List Of Hobbies That Can Make Money For You!

List Of Hobbies That Can Make Money For You!


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We all have hobbies, and we all love to spend time most of our free time doing what we love. Now we don't go into our hobbies to make money off of them, but some hobbies can become a steady stream of revenue.

Depending on how you utilize your talents and interests, you can get something out of your hobby. If you do it right and dedicate enough time, you can start getting free stuff or even money for your favorite pass time. You can even create a full-fledged business around your hobby and start selling customized items for it.

You can do several things, and not all hobbies can be used to generate an income. We here at DropshipUSA have worked with plenty of different hobbyists who turned their hobbies into successful money generating ventures.

We thought we would make a list of hobbies that can make money for you, and then you can go on from there and see how you can turn your hobby into a business. Now let's start talking about the hobbies that make money!


Give or take, writing has the potential to become a profession for you. It offers a lot of value and can become something more than a hobby quite easily. If you like writing about something, you can use your writing talents to build a platform for sharing your ideas.

Or you can even start working as a writer for hire and sell your services on Upwork or Fiverr, or you can reach out directly to blogs. There's always a demand for good writers who specialize in niches. However, if you are disciplined enough and can write blog posts well, you can start your own blog-based business by picking a niche.

Design & Illustration

Design and illustration have been some of the oldest hobbies within human civilization. They have been drawing stuff since they lived in caves. And now you can even make a living from your hobby. Nowadays, if you love design and illustration, you can most probably find work as a freelancer. Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms that designers use to score gigs.

People need designers and illustrators for a host of different reasons, and you can help out businesses with marketing projects or custom portraits, or anything in between. You can even do illustrations on t-shirts to posters, canvases and start selling those on a site.

This is a hobby that doesn't require any overhead cost to start generating some money for you. All you need to do is decide on whether you want to or not. Besides, why not do it? It is one of the best money-making hobbies out there, so you can try out this sector if you are into design and illustration.


Are you into music? Is music your hobby? Then you might be into a money-making hobby. Selling music is not only a viable option but is also a highly profitable one if you can do it right. The usual route for music is to record your songs or albums and start selling them on your website or platforms like SoundCloud.

To make your hobby into a money-making option, you don't even have to make full-length songs. You can make beats or samples. These beats and samples are usually used by other musicians or used for something elsewhere.

There are plenty of websites that let you list and sell new beats, sort of like a photo-sharing platform. Companies like Airbit & BeatStars paid out 32 and 40 million dollars to the beat makers within their website, so you may want to check that out.


Many of us find cooking the perfect outlet for expression, and for many of it is the ideal pass time. Because of this, it has become one of the perfect money-making hobbies you can utilize. You don't even have to be a gourmet chef even to succeed with cooking. You need to showcase your passion here, and there are many ways you can do that.

 From starting a blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram account dedicated to recipes to creating a food truck, your options are endless. It was revealed in a recent study that around 59% of 25-to-34-year-olds take their phones into the kitchen, and you have to make sure you make it work for you.


In recent years interest in garden has increased by a lot. It's one of those hobbies that can easily make you happier, healthier, and richer. It's a multibillion-dollar industry, with millennials alone spending 13 billion a year on gardening.

You can either start by selling plants for gardens yourself or sell gardening products that will help out other gardeners. Gardening can be one of the best things to do to make money if you are passionate about it, so if you love gardening, you can check out your viability.


If you are into photography and have a nice enough camera, then you can use this hobby to generate a steady income for yourself. Just by becoming a freelance photographer, you have an opportunity to learn. However, freelance photography is usually time-consuming and area restricted.

Photography - Dropship USA

So you can try a more viable option like selling stock photos or prints. Additionally, you can start creating Instagram accounts with a massive following and then monetize the site. Just choose which niche you want to work on, and you will be able to base your business around that if you're going to make money from your hobby, that is.


If you love making things, then you might just be sitting on a gold mine. Crafts is one of the best hobbies out there in regards to monetization. It is a money-making hobby that has a dedicated 40 billion dollar industry. Crafts mean handmade, which translates to quality, care, and uniqueness that the store brands cannot offer.

From candles, bath bombs, jewelry, soap, and plenty of others, your options are endless on which product you are creating and want to sell. Before you start to create a website based on DIY crafts, make sure you check out the product on a small scale. Showcase your products to friends, family, and on Etsy. Now you don't even have to sell your crafts to succeed in this industry. You can easily sell crafts supplies to people who love to make things with their hands.


Do you love making people laugh? Do you make dank memes? Why not take that comic talent and turn it into a money-making opportunity? If you are into comedy, you already know that it is one of the best money-making hobbies.

You probably know many Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter accounts who amassed a massive following by curating memes and viral videos or capitalizing on a niche of humor that no one is working on. Once you have gained a big following, you will partner up with brands and create merchandise with your best running jokes.


If you are still skeptical about gaming being a money-making hobby, then you most probably were living under a rock this last decade. The biggest YouTuber in the world, PewDiPie, started with streaming Minecraft. If you do it right, then you too can earn a hefty sum from gaming all day, which you do already. With the advent of Twitch that allows you to take advantage of the "Let's Play" video format, you can live stream your games.

You will be sharing ad revenue with the platform. Plus, there is an option for one-time and subscription donations if you have a large community of audiences. Only streaming a game won't give you success. Remember, people need to find you charming, and they need to see your passion for the game you are playing. So be sure to bring your personality to the table when trying to make money by gaming.

Things To Do To Make Money

So there you go, these are the hobbies that generate a lot of money around the world. Now, these are not the only ones that can make money. There are plenty of other hobbies that generate a lot of revenue for passionate hobbyists.

If you don't see your hobby on the list, make sure you do some research to see if your favorite pass time can make you money. Remember, only doing things will get you nowhere. There's a system for capitalizing on money-making hobbies. Here is what you can do to optimize your chances:

  • Do research to see the viability of the hobby as a business.
  • Find a catchy name.
  • Create a plan of action.
  • Understand the finances involved.
  • Developing what you can offer.
  • Create a business structure for stability.
  • Take care of all the licenses and regulations.
  • Set up the required software systems.
  • Choose a location for your operation.
  • Plan workload and team size.

Once you are done with all these things, then you will be able to launch your business to the world. And with that being said, we come to the end of our list today. If you have any queries, you can drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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