' for you can be a significant advantage over others: list prizes, honours, and community engagement. 

Also, mention your company's contributions to local philanthropic causes here. If you're working with something environmentally friendly, mention it. Use your About Us page to direct potential customers to other pages and strengthen their relationship with your company. Invite them to follow you on social media and sign up for your email newsletter (with links). 

6. Keep It Simple 

All these suggestions may entice you to add everything to your website's About Us page. However, it won't be very smart. It should only encourage your reader enough to move to the next page. While you shouldn't miss vital details, getting into too much description isn't required as well. You don't need to give an over-the-top introduction. Cover the fundamentals in the most effective manner possible.

Extra Tip: Create a brief video about your team or brand to connect and humanize your audience. Users are more likely to see a video than read an email. So go ahead and start filming!

7. Convert Browsers into Purchasers

Although the "About Us" page isn't usually a direct conversion tool (though you may want to look at these low-cost lead-generation options), it can help readers get one step closer to purchasing your product. Consider it a chance to clear roadblocks from the customer's mind by addressing nagging concerns that they might not yet be conscious about.

Have a straightforward 'Call to Action' (CTA)to motivate readers to connect with your brand. It won't need to be complex. Some examples of CTAs appropriate for an 'About' page include:

  • "Browse our catalogue."
  • "Schedule an appointment."
  • "Check out our <product name>"
  • "Start your free trial."

Also, a basic "Shop Now" button may be effective. 

8. Put It All Together 

Now, you know everything you need to include on your About Us page. Combine all of these into a simple paragraph. Let me give an example. It'll also answer your question on the 'how to write about us page for a startup company.'

Example: "We've been roasting and selling organic coffee since 1981 in Texas. We believe in buying only ethically farmed beans. We roast them in-house and offer our customers fresh coffee at a reasonable price. 

We work directly with farmers. We recently helped to build a new coffee farm in Brazil. We adore fresh coffee, and it shows in every cup we serve. I began this company because I was sick of drinking bad, overpriced coffee and thought there had to be a better way. We're excited to open two more locations and introduce a new range of organic, locally sourced baked goods. I'd like to directly invite you to come in and taste one of our freshly brewed coffees. Or you can order fresh beans from our product catalogue."

9. Update, Update, Update

You should show the best possible version of your brand on your "About Us" page. Before you click "publish," have a second – and third, and fourth – pair of eyes on the writing and style. Also, the first 'About Us' paragraph of your website shouldn't be your last one. The revision process shouldn't end. Go through it at least once every month to ensure it's up to date with your vision and mission. 

Mistakes on the About Us Page You Must Avoid

The majority of small business owners have no idea how to create an effective About Us website. Most of the time, they copy something from Google on the spot. Some mistakes to avoid are: 

1. Explicitly Stating What the Business Does

Starbucks is a well-known coffee-house business, and most people know it. Most small business owners make the mistake of focusing on what they do rather than who they are. Make sure that your 'About Us' page isn't just another ad! 

2. People Are Being Left Out 

Most of the 'About Us' Page you will find online don't reveal anything about their owners, let alone his/her team. If you're trying to hide the reality that you're a small business, leaving out details about yourself or your small team means you're missing out on a chance to relate on a human level. Include photographs.

3. Stiff & Boring Content 

Another common blunder made by small companies is writing unmotivated copy for their "About Us" page. If the tone is too formal, stuffy, and businesslike, not imaginative or welcoming, it may not work.

4. Don't Pack Too Much Information into A Single Page 

Your site's "About Us" page will be one of, if not the most relevant, page, but that doesn't mean that it's the only one. Make sure that your website visitors aren't flooded with details. Only highlight the most important facets of your business. The ancillary information can be added elsewhere on your site, and you can also refer to it.

Above All, Be True About Yourself

If I had to give you one tip on 'how to write about us content for website', it's the one I would suggest. It is extremely important to remain honest. Most important, probably! When a customer land onto your website they're searching for the core of your company. They expect honesty above everything. 

If you're doing this for money, tell it. If you're doing this for someone special, describe that too. You don't have to go by the book always. Be honest about the contents. Choose photos, media, and language consistent with your brand. Allow your soul to be shown! 

Now that you've got examples to follow and a step-by-step guideline, it's only a matter of time that you get down to business and design your own "About Us" page.

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