Easy Steps For Starting an Online Clothing Business in 2021

Easy Steps For Starting an Online Clothing Business in 2021


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So you have been planning for starting an online clothing business for a few years now. We applaud your courage. You should start doing business online as it has many benefits, and you have the maximum chances of tasting success through online businesses. Ecommerce is there to serve you solely for that purpose.

While brick-and-mortar businesses have a strong influence in the industry, online stores aren’t that backward. Also, with the current emergencies of COVID19, it’s almost impossible to shop in physical stores like before. Therefore eCommerce stores are the best choices for purchasing things you want. Hence, you should start your clothing business online. Let’s have a chat on how to start one.

How To Do Online Clothing Business

Niche is the way!

You thought only toys and shoes have niches, don’t you? Oh, you are so wrong! Almost everything has a niche that is always good for sellers because more and more niche means more diverse your items are. Onto the matter at hand, so, if you follow our articles closely, you will know by now that finding a niche is a must. Here are something you should keep in mind:

  • Let your uniqueness be your brand
  • Choose a niche you are passionate about
  • Make sure the niche you choose has earning potentials

In short, when you create a brand for yourself, let your style dominate your brand. This will give your store a unique voice and identity. Be very mindful of the clothing niche you are choosing; always choose niches with fewer competitions to stand out to your target audiences. If you choose a niche that’s already filled with competitors, you won’t have much luck in it.

Select your desired eCommerce platform

If you want to sell online, you most definitely need an eCommerce platform. Ecommerce platforms are great cause they let you list items, upload pictures, add descriptions of the listed products and create a checkout process. But before paying for an eCommerce platform, ask yourself - What kind of platform do you want? Will you be able to afford the overall cost of the platform? Does the platform fulfill your required utilities? Do they offer free tools?

Don’t laugh about free tools; they are very useful! Ecommerce platforms like Shopify have some incredible collections of tools that you can use for free. 

Determine a domain name for your shop

The domain name should match your business/store’s name. Choose a domain name that’s easy to remember and access. Avoid complex names as your domain because who has time to remember the hard-to-spell names? Get the point? 

Determine a domain name for your shop - eCommerce Platform - Dropship USA

It’s also a better approach to name your domain from the niche you are using. For example, if you are selling rain jackets and suppose your name is John, you can simply use johnsrainjackets.com or jrj.com. 

Design a website or choose a premade template

A top-quality eCommerce website will be easy to navigate, have great color schemes, and ease usage. If you want to spend some cash hiring a designer, go ahead and do it. The result will be very positive. However, if you don’t want to spend tonnes of money, you can select website themes or templates. One great thing about the premade templates is that they have many customizable options. From changing fonts to adding extra widgets, you can do a lot. You can also use a web developer’s help and tweak a few features according to your liking. This is indeed a very easy way, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time starting a website from scratch.

List your products

Once you have all the things done, it’s time to do the product listing. You need to list your products well to influence your sales. Here’s what you can do:

Product descriptions: Product descriptions help in describing the stuff you got. However, the main motive of such descriptions is the primary source of SEO. Using the right keywords, you can make your product hit the search engine results. So, make sure while writing descriptions, your words that best describe your product and helps attract your customers. 

Product Display: Click a few high-quality photos of your products with different angles. If you aren’t good with a camera, hire a professional photographer to do the job for you. The more clear and informative your pictures, the more they interest your potential buyers.

Navigation: Site navigation acts as a pathfinder for site visitors when they get lost in a website’s labyrinth of menus and dropdowns. Therefore keeping a clean navigation so that the user finds their way to the product they are looking for.

Checkout: To make your checkout process fast and hassle-free, do this:

  • Make guest checkout options easy to access
  • Accept auto-filled details when necessary
  • Accept a variety of payment options
  • Keep everything on one screen

Plan marketing strategy for your store

Now that you have set up your store, you need a marketing strategy to attract customers. Here are great ways of doing that.

Email marketing: With email marketing, you can create promotional emails and invite your customers. Email marketing helps to introduce your brand to new customers and keep your fans coming back to you. There are so many ways email marketing can help—for example, newsletters, freebies, free promotions, etc. Never underestimate the power of email marketing.

Social media marketing: SMM or Social Media Marketing is a new but very effective strategy to pull your customers to you. You need great posts and content to lure your customers. The sky's the limit for social media content: post pictures about your products and talks about them, post funny memes related to your business, share hacks, quizzes, keep giveaways, etc. You can even boost your social media performance by sponsoring your post. You can work with influencers to promote your products.

Final thoughts

There you have it, every little info you need to start a successful online clothing business. Do let us know what you think of the tips so far. Have you started your business yet, or are you searching for a great niche to work with? Let us know everything!

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