How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Service For Ecommerce + Our Top Picks

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Service For Ecommerce + Our Top Picks


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If you own an online business, you probably already know, email marketing is a powerful tool for digital marketing. It has one of the most excellent returns on investment per dollar spent, and it continues to expand year after year. This technique is also much cheaper than regular ads and other marketing tools. That's why it's something every business owner should use. 

Many businesses provide automation solutions that include SMS marketing, CRM connections, and even A/B testing. The better software you use, the more likely you are to take advantage of email's ROI potential. But how to know what's the best email marketing service for you? 

It may be frightening not knowing where each platform shines and whether or not it is worth your effort. So let's begin by defining what an email marketing service is.

What Is Email Marketing & Why Do You Need It?

Whether you're a blogger who wants to keep your readers up to date or a company looking to create more prospects, email marketing is a fantastic method to get your message out. You may send your message directly to the inboxes of the individuals you want to see it using email marketing.

You should use email marketing if you have a traffic-generating website of any sort. Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with your visitors even after they've left your site.

The following are some of the advantages of email marketing:

1. Increase the number of repeat visits.

Over 70% of website visitors who leave without visiting again will never return. By collecting email addresses and providing them useful information, you may establish a relationship with your visitors by building an email list.

2. Create a devoted following.

When compared to first-time visitors, repeat visitors are more likely to become clients. According to research, it takes three to four visits to your website for prospective consumers to consider doing business with you.

3. Generate more sales. 

Email conversions exceed both social and organic search traffic in terms of sales. So, if you want to increase sales, you should start with email marketing.

What's The Best Email Marketing Service – How To Choose?

When it comes to selecting an email marketing platform, there are a few factors to consider:

1. Features 

Some tools provide pre-designed email templates, multiple contact lists, a visual builder of email campaigns. In contrast, some others go over and above with A/B testing, automated optimization of the sending time (to increase open rates), and minor extras like the ability to include emojis in subject lines. You choose what features you need for your company type!

2. Cost & Value

Email marketing solutions may seem cheap (if not free!) at first. Still, they rapidly become more costly as your target audience expands. First determine, how much money you already earn from traditional marketing. Then think if it's worth investing a small budget on this tool. If your campaign succeeds, you can always take more premium tools later. 

3. Ease Of Use 

While many email marketing solutions claim to have graphic email producers and user-friendly interfaces, some are superior. For example, choose the drag and drop system customizations. Those are more user friendly, in my view. 

4. Features For CRM & Marketing Automation 

Unless you have a big business, your CRM and email marketing solution will likely be the same. But, by linking them, you'll save time and make it simple to send automated emails to the appropriate individuals at the right time. 

5. Analytics

The more quickly you can figure out what works (and what doesn't) and change your strategy, the better. But, unfortunately, many popular email marketing platforms fall short when it comes to reporting.

6. Assistance

When it comes to customer care, the better the tool, the less support you need. However, while contacting assistance, you should look at the length of time it takes to get a response.

7. Availability 

What use is an email marketing tool if 15% of your emails are filtered as spam? Fortunately, none of the services described in this article is very poor, although some are superior to others. 

8. Integrations

It's critical to link your email marketing platform to the other tools you use if you want to avoid hours of repetitive activities that don't offer value (from your accounting software to your CRM). 

Email marketing is a crucial component of the marketing mix for e-commerce companies. So, what are the tools you'll need to execute successful email campaigns?

Our Top Picks: 5 Best Rated Email Marketing Services

1. Sendinblue – Best Email Service with SMS Marketing

Sendinblue is an email and SMS marketing platform that focuses on simplicity. Without any previous experience, even a complete novice may simply begin developing marketing campaigns.

You may send transactional messages with dependable delivery based on consumer engagement. Sendinblue's price is dependent on the number of emails you send, which sets it different from the competitors. In addition, SMS credits may be purchased individually and have no expiration date.

The free plan allows you to send 300 emails each day to an unlimited number of people.

Who is it most suitable for?

Sendinblue is the best option for a complete email marketing solution that every business can afford. This solution comes with a slew of extra features that you won't find anywhere else, including an integrated CRM.

2. Mailchimp – Best For Ease Of Use 

Mailchimp's overall usage is highly fluid and natural. It's also ideal for novices since you'll be guided through the procedure. In addition, the built-in picture editor is a huge plus that enhances the entire experience.

MailChimp offers four different pricing, ranging in price from free to $299 per month. Aside from the free plan, your monthly cost rises with the number of contacts you have, depending on your choice.

Who is it most suitable for? 

If you want to get into email marketing but don't want to spend a lot of time learning how to utilize a new service, Mailchimp may be the right fit for you. This solution is simple to use and inexpensive. Still, you may end up spending more than you anticipated if you need sophisticated capabilities.

3. MailerLite – Simplest Email Marketing Service

MailerLite provides all of the basics without the extra fat. It's an excellent choice for anybody looking for a simple email marketing solution. You're a creative who doesn't need a lot of frills. All you need are the tools to get started with your newsletter or send emails—and do it effectively.

There are still tools for automation, landing pages, pop-ups, and surveys available on the platform, so you're not entirely restricted. However, each one's user interface is uncomplicated and straightforward.

The drag-and-drop editor in MailerLite makes it simple for anybody to create a high-quality message. Segment your subscribers to improve personalization and use tools like A/B testing to improve your marketing.

Who is it most suitable for?

If you're searching for a feature-rich email marketing solution that won't break the bank, MailerLite is a great option. You may create various fantastic campaigns, including the first pop-ups and forms that will collect your leads.

4. HubSpot – Best Automated Email Marketing Service 

HubSpot is a well-known all-in-one marketing platform that provides you with all of the tools you need to build your company. The email newsletter software and a landing page builder, form builder, meeting planner, and live chat tool are included in the free CRM package.

Hubspot - best rated email marketing services - Dropship USA

Powerful automation workflows enable you to build bespoke autoresponders and automate your marketing funnel from start to finish using several triggers.

Who is it most suitable for?

HubSpot is an excellent tool for email marketing and CRM. The built-in CRM makes it simple to keep track of your prospects, and you can even upgrade to sales and service capabilities from HubSpot's extra packages. In addition, you can monitor the whole client experience with the appropriate budget.

5. Moosend – A Powerful Cheap Tool For Growing Business

Moosend is a worthy rival of some of the other email marketing tools on our list. Users may save time by automating numerous repetitive marketing activities with the email marketing solution. It's also possible to create behavioural email campaigns depending on subscriber actions and data.

Moosend can assist you with all aspects of an email marketing plan, from creating sign-up forms to creating customized campaigns for each member of your list.

Moosend is one of the less costly solutions available today. It is designed to assist any business in taking its initial steps into email marketing. There's a free plan that lasts forever, as well as a premium plan that costs $8 each month. 

Who is it most suitable for?

If you're a developing business seeking a low-cost method to get started with email marketing, Moosend is an excellent option. You can use APIs to connect your email editor to your marketing tools, and you can also keep track of your subscribers.

Email Is Still King. Don't Pass Up This Opportunity…

The tools on this list provide various capabilities that will help you get the most out of your campaigns. Whether you want a simple method to contact your customers regularly or a fully integrated package with CRM connections, artificial intelligence, automation, and more, you have it all in this list. 

If you don't want to bang your head by researching which will be best for you, just take my word and buy Sendinblue Lite if you're a new marketer. It's the best overall email service provider, according to my experience. 

Email is still the most effective marketing technique for internet merchants. And if you're not using it to its full potential, you're losing out on sales and income.

Happy emailing!

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