Benefits Of Using Online Store Name Generator & Our Top Picks!!

Benefits Of Using Online Store Name Generator & Our Top Picks!!


Everyone and everything has a name. As human beings, we get that from our parents as soon as we are born. We keep adorable names for our pets. We even name our favorite toys. The reason is simple, it gives them a personal touch and identity.

Similarly, when you open a store, whether offline or online, your store needs a name. You can’t just refer to your shop saying “my shop” or “the shop that sells this and that.” Giving your shop a name means giving them an identity and uniqueness. Also, branding your shop helps your customers too. With a shop name, the customer can easily find information or seek reviews online. It also helps recurring customers remembering the shop.

So, it’s established that your store needs a name; however, you suck at naming things. So, what to do? Enters online store name generator in the chat! Online store name generators are websites that generate a list of names suitable for your stores. There are a few benefits of using a name generator. Let’s see how!

Benefits Of Online Store Name Generator

It’s free and convenient

These name-generating tools are super convenient and easy to use. Some of the tools even come free, which means you don’t need to pay any money for getting beautiful names. To generate offline/online store name ideas, just go to their websites and enter any word you want. The term can be related to your shop’s product category, food, occupation, etc., choose one that’s suitable for your business. Then click “generate” and you will get a list of different types of names instantly.

Lets your creative juices flow

Are the generated names too basic or generic for your taste? No worries! You can mix and match till you find a suitable one. The generators tend to compile a long list of names so you can take words from each sentence and fuse them together to get your own version of the store name. That way it’s completely unique and brings a touch of personality. Even if it’s taking a long time to find the right name, you still need to do this. Your branding should be unique and classy; after all, your shop is like a baby to you, isn’t it?

It’s made for everyone

Don’t worry if you find app or tools too complicated and difficult to use. These name generators are very simple and minimalistic which means it doesn’t require any extra effort or following regulations. Also, they are suitable for every company, whether big or small, online shops or restaurants. You will still be able to acquire attractive, classy, and unique names. Some tools don’t even need you to register or sign up. You can simply go to the store and search for names. 

Best Online Store Names Generator (Free)

Where to find these generators? Are they free? Which are the best ones? If these are your questions, we have the answers right below. Also, these generators are free to use!

1. Naming.Net

I find Naming.Net very much preferable because it offers some cool features that not all do, even though it’s free. For example, you can use Latin or Greek suffixes/prefixes or words and incorporate them with a word/letter/syllable of your choice. Don’t have any words on your mind? Even better! Just type a letter and see the magic! The search engine will curate some classy, unique, and sometimes funny names for your business. You can use this website not only for branding your shop but also for deciding a domain name. All these, and no need for signing up! Cool right?

2. Shopify Business Name Generator

Free tools and Shopify doesn’t get a shout-out? That’s criminal! Shopify has some awesome free tools for users, and this isn’t any different. Just use a word suitable for your store or business and search. And you will have thousands of results in split seconds. Some names are elegant and will sound posh, but some names are just weird. So, you have to sieve through the names in search of the perfect one. Like Naming.Net, it also has a domain name generating feature built into it. 

3. Wordlab Business Name Generator

Wordlab Business Name Generator delivers exactly what it says. Just click the “Get Name!” button, and the site a name upon each click! The store up to more than 7 million potential names in the database for stores and business. You don’t need to create an account to generate the names.

4. Business Name Generator (BNG)

Business Name Generator (BNG)

BNG only needs a suitable word or a group of words to curate a search and bringing out the names. The reason we included this one is that it’s unique in one aspect. And that is, it can identify which domain names are available for the business name. So, if you need both a shop or store name plus an available domain name, BNG is here to the rescue!

5. Anadea Business Name Generator

Anadea needs only keywords relevant to your business or store, and boom! It generates hundreds of names for you in a matter of seconds. What we didn’t like about it, though, it suggests pretty basic names, which can be a turn-off for you!


There you have it, the beneficial facts and the best business name generators just for you! Personally, we like Naming.Net and BNG better because of the unique names they present and the proficient features. Let us know which one did you like the best out of them!

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