The Differences Between Shopify &  WooCommerce

The Differences Between Shopify & WooCommerce


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To start with the inception, Shopify is an eCommerce platform born in 2003 with the concept of changing the eCommerce business. And Shopify instantly became a hit! So, Woocommerce also joined the bandwagon in 2011. Although the establishment suggests that Woocommerce is relatively new compared to Shopify, it nonetheless added lots of ease and substance to the business.

Although both Shopify and WooCommerce are extremely helpful and relatable to your online dropshipping business, they certainly vary in feature, costs, and user experience. Hence, keeping that in mind, we will proceed to discuss the differences between the platforms in more detail. 

Shopify vs. Woocommerce: Which is better?

First off, there isn’t good or bad about these two platforms. As we have mentioned that although they have similar utility, the only difference is the features, pricing, and user preference. For instance, you may enjoy using Shopify more than another person, so that’s totally up to the user. In order to pick your favorite out of these two, you need to know what Shopify and WooCommerce actually are.


Shopify is an eCommerce solution that packs in every feature you need to get your online store started. You do not need a developer’s help while creating an online shop for business. How convenient is that? No added hassles like finding a website hosting service or installing tonnes of software and apps for your business - you get everything under one roof! All you need to do is sign up, choose and buy a domain name for your business. Then select a theme that sticks out to you the most and let Shopify do the rest. You can easily access tools like video and logo creator, business name generator, etc.


Unlike Shopify, WooCommerce is a free plugin that is used in WordPress CMS. The plugin helps transform your standard website into an eCommerce platform. It’s open-source, which means you can customize your online heavily. For example, you can add various custom extensions, code to perfection, install multiple plugins, etc. The minor inconvenience is that you need some basic coding skills to tinker around. So, it’s best to hire a developer to do changes for you if you aren’t skilled enough to do it. Also, you need to find an eCommerce host and install WordPress to get started.

The Differences Of The Platforms

Let’s compare some features and characteristics of Shopify and Woocommerce.

The Pricing


Shopify - Dropship USA

Each of these plans comes with different features and rates. With the Advanced Shopify pricing plan, you get all the other features excluded with the Basic and the Standard plan. Also, for your convenience, Shopify offers a 2-week free trial (no credit card needed).

Shopify Pricing Plan

Basic Shopify


Standard Shopify


Advanced Shopify 


Note: There’s also another Shopify pricing feature called Shopify Lite, which costs $9/month. Shopify Lite is a plan for merchants looking for in-person sales or adding buy buttons to their existing website. If you already have a website and need to apply only these specific features, you can opt for Shopify Lite.


As WooCommerce is a free plugin, you don’t need to spend bucks to use it. However, there are some additional costs like choosing a domain name and hosting, adding an extension, etc. The cost is based on the option you choose; there’s no definitive price range to this. 



When we are talking about Shopify vs. WooCommerce dropshipping, there’s still a debate as to which one is better. With Shopify, you can create a store and add products from the dropshipping suppliers, take the orders and wait for the supplier to ship the goods to your customers under your name. You can add plenty of free dropshipping apps and software, and that’s an added bonus!


WooCommerce - Dropship USA

The dropshipping feature is available on WooCommerce via the Alidropship plugin. The plugin can take $89, so that’s a downside to WooCommerce. In return, you can use 500 free products with unlimited monthly orders. You can reduce the plugin fee by adding more than 500 products; that’s an advantage.

Product presentation


With Shopify, you can list your products, including descriptions, and upload enticing pictures to attract your customers. There is so much stuff you can do to make your product listing interesting. You get to add product videos, display images, and much more. Shopify helps you enhance your product pages through a vast selection of extensions and apps.


Like Shopify, WooCommerce also does everything from product listing to product reviews. You can get 100 product page extensions catered to your needs. Keep in mind that WooCommerce operates within your WP themes; some images may not adapt well to the theme.

SEO Optimization


With Shopify, you get the utmost advantage of editing the SEO settings from metadata to individual pages. Shopify is enriched with user-friendly and search-friendly SEO by default which means your online store with Shopify has more exposure to search pages than any other eCommerce platform. However, Shopify doesn’t give you the liberty of choosing your URLs.


It’s easier in WooCommerce. You know why? Glad you asked; you can just add an SEO plugin or code them inside (whichever floats your boat). With an SEO plugin, you can add free options with incredible features. There are plenty of WP plugins available for you to explore for adding snippets, all for free. 

Final Verdict

As we have told you before, there’s no winner or loser in this; it’s just about personal preference. However, if you are thinking about the Shopify vs. WooCommerce cost, you have various options between both. For dropshipping purposes, it’s best to choose Shopify as it’s designed with that purpose. That’s all for today, folks! I hope you've learned a thing and two about both Shopify and WooCommerce's difference.

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