Learn These Top 5 Tips On eBay Dropshipping For A Better Business

Learn These Top 5 Tips On eBay Dropshipping For A Better Business


We have talked about dropshipping before, and we have discussed dropshipping with Amazon as well. eBay dropshipping is similar to Amazon’s. If you want to do dropshipping business with eBay, you need to understand and learn the basics first. Frankly speaking, eBay is much easier to learn, and there is minimal risk involved. As you already know, dropshipping businesses don’t need an inventory; thus, saving time, money, and space for people dealing with this business. And because of all these advantages, thousands of people are embracing dropshipping businesses worldwide. But what is eBay dropshipping?

Simple, it means selling items on eBay and shipping them directly to the customers in association with the supplier. You don’t need to hold an inventory for stockpiling items, just find a trusted supplier, source the items, and list those items on eBay. Sellers may use exact images, product titles, and descriptions provided by the suppliers or make their own. When a customer purchases something from your listed products, the details are then passed to the supplier, who will then ship it to the customer. You profit from buying the products at a wholesale price and reselling them at a higher price.

So, now we have precisely touched the topic of eBay dropshipping step by step; it’s time to teach you some crucial tips about dropshipping on eBay. These tips will help you how to find items to dropship on eBay, deal with dropshipping tools for eBay and help make money by doing dropshipping correctly.

5 Tips on eBay dropshipping

1. List the price to maintain profits

A key thing to keep in mind that both eBay and Amazon provide low prices; this can be a challenge to dropshippers. The challenge is, even though the price of products on eBay fluctuates, dropshippers still have to pay a fixed amount to the supplier they have agreed upon. Also, eBay listings can charge a fee for listing your products along with the final sale price’s percentage. These fees can lower your profit margins which aren’t good for your business.

Is there any chance to maintain the profits? Certainly! When dropshipping for eBay, you will come across an option called “Buy It Now.” This listing option offers your products at a fixed price and allows you to ensure a fundamental profit out of selling the products. The insertion fees are fixed at a lower price, so that’s a plus! 

2. Aim towards order fulfillment

Customer Relationship - Dropship USA

Dropshipping business is all about keeping the promise you have made to the customers and the supplier. And to keep that promise, you need to fulfill your orders; otherwise, this will result in loss which isn’t the idea. Now that you have listed your items, complete the orders as soon as possible. But fulfilling an order isn’t only your job, your supplier has some responsibility too. Thus you need a supplier that you can trust; we will talk about it more precisely in the next tip. Anyway, so if your supplier is a supplier and fast, they won’t take time to ship the ordered products and update you on the status of the orders.

3. Observe your supplier’s move

The previous tip brought us here! So, we were discussing how important it is to get a good supplier. That’s why my advice will be to keep an eye on your supplier and observe their movements. No, not literally! My movement, I mean, their work ethics, how fast they get a product shipment done, if they cannot ship an order do they inform you immediately or not, these are some things to look out for. A good supplier will always respond and provide a crystal-clear explanation of everything because they know how important it is for the dropshipper. If you find your supplier isn’t responding or delaying orders most of the time, you know it’s time to conclude that you need a new supplier. Remember, when a customer buys a product from you, they don’t know the suppliers; they know you, so even if it’s not your fault, you are the one they will blame. So, don’t let an unreliable supplier ruin your business and reputation.

4. Don’t take a lot on your plate

To make quick cash and earn a significant sum, sellers often try selling as many products as they can in a short time. Selling products on a large basis is good, but the volume shouldn’t too much. High volume means more work, and more work doesn’t mean more productivity. You are gonna get stuck with loads of things all at the same time. Listing is vital, do that with a clutter-free mind. Look for products that can go under the multiple-item listing. This way, you only have to list once and focus on product fulfillment and returns. Multi-tasking in dropshipping business can make you prone to mistake or stuck, so try to work smartly.

5. Create good connections

This one is so obvious! In fact, every business needs to build relationships with the customers. To get returning customers, you need to treat your first customers well. There are many aspects where first customers aren’t treated with respect in a business; thus, they don’t return. Therefore, creating a strong relationship with your first and recurring customers should help you create a strong business. Try to keep your calm and stay quiet when your customers are mad or upset at you. Their suggestions and advice are invaluable as well.

And there you go! These are the top tips that will help you do better and profitable eBay dropshipping business. The advice might seem very basic, but these are proven to help succeed in a business. That’s all for today! Take care!

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