Follow These Tips To Promote Your Dropshipping Business On Social Media in 2021!

Follow These Tips To Promote Your Dropshipping Business On Social Media in 2021!


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While working with our clients on social media marketing, my coworker and I have noticed that dropshippers approach us with sheer enthusiasm about promoting their business on social media. However, for most dropshippers, that enthusiasm dies eventually. They tend to jump the bandwagon of SMM because they believe that if other dropshipping businesses tasted success, they will too. 

We aren’t saying that jumping the bandwagon or trying to spread your business via social media is bad. What we are trying to suggest is that everything needs a plan to execute. We have also noticed some dropshippers lose patience very quickly! They want followers, likes, and comments in buckets even though their company has just recently kicked off! They set these unrealistic expectations that they will attract flocks of customers overnight by promoting their business on social media. As a result, all their aspiration and dreams regarding making it big in social media end up in a big failure.

Promoting your business on social media isn’t hard. You need to be patient and continue to strive to deliver new and fresh things to your customer. Your dropshipping niche is accountable for gaining your reach as well. Now, don’t lose your hope and say, “social media marketing isn’t for me” because it is for everyone! And today, we will be sharing some brilliant tips to promote your business on social media.

How To Promote New Business On Social Media

There are many creative ways to promote your business on social media. What are they? Let’s take a look:

1. Consistency is the key

Consistency is vital in any aspect. If you aren’t consistent in what you do, you will lose your grip or, in your case, lose potential customers. According to studies, different kinds of audiences find different types of content interesting. Some may like motivational quotes, some like memes, and funny content, and some only stick to your business offer (products or services). Hence, the best method of gaining huge target audiences and keeping them glued to your page is to post content consistently. 

Our advice is to create a schedule. Decide how many days per week you are going to post your content. By standard calculation, posting content once a day on Facebook or Instagram is enough. Your timing plays a huge factor as well, so make sure you post when nobody sleeps!

2. Do a collab with influencers!

Influencer marketing is huge these days for all the right reasons! An influencer with a large fan following can help your dropshipping business gain trust and massive traction. This is because fans love and trust their influencers, and therefore they will consider the recommendations made to them. You need to find out the right influencer to promote your brand. You can try using to find influencers of your niche.

Do a collab with influencers

A word of advice, it’s probably not the best idea to reach out to the influencers if your brand is relatively new to social media or if you are just considering setting up your brand’s profile. For influencers to work with you, you need to establish trust first. In order to do so, you should set up your social media platforms and then start posting more. Once you have gained somewhat experience and knowledge, approach the influencer.

3. Post engaging content

Aim to post high-quality and relatable content. Add in more video and high-quality images to attract potential buyers. Maintaining a color-themed profile helps entice more crowds. Another thing you can do is writing short, relatable, and easy-to-read captions. From my experience, contents with short but exciting captions gain more likes and views than a longer caption. You don’t need to pen an essay in the caption. The caption acts as a statement that compliments your graphical content; don’t make it look like a dictionary. Use eye-catchy one-liners, puns, and jokes to attract your audiences. Most importantly, publish posts that are relatable to your business niche and your products.

4. Befriend Pinterest for marketing activities

Let me ask you this, how many times in the day do you actually browse Pinterest? If you have answered “more than thrice,” then congrats, you are a Pinterest addict like me! Honestly, everyone admires Pinterest because of its aesthetic aspects and beauty. This engages audiences a lot. 

My advice: don’t just stick to Facebook and Instagram. Make a Pinterest handle as well. Make useful image content related to your business and products. A good way of making free Pinterest content is using Canva. They have a Pinterest layout that will be easier for you to use. When you post graphical content on your Pinterest, link your website or product page so that it takes your interested customers to the shop.

5. Engage your audiences with your replies

Social media is a phenomenal tool to connect with your audiences on a personal level. You can hold live chats on Facebook, answer questions on Twitter or Instagram, and so on. Also, if someone compliments your product or service in the comment section, do give a reply. Even if it’s as small as heart emoji, it will still mean that you are thoughtful enough and not rude. Another great way of interacting with the masses is by sharing your opinion on social media. I remember reading a series of playful rants between some famous brands on Twitter, and it was hilarious!


You can follow a ton of strategies and tips, but the most important thing to establish your brand on social media is to be consistent and learn from your mistakes. In order to stay true to your goal, you need to ask yourself: What can I do to improve? How can I approach this issue differently? And lastly, patience is the biggest aspect of social media marketing; this can change your game. 

With that said, these were some ideas to promote your business on social media; let us know what you think of these tips. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. We are always there to help you out with our pieces of advice. Until next time, adieu!

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