How To Use Google Trends To Generate Sales For Dropshipping!

How To Use Google Trends To Generate Sales For Dropshipping!


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By now, you see that dropshipping is one of the most viable career options out there. The ease of entry and operational flexibility makes it a lucrative opportunity for most young entrepreneurs. However, because it is so easy to operate a dropshipping business, there is a lot of competition, meaning finding success isn't a cakewalk when dropshipping.

You have to grind out results against plenty of competition in saturated niches. Because of this reason, knowing what to sell and knowing what your targets are looking for becomes a vital part of your dropshipping operation. You will need to determine the product you are choosing, and the niche you are is stable and doesn't fluctuate a lot because that might hamper your chances of building a sustainable business.

Remember, because the inventory and shipping are handled through your vendors and suppliers, you have to be extra careful in selecting the products. Knowing what to sell comes with understanding demands, and that is where Google Trends can help you.

So we here at DropshipUS thought we should give you a heads up on how to use Google Trends and find trending products to sell on your dropshipping store so without further ado. Let's begin!

Why Use Google Trends?

Google is the quintessential search engine for the world. Everyone searches for things on Google. It is such a significant phenomenon that people call looking for something "Googling." Businesses everywhere follow Google's SEO standards to rank high on their search engine and generate business.

Now, this shouldn't come as any surprise that knowing what is popular on Google is vital information for companies all around, and that is where Google Trends come in. It is a tool offered by Google that shows all the information about queries made on the search engine. It contains all the data from different periods from the past. It's is displayed in a way so that it is easy to understand for everyone.

Remember, many people are looking for particular products. If you know which one is the most popular, you will create a plan accordingly and capitalize on the opportunity. If you are still not convinced about why Google Trends is the perfect tool to use when finding trending products to sell, then check out these reasons:

  • It showcases all the pertinent information about the use of specific search terms. With this, you will gauge the increased or reduced interest in a product over a period of time.
  • You can quickly check out the level of interest concerning any product or trend category. All the pertinent information you need within different products and services segmented by industries are there for you to read.
  • It helps you stay on top of seasonal demands because you will be able to see the s spikes or drop-offs in particular seasons for different search queries related to your dropshipping niche.
  • Google Trends can often become a godsend when doing competitor research. It allows you to see how often potential customers look for your competitor. You can also find out useful insights like the locations where your customer is doing better than you.

As you can see, Google Trends is not only about finding the most trending products to sell for your dropshipping operation. It is so much more than that. Google Trends provides you with invaluable insights like your markets, who your closest competitors are, and what the prospects for selling certain products look like for your business.

It's a multi-faceted tool that is optimized to bring dropshipping stores sustainable growth. Now that you know why you need to use Google Trends, let's talk about how the tool works.

How Does It Work?

Google Trends is an intuitive tool that allows you to check real-time progress for queries and terms. Along with that, it will enable you to search for terms according to interest over time, interest by region, interest by related topics, and related queries. One of the metrics you would want to keep an eye out for is "breakout topics."

These topics are hot on the search engine, meaning they are garnering a lot of search traffic, and if there is a product within the breakout topic you can integrate, you should before the hype dies down. However, you should keep in mind that this is a scarce chance, and if you want sustainable growth for your dropshipping business, you are better comparing longer-term trends of viable products.

Finding the products that performed the best over time will be vital towards marketing and ensuring dependability for your brand. If you are looking to expand your product offering, make sure you always look for trends showing slow and steady growth. These are products that don't have steep lines and looks more like its tilting upwards on average.

However, for boosting your company revenue, you should look into trends that have a steep upwards trajectory, especially near the present time. This does let you know that there is a spike in demand for the product and that it's an opportunity you can pounce on. If you are working with audiences from different locations, you should also check out the regional trends option.

This feature lets you know what products are in high demand in which regions. With that information, you will be able to target the regions with your custom growth strategy more directly and offer custom shipping solutions accordingly.

Google Trends & Dropshipping

The need for Google Trends for dropshipping businesses is massive. It can help you in a multitude of ways, and here are some of the most important ones. The tool allows you to find products a large audience is looking for. This means that you will be able to sell the products people want. Here is some vital information on how Google Trends can help you generate sustainable success:

Google Trends & Dropshipping - Dropship USA

Helps You Develop Content Marketing and Ad Campaigns

You already know that demand for products varies from one place to another, and Google Trends shows you where those differences lie. One of the things you would want to know when creating your ad budget is how much to allocate for each region, and when you take a look at the trends, you will know what to do.

Google Trends isn't there to generate a formula for your strategies, but it will provide you with the numbers to formulate a successful campaign. With the latest data from Google Trends, you will have a better idea about how much of your efforts you should expend in reaching target audiences in each region. Along with that, you will be able to optimize your dropshipping digital marketing strategies.

Google trends is a treasure trove of trending keywords that you can discover and integrate within your dropshipping SEO plans. If you do it right, you will see an immediate uptake in clicks and score higher on search result rankings for your content.

Location Specific Deals & Promos

The data you can collect from Google Trends is pretty accurate and will play a vital role in region-specific marketing campaigns. When designing deals and promotions, you need to look at each target audience and understand their needs.

The region-specific data you get from Google Trends will help you give people what they want rather than giving people what you think they want. Remember, the right sort of data can make or break a marketing campaign, so make sure you use Google Trends when creating location-specific deals.

Discovering Viable & Target Audience

The trend lines you see in the Google Trend tool aren't just some random summaries of droll statistics. They represent real people. These lines represent the problems, hopes and dreams, expectations, search for a solution, and detailed review of viable answers the people have chosen. The real-time insights you get from this tool allow you to understand your target audience's significant concerns and pain points.

Along with that, you get tidbits about the viability of a product and inside scoops their preferences. With these data sets, you can design your brand's messaging to match target audiences' intent and preferences to bring them to your products and services.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

So there you go, that's how to use google trends for your dropshipping operation. As you can see, Google Trends' purpose isn't only to find out what is trending on google. It plays a vital part in developing your dropshipping operation and is an essential part of your growth strategies.

However, all of these will fail if you don't have a website optimized for SEO with a design that generates high user-engagement rates. We here at DropshipUSA specialize in providing just that for members of the dropship nation. So if you want a comprehensive dropshipping website solution, then feel free to contact us.

Along with that, if you have any other queries, you can drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials. We will get back to you with all the answers. And with that being said, we arrive at the end. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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