Best Shopify Apps For Dropshipping SEO & Marketing Growth!

Best Shopify Apps For Dropshipping SEO & Marketing Growth!


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Every dropshipping business needs a host of different tools and apps to make it a success. You will need to stay competitive, and for that, you need to integrate useful apps and techniques.

If you have a dropshipping business based on Shopify, you will have many choices for apps to make your website geared towards generating sales. Shopify is an evolving platform, and it offers a dynamic solution to e-commerce platforms.

There are plenty of Shopify apps that can help you generate many sales. The best Shopify apps can help you optimize your business in many different ways like marketing, SEO, dropshipping, ETC.

We here at DropshipUSA work with entrepreneurs with Shopify solutions so we know all the must-have Shopify apps you should be looking into.

Since we know the best Shopify apps, we thought we would tell all about the apps you should integrate into your Shopify dropshipping business. In the following passages, we will cover the best SEO app for a Shopify website and marketing apps for Shopify. So let's get into it.

Must-Have Shopify Apps For Marketing

As a dropshipper, your priority is growth, and for that, you need sales. And for that, people need to come to your website. Generating traffic requires marketing, and for that, we know the best Shopify apps. So let's check out what they are:


If you are looking to generate much traffic for your website, OptinMonster can be one of your best options. It is one of the best Shopify apps out there that will help you increase your sales numbers.

OptinMonster is an app that you can easily integrate with just your Shopify account and doesn't require additional coding. The popups in OptinMonster allow you to automatically apply the discount codes to Shopify carts making the app very easy to use.

OptinMonster can help you with your conversion rates with Shopify products, pages, tags, articles, and collections can be easily targeted.

What makes this Shopify app one of the best in the market because it can be easily integrated with your ideal content management solution, email marketing, and CRM platforms.


TrustPulse is a fantastic Shopify app that meets dropshipping marketing demands completely. It is one of the must-have Shopify apps in the market as it offers real-time feedback for its users.

TrustPulse has a small popup notification that informs about the user activities. The app provides vital information that you can utilize to build a social following and generate a trusting consumer base.

Since people usually buy products based on recommendations, and that's what TrustPulse helps you with. With an app like TrustPulse, you will be able to convert first-time visitors into buyers more easily.

Any real-time tracking you need from actions like purchases, email signups, or demo registrations. The app has advanced targeting rules and timing controls that boost lead conversion numbers for a dropshipper.

Not only will it seamlessly fit into any design because of its variety of design options, but it also provides you with the necessary analytics for updating your marketing strategies.

Referral Candy

Giving incentives to your customers is a great way to generate some dropshipping business. Referrals are great to generate some leads, and for this, one of the best Shopify apps you can use is Referral Candy.

It allows you to set rewards according to your referral campaign. Amongst its features, Referral Candy has features like referral reminders, automatic reward delivery, and a dashboard that tracks all your referral. Rewards

As a dropshipper, you want sustainable growth, and for that, you need a loyal customer base. One way you can build a loyal customer base is by offering a loyalty reward program.

People love engaging with brands, and they prefer to work with brands that provide personalization and rewards. If you are looking to implement a loyalty program, then one of the must-have Shopify apps in the industry is Rewards.

You can easily set reward points based on sharing products on your social media or creating accounts, following your store, ETC. While most of the features are on the free plan, you can upgrade your app to a premium plan with a 50 dollar subscription fee.


In recent years, Beeketing has become one of the best Shopify apps out there if you are looking into ensuring a highly converted email marketing process.

With Beeketing, you don't have to create and draft new newsletters each week. Beeketing's unique features like automated scheduling and email creation help dropshippers put out individual newsletters every week.

You can choose the rules and regulations when setting up Beeketing, and all the newsletters created will be based on those rules.

Beeketing allows you to create compelling campaigns where you set the parameters that focus on customers' behavior and interests. It can even bring down the cart abandonment numbers by bringing customers back to the product they were interested in.

With tailor-made campaigns and Beeketing, you will be able to increase your customer retention number along with the lead conversion rate.


If you want an all-around Shopify app for your dropshipping operation, then Metrilo is what you are looking about. From CRM, email marketing to e-commerce analytics, you can get generous support for your growth campaigns.

The app is easy to set up and syncs all your information, like your historical data, and displays all your orders and customers on the system.

What makes Metrilo one of the must-have Shopify apps are its unique features that provide detailed information on your customers. It has features that let you track things like revenue, orders, contact info, sessions, tagging, filtering, on-site behavior, segmentation, ETC.

Metrilo even has a behavior tracking feature that lets you create segments for your customer base. It has over 30 pre-set filters that will allow you to identify loyal customers, high spenders, deal hunters, and other types of customer demographics.

CM Commerce

If you want to create a hard-hitting email marketing campaign, CM Commerce is the app. It's an app that automates your email marketing efforts, and if you ever used Mailchimp, you already know how to use it.

CM Commerce is one of the best Shopify apps in the market because it helps lower your cart abandonment numbers. It enables you to take advantage of integral customer touchpoints. CM Commerce allows you to optimize your email marketing campaigns and increase your sales numbers.


If you are looking for an omnichannel marketing suite for developing complex automated marketing flows, then Omnisend is for you. It integrates various channels like Facebook and Messenger, to WhatsApp, Google retargeting ads, and plenty more.

With the help of an app like Omnisend, you can guarantee your brand's message is on point regardless of your target demographic. Omnisend is one of the best Shopify apps on the market because it lets you create custom email campaigns without needing any prior HTML knowledge.


Retargeting is a vital part of growth for dropshippers, and Shoelace is the app that can help you create the perfect retargeting campaigns.

Experts consider it one of the best Shopify apps for custom retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

You can use Shoelace to educate your customers about your brand while also motivating them to revisit your brand with the intent to purchase. Make sure you integrate Shoelace at different stages of the buying process. Make sure it offers maximum efficiency.

Best Shopify Apps For Dropshipping SEO

As a dropshipper, SEO is a significant priority, and you have to integrate SEO Shopify apps for maximum campaign optimization. Here are two apps you should look to integrate:

Best Shopify Apps For Dropshipping SEO - DropshipUSA

SEO Manager

SEO or search engine optimization is the process where businesses start generating web traffic to encourage sales. Now for a successful SEO campaign, you can integrate Shopify apps, and one of the best in the market is the SEO Manager.

It has a simple installation process with a user-friendly interface. SEO manager has more than 20 different features with fantastic features like keyword suggestion, advanced meta settings, titles and description editor, and Google Mobile-friendly test.

It even lets you control your 404 errors as well as fixing broken links. You can also automate the entire process while also providing the search engines with the information it needs to help you rank high.

Bulk Product Edit

If you are a dropshipper providing many products, then editing your products can become a cumbersome process. Bulk Product Edit takes care of that for you, with the app allowing you to edit a whole lot of products in one go.

You can edit a host of different things on the app, from price, inventory, tags, titles, to compared-at price and many others. Bulk Product Edit allows you to target products entirely based on the collection, vendors, keywords, tags, product type, and title.

You can even update your products when things change in the future without any hassle. So be sure to check it out when optimizing your dropshipping business.

A Comprehensive Dropshipping Growth Strategy

So there you go, these are the best Shopify apps in the market for dropshippers to utilize for company growth. You need a comprehensive strategy when building a dropshipping business, and all the apps listed above are must-have Shopify apps for marketing and SEO.

Once you implement them on your dropshipping website, you will most definitely start seeing positive results. So that's about it for now. If you have any more questions regarding dropshipping development, contact our developers, who will be more than happy to provide you with a solution.

And with that being said, we are at the end of our discussion today. Feel free to let us know in the comments below or hit us up on the socials if you think we missed any good app. We will come back with something new about the dropship nation soon. Until then, see ya!

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