How You Can Generate Traffic With Email Marketing For Dropshipping

How You Can Generate Traffic With Email Marketing For Dropshipping


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Email marketing is still a viable growth option for all e-commerce stores, and it is one of the most successful channels in the funnel for dropshippers to take advantage of.

As a dropshipping operation, if you want to nurture and care for the leads you generate, creating a comprehensive email marketing campaign is the way to go.

So how do you create a complete email marketing plan for a dropshipping business? Well, it has a few different steps that you need to nurture, and that's what we will discuss here in the following passage. So let's get into the intricacies of email marketing for dropshipping.

Understanding Who You Are

As a dropshipper, you work as the connection between delivering the product to the customer. You don't have to manage the inventory. All you need to do is purchase from the supplier and reselling to the customer. This means that you have to be on top of your online game when it comes to generating interest and business. Once you know what your brand is, you will have a better idea about why you need email marketing and how you can generate business with it. Email marketing for dropshipping is a fantastic medium that you can use to communicate and connect with your audience to build rapport. It's a one-on-one medium that boosts your lead generation efforts. Sometimes it can be even better than Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Defining The Funnel

If you want to create a successful email marketing campaign, you have to understand and define email marketing in the sales funnel. This means that you, as a dropshipper, need to know when to send emails to your customers and leads.

When someone signs up, they always expect a welcome email, so make sure you have one ready to send whenever someone signs up. You can get email leads in a host of different ways ranging from cart abandonment, newsletter sign up, discount codes to referral programs that you run.

Now each aspect provides you an email of a user in different stages of the customer journey. So you have to make sure you create emails for each of these stages.

After the welcome email, you should be creating an abandon cart email, a post-purchase email, and a re-activation and engagement email. You can use Google Analytics to find out more about the sales funnel and where your customers are on the sales funnel.

Just try introducing coupons and promote them on your social channels to generate more email leads for your business. Ensuring that customers need to sign up for discounts will make sure you have a growing mail list for some time to come.

Welcome Mail

First impressions always matter whether you are living in the real world or an online world. For this reason, you have to make sure you have a warm and inviting welcome email within your email marketing plan.

Make sure that the emails that are crafted represent your business and vision in a flattering light. Whenever someone agrees to become a part of your mailing list, you should send a well-crafted email to them showing how much you appreciate them.

Put in a beautiful subject line along with a branded thank you from you and your business. Once that part is done, make sure you populate the email with pertinent information that encourages engagement, isn't filled with jargon, and makes your leads lose interest.

Try offering something free for first-timers or introduce coupons to encourage purchase. This sort of tactic works well within the welcome email and goes a long way into generating growth for your dropshipping business.

Cart Abandoned Emails

Email marketing for dropshipping is vital for the brand's growth. Cart abandonment is a genuine and ever-present threat to your brand.

Cart abandoned emails often work to lowering the number of people leaving your site without purchase. This means that you can persuade someone who has lost interest in your brand and the product you offer.

So make sure you send out an email every time someone leaves your site while having a product in the cart. To make the deal more enticing, you can add things like a discount code or some free shipping options to encourage sales.

With a simple car abandoned email, you will be able to chart out what's not working in your campaigns and remedy that option to maximize ROI. So don't forget to create a cart abandoned mail when creating an email marketing plan for dropshippers.

Post Purchase Email

If you want to build a sustainable dropshipping business, then you need to nurture leads and create a base of loyal customers. That means keeping up a dialogue with the customer even after you made your sale. 

Gaining new customers is a risky process, and the cost of acquiring a new customer is more than enticing an old customer to purchase again. And just for that reason, you need a post-purchase email going out every time to anyone who buys your product.

Just saying a simple thank you for your purchase will go a long way into establishing rapport with that customer. With post-purchase emails in your email marketing campaign, you will reduce the communication friction between you and the customer while also inciting a sense of trust in your brand.

A simple thank you message also goes a long way into making your customer feel valued. So make sure you add a post-purchase email when you are email marketing for a dropshipping company, Post-purchase emails can also be used to upsell.

You can showcase or suggest upgrade options or products that complement the work they just bought to entice a second purchase.

Re-Activation and Engagement Emails

Modern customers love engaging brands, and as a dropshipper, you can't just leave your customers and leads to their own devices.

You have to be continually engaging with your old customers to be in their minds and create a rapport with them to ensure repeat purchases. This is where re-activation and engagement emails come in.

Creating emails that aren't pushy and are thoughtful should be your priority. When creating emails for retargeting campaigns, there are several things you can write about.

One example is that you can send a happy birthday email to the customer. Or you can send something like thank you for your trust or send them special discounts and emails on the anniversary of their first purchase from you.

You can even send welcome back emails to old customers and send them coupons for ordering from your website again. Make sure you brainstorm with your team and craft several drafts of this retargeting campaign.

Finding harmony In The Growth Campaign

So there you go. These are some of the ways you can generate traffic through email marketing for dropshipping. As you can see, the steps are simple, but you do need to conduct thorough research to build a comprehensive plan.

Finding harmony In The Growth Campaign - DropshipUSA

Make sure you follow all the things we have written above, and hopefully, you will start seeing positive results soon. If you are looking for dropshipping niches to start your business, then you can check out the article's best places for dropshipping.

Now, if you need Shopify dropshipping solutions, get in touch with our developers, and we will provide you with a dynamic website geared towards dropshipping success. And with that being said, we are here at the end of our discussion today.

Let us know in the comments below if you have left something out here. You can also hit us up on our socials with any questions regarding the dropship nation. We will come back with something new to talk about within the world of dropshipping soon. Until then, see ya!

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