How to Find Shopify Stores in Your Niche?

How to Find Shopify Stores in Your Niche?


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Are you done selecting your niche and searching for Shopify stores to increase sales? Well, you are in the right place at the right time. DropshipUSA has already helped numerous clients to find profitable niches and relevant Shopify stores. Why don't you also join that club of successful business owners?

We have rounded up a complete guide to select the Shopify stores for your chosen niche. Moreover, you will get in-depth on how to monitor your Shopify competitors and pick a winning niche in the first place. So, let's begin!

What is a Niche Market?

A niche market is a business place where individuals or businesses are targeted by how they behave or buy. It is desirable because it comprises target customers you may reach via marketing efforts specifically designed for that type of customer.

Basically, niche means how individualized you go when finding clients and creating products tailored just for them. This directs you into how much focused your business will be. If you want to find out how profitable your Shopify store can become, niche your business!

How to Find a Full List Of Shopify Stores on Google?

Finding a complete list of related Spotify stores is almost equally challenging as finding a profitable niche. We will definitely give you some proven tips on finding your dream niche at the end of the article.

However, it's time to get an idea of how to find other Shopify stores in your niche.

Using the “Site” Command to Search For

Let make Google do all the heavy lifting for you.

The “site” command specifies finding relevant Shopify stores on Google. So how can you make use of this?

Let's say you are in the dog training niche and want to see how many competitors have done their small businesses with Shopify. What should you do then? Well, type this into your search bar: "dog training" -now how does it work?

As easy as slicing bread! You are essentially telling Google how many results to display for “dog training”- the keyword here- from! Sweet huh?

Using Search Engine's Source Code

The search engine for source code enables users to look up any HTML, JavaScript, CSS, or plain text on a web page and download a list of websites that contain it.

The sign-in screen is where you create your Shopify account. To find the Shopify store, go to the Search field and press the Search button.

Quotes for your search terms might assist you in getting accurate results. Then a list of websites appears, and you may select CSV to obtain the list.

IP to Find Shopify Stores

This website allows you to look for your Shopify company. Because all Shopify companies utilize the IP address, you may quickly locate Shopify stores that interest you. You can use to discover Shopify businesses based on IP addresses.

The website name, countries, and then you will get correct results. A table with the website, IP address, web hosting company, Server IP location, web hosting city, worldwide site popularity rating is shown as you scroll down. You may also save it in Excel or CSV format.

Checking the Source Code with Your Browser

The method is simple, and most Shopify users simply overlook it. To view the source code, press the right mouse button and choose "Show Page Source."

When you select "Use Shopify Code" on the drop-down menu, it'll take you to a page with Shopify code embedded in the website and files from Shopify's CDN downloaded. In other words, data are kept on Shopify's hosting servers.

Powered by Shopify Sites and Google

Use Google and the correct search combination to locate Shopify-based businesses. When you spot tiny elements at the Shopify store's footer, this list is what you should use. "Powered by Shopify" will be displayed in place of "Supply Chain Solutions." You may go to the Shopify website by clicking on the phrase "Powered by Shopify."

You may use the word powered by Shopify in your search query to receive better results from Google. Although search results are more precise, you should double-check with the source.

How To Choose A Winning Niche

How To Choose A Winning Niche - niche ideas for shopify - Dropship USA

Choosing niche ideas for Shopify is a complicated task if you are unaware of some fundamental factors. DropshipUSA has already dealt with numerous clients to develop Shopify sites on their dream niche. Those experiences will surely help you find the most suitable eCommerce niche for you.

Make Sure it's Trendy

It would help if you planned to create a niche for your online brand to target emerging markets and utilize popular goods. To do so successfully, you'll need to stay on top of what goes on in that market at all times.

With this knowledge, you'll be able to track trend patterns for your targeted product much more easily. As a result, when the trends are at their peak popularity, you'll have the edge of being a market leader in creating and positioning your online store before it's too late – just as the trends are about to peak.

Pick a Niche that You are Passionate About

Many people believe that starting and running a personal business is simple. It generally entails a lot of hard effort, perseverance, and giving up pleasures. As a result, you must begin by finding a niche topic you are enthusiastic about since it will be the sole motivation behind your success.

This sort of emotional commitment will typically give you an advantage over your rivals. Creating an engaging and relevant brand message for your target niche market will benefit from this approach. It may sound dramatic, but starting a business on what you are most passionate about is always worthy.

Check How Competitive Your Niche is

Make sure that Shopify store owners are not dominating your desired market to make it difficult for you to compete with them in that specific niche.

You can use Google Trends or Alexa's web traffic estimate, which will help you know how many sites have been performing well on a particular search term within recent months.

Ensure High Demand For Your Products

The following formula may help you start selling online: Products being searched X times per month + Products being purchased X times per month = Top profitable niches.

Choose a popular product that you might be able to sell from different angles. For example, the market for protein supplements seems reasonable as it is widely searched and purchased online.

Choose Products That Solve Peoples Problems

Choosing a solution-based product concept that solves common and essential life issues has been shown to work well for businesses. As a result, consider beginning your brainstorming session with a list of daily problems.

Kyle Kirkpatricki, for example, created Decibullz, a successful niche product while searching for the finest method to listen to music while training. Now you can listen to your workout playlist without having to worry about earphones slipping out in the middle of a flip.

Make Sure Products are Not Readily Available Elsewhere

The number of dropship Shopify websites you see in the top results of a Google search term will indicate how competitive your niche is. You can choose a less competitive niche with fewer dropship sites for better chances of success.

If there are too many eCommerce stores that sell similar items as yours, it's probably not worth targeting that specific group as you won't have many advantages over them at all.

Customers will simply spend their time comparing prices when every store owner sells the same products from each other. They might even go to other sellers' stores that have the highest rating, provide better service, or have more attractive yields.

Don't Neglect How Profitable Your Product Will Be

eCommerce is not a charity business - it's also an e-business. The primary purpose of dropshipping goods is to make money. There are many things you should consider when choosing a profitable Shopify niche. It would be best to make sure that people within this group spend enough on their favorite stuff each month.

When picking a specific eCommerce niche, it's wise to choose between two options for how much the average customer spends per purchase: Low-value items at high volumes, High-value items at low volumes.


You must have a clear idea about how to find Shopify stores in your niche. It's time to move on to the next step-get professional help to build your eCommerce site. DropshipUSA has all the experiences and skills to offer you an industry-standard service at an affordable cost.

Let’s talk today!

Don't forget, you can get a fully automated USA based dropship website, built for you, in whatever niche you want, in 72 hours or less. Go to to register for our free webinar that will teach you our secret dropship model, and how you can get it built for you in only 3 days!

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