Does Poshmark Allow Dropshipping?- How Can You Dropship on Poshmark?

Does Poshmark Allow Dropshipping?- How Can You Dropship on Poshmark?


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Hundreds and thousands of businesses worldwide appear on the internet to sell their products. With such a trend, the scope and opportunity for dropshipping have risen over the past years.

Sellers are trying to sell goods without going through hassles like maintaining an inventory and performing shipments. Now people are trying to utilize every popular and robust eCommerce business to create a drop shipping channel for themselves.

But can you dropship on Poshmark? Does Poshmark allow dropshipping? Or if you can have dropship Poshmark business, what steps do you have to follow to make it.

There are the questions like "Does Poshmark allows Dropshipping?" or "How can you dropship on Poshmark?" you need to get the answer first.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a social - commerce website and mobile application for buying and selling clothing developed by Manish Chandra, the company's CEO. Fashionistas and entrepreneurs alike use the site to purchase, share, and sell apparel and accessories, becoming part of a community of seven million vendors and 40 million total members. 

Unlike eBay, Amazon, or thredUP, Poshmark has a social networking component, allowing users to follow one another and like, share, and comment on apparel items.

Poshmark also conducts daily virtual "Posh Parties" where you may post your qualifying item for a chance to get more eyeballs on it.

For instance, if a party only dedicated to Nike gear is being held, you may add your Nike shoes, leggings, or accessories to increase your visibility.

Does Poshmark allow Dropshipping?

The direct answer to this question is, "NO!"

You can't just start to dropship your product via Poshmark. Before doing so, you must get and use the Poshmark-provided shipping label. If you dropship Poshmark, the tracking system of the platform won't be able to indicate that your customers' orders have been delivered.

Hence it does not release your money. Such problems exist because specific markets nowadays are adamant about maintaining peer-to-peer.

Why You Should Dropship on Poshmark

Throughout the days, Poshmark has grown itself a popular and giant platform for millions of online sellers worldwide. Specific aspects of the platform have made it a successful platform and earned trust from both sellers and buyers. Here are a few;

Simplicity in its Procedures: Poshmark's mobile app makes it very simple to list products. Simply takes shots of your products and add a detailed or short description. It's pretty simple and basic.

Streamlined Shipping Procedure: Once you've sold something on Poshmark, you'll get an email with a shipping label. There are no intermediary steps to take. The label is sent automatically, and you can use it for further use.

Easy Return Policy: Returning a product on sites like Etsy, eBay, and Facebook Marketplaces can be a genuine pain. Poshmark, on the other hand, maintains all the return requests to keep conflicts to a minimum. Buyers must provide photographs to justify why they want to return their products.

Included Tax Remittance: Taxes have always been the point of scourge for the majority of self-employed individuals. Poshmark collects and pays taxes on all marketplace transactions, which alleviates the most unpleasant aspects of selling on the internet.

How Can You Dropship on Poshmark?

Even though people think Poshmark is not an excellent marketplace for dropshipping, the thought has changed after many started dropshipping on the platform. Here are the steps that have proven success record for them:

Creating a Poshmark Account

Poshmark selling begins with the creation of an account. As a beginner, you can create a new username and password. Or use a Google account or Facebook to connect. The registration process is quick and easy.

Following that, Poshmark will require you to select three brands you would like shopping in. This enables them to connect you with vendors that sell items from those companies. Poshmark curates profiles for you to follow depending on the businesses you pick.

Additionally, Poshmark allows you to modify your profile to increase its attractiveness. Among the actions, you may do the following:

  • Fill up your personal information, such as your gender and the college you attended.
  • Create a profile image
  • Include a hyperlink to your website
  • Include a brief biography.

Once you've created a profile, you can begin creating listings on the site.

Take and Add Pictures of Your Products

Using high-quality photos to attract customers to the listings is critical. Poshmark allows you to upload a maximum of 17 photographs to a listing. One of the listings will serve as the cover image.

The cover picture is one of the most crucial images as it will be the first thing buyers see. The following methods can help you improve the quality of images on listings.

  • Select the appropriate backdrop
  • With the Poshmark mobile app, you can adjust the contrast, brightness, vibrance, and sharpness.
  • Take photographs in an authentic light
  • Enhance your photographs with Poshmark's filters.
  • Crop the image to eliminate any superfluous elements.

Additionally, it's critical to photograph your goods from numerous perspectives so that your buyers get a clear picture of what they're purchasing. It is essential to include close-ups of features like pockets, zippers, and rips or damage.

Pricing the Products Wisely

Setting the price of the products is the last step in generating your listing. Come up with a reasonable price or add the original price to the products and listing price. If you are confused about the actual price, do an internet search on your goods to confirm it.

Your listing price can be determined by the item's conditions and original price. While most things are sold at a 60 percent discount, it's reasonable to charge extra for popular or uncommon items. If you're unsure how much to discount, you might search for comparable items to understand the sale pricing. Once you've entered a price for your item, click the List It button to publish it.

Packaging and Shipping

Poshmark sends you an email confirming a shipping label once a consumer purchases your item. You only need to print the label, attach it to the packing of your goods, and arrange delivery.

Poshmark provides two-day USPS priority for shipping, which allows you to use the priority mail available at the local post office to send your things. Clean your belongings well before packing them, mainly if you have never used them in a while.

Once items are delivered to the purchaser, and he accepts it through the Poshmark app, the profits will be credited to your account in Poshmark. You may redeem it by having a cheque or setting up a deposit to a bank account. Alternatively, you may keep your funds in the Poshmark account to use them to buy items on the marketplace.

Products You can Dropship on Poshmark

Products You can Dropship on Poshmark - Dropship USA

Poshmark is a thriving social network comprised of individuals with a varied range of fashion preferences. Thus, you may sell whatever you like, except for things listed on Poshmark's forbidden items list. We suggest beginning with the most popular categories since these will generate your first sale more quickly than selling in other areas.

  • T-shirts
  • Blouses
  • Leggings
  • Mini-dresses and skirts
  • Tank tops
  • Bikinis
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Athletic shorts

How to Increase Sell on Poshmark

These simple techniques will assist you in increasing Poshmark's sales.

Promotions: Poshmark will alert you when your price is reduced and notify consumers who liked your postings. Poshmark often runs specials with free shipping.

Locate purchasers: Poshmark relies on the support of its community. Being active may assist you in increasing sales. On Poshmark, you may search for the same item and follow people who like it. This will help you establish contact with prospective purchasers.

Posh Parties: Every day, posh parties are organized. Parties might focus on a particular category or subject, and merchants can advertise and discuss their wares. This increases visibility for the whole collection as well as the specific piece.

Social Networking Sites: Poshmark enables you to link numerous social media profiles and distribute your listings over different feeds. Additionally, you may employ widgets to increase purchases through your blogs.


Poshmark is a beautiful addition to the plethora of existing selling applications. It is an incredible tool for dropshipping other applications. We hope this article has answered your question, “How can you dropship on Poshmark,” or “Does Poshmark allow dropshipping?”.

Shipping and purchasing processes are straightforward. You can dropship Poshmark. Then print the sent the shipping label. Calculate transport costs or get shipment estimates.

A noticeable social influence and Poshmark’s robust community interaction may benefit your company. Poshmark is a social platform that promotes engagement. Those with a higher number of likes, remarks, and sharing are more likely to sell than products with no involvement.

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