How Baby Niche Dropshipping Can Be Your Next Business Venture in 2022

How Baby Niche Dropshipping Can Be Your Next Business Venture in 2022


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Baby niche dropshipping is one of the most successful niches for almost any level of dropshipping marketers. Those bundle of joy will continue to enlighten our lives, and the new parents and relatives will continue ordering some excellent stuff for them.

As a result, your business will be on the run smoothly with considerable profit. However, it is crucial to know the ups and downsides of baby products dropshipping.

DropshipUSA offers complete help in developing baby products dropshipping marketing strategies, website design, and digital marketing campaigns for you. Before you contact us with the most suitable offer, let us give you a guided tour of the niche.

Does Dropshipping Baby Products Work?

Yes, they do work. The key is to find out your target market in the niche and build a website. Use the right keywords to attract more customers, and of course, there has to be good content on your site. This will make it attractive for the customers and give them a reason to click on it over another website. SEO is also essential for making the site noticeable in search engine results pages (SERPs).

The best way to get started is by figuring out which products are needed most. For example, if you want to start with diapers, you can offer various sizes from XS to XL, along with some fantastic designs like cartoon or animal prints that many parents would love for their little ones.

Apart from babies’ clothing (including shoes), there are hundreds of other baby products that dropshipping entrepreneurs can sell online, including strollers and baby carriers; nursing pillows; pacifiers; bath towels; car seats, etc. Just go through our blog on this topic to know more about such products.

Is It Profitable?

According to our data mining report, baby products dropshipping is a lucrative business opportunity during the fourth quarter of 2017-2018. We are sure that the niche will remain one of the most popular niches in e-commerce in 2018.

How Much Can You Earn From Baby Niche Dropshipping?

Depending on your experience, the quality of products and services provided via your website, and other variables, you can generate $100-$300+ per day with baby products dropshipping.

It will undoubtedly be an excellent supplement to whatever current business you are involved in. Remember this, if anything, as you go ahead with this opportunity: Baby niche has high margins, so it is wise to work with a multi-level margin structure.

For example, if you are going to provide diapers online, then choose the name-brand ones and some of those “knockoffs” (or private labels) that have similar features for about 30-40% lower price for your customers.

This way, after paying eBay and Amazon fees (if you use them) along with your merchant account fees, even if someone returns a product, then it won’t be that bad for your profit margin.

How to dropship baby products?

Now you know how to start a new dropshipping business, what products to sell and how to earn money with it. But before starting your online store, you should consider the following factors:

What is the Price Range of Your Target Customer?

You need to determine how much he is willing to pay for the product to figure out the profit margin. Let’s say you plan to sell baby clothes (for example) then find out its average cost based on gender and size. This will define your dropshipping price range and give you an idea of wholesale pricing.

What is Our Profit Margin Going To Be?

Calculate this number by excluding seller fees you will have at eBay or Amazon after selling a particular product for $1. Once all costs are deducted from a sold $1, that amount should be your profit margin.

It is usual for online retailers to take anywhere from 5% up to 50%-100% profit margins depending on their category and other variables. In our example, let’s say we are going with 20% net profit, which means that if someone pays $8 for this baby clothing shirt (let’s say it costs us $2), then we make $3 per sold item.

How Often Are We Going to Sell This Product and For How Long?

According to some sources, you can sell the best items to dropship in volume with high turnover. This means that you should go for low-priced products with a lot of competition.

For example, you can sell similar baby clothing from 5 different wholesalers and e-commerce stores (which dropship other items) with prices ranging from $3-$8 per piece.

This way your customers will have a wide range of choices for the same item and that way they are more likely to buy it. You can also replenish stock regularly (twice or thrice per week) so customers can always find fresh inventory at all times.

What Is Our Average Order Value?

Calculate this number by adding up all products bought within the first 10-15 days after opening your dropshipping store.

Keep in mind that not every purchase equals an order; some people will buy several products at once – but whatever the case is, don’t end up with a big fat 0 here because it would mean that you have lost money on every single product sold even though it had a positive profit margin.

How Much Are We Going To Charge For Shipping?

Calculate the total cost, including product price and shipment fee. Don’t forget to include your profit margin here because you can always add a flat shipping fee (for example, $2 or $3) on the final cost if you plan to display it in your online store.

The choice is up to you but make sure that the shipping cost is realistic because otherwise, your customers will be unhappy with it, which may hurt your business. Also, don’t forget to provide free shipping options!

What Baby Items Sell The Most?

What Baby Items Sell The Most - baby niche dropshipping - Dropship USA

If you are into dropshipping and have plenty of time to spare because you don’t have to stock items, here is the top 5 list of best-selling baby items on the market which are great for dropshipping. Of course, if you have a particular area or country preferences, this list might be irrelevant.

Garments For Babies

This is probably the best-selling and most profitable type of baby product. It includes T-shirts (preferably with funny slogans or sayings), shirts, pants, overalls, hats, and other similar garments.

You can also check out our example above because it demonstrates how to use an existing product or service to inspire your store and start building its foundation on that idea.

Baby garments are trendy among parents who want to purchase original designs that may not be available at local stores yet, so this makes an excellent opportunity for someone with exceptional design skills!

Also, make sure that your store has a clear “return policy” so that people know what to do if they are not completely satisfied with the product.

Baby Cribs And Beds

Cribs are trendy among parents because most people want to cradle their babies in their arms, and this is the closest thing to them, so it’s pretty natural that parents love cribs. You can get this type of product at any local home improvement store.

But you will have a much better deal if you order it online as many online stores have great prices on these kinds of products as they don’t have to make a physical retail space available for them.

Even if you decide not to go for any specific brand names, there are plenty of labels you can use that would make your customers feel safer about buying from you: Rocking Crib, Dream On Me Hybrid Portable Playard, Simple Comfort Portable Playard, Travel Playard, and many others.

Baby Furniture

This product includes all things used with or around babies, such as blankets, bouncers, cribs, etc. Brands like Fisher-Price used to be the most popular in this category, but now there are plenty of new ones with similar quality but lower prices (even though many parents still choose Fisher-Price because it has been around for so long).

There is also an entire industry going on online regarding baby furniture and blankets. Unlike other items that go out of fashion quickly and need constant updates, it has specific constant demand all year long. For example, a blanket can be used during cold winter months and then during warm summer ones if the parents decide to use their baby’s crib or playpen outdoors.

Baby Toy

If your business model relies on dropshipping, this will be a great way to add toys to your catalog as most people who order baby products also order toys simultaneously as they often go hand in hand (as far as the human psyche goes). Maybe throw in a couple of pairs of socks or some diapers just to make the order a little more appealing.

Baby Gifts

This one is slightly different from the ones above because it includes everything else given to baby owners as a gift. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the baby themself.

For example, it could be things like soap, towels, or even household appliances that are being sold under this category; though, if you’re going to start offering those items, try your best to find specific brands that sell them and start promoting them on social media pages instead of generic ones such as Amazon or


You must be more excited about baby niche dropshipping now. Let DropshipUSA help you design the website and develop a business strategy for you. Otherwise, you are all set to start the deal.

Don't forget, you can get a fully automated USA based dropship website, built for you, in whatever niche you want, in 72 hours or less. Go to to register for our free webinar that will teach you our secret dropship model, and how you can get it built for you in only 3 days!

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