Starting Shoes Dropshipping in India – Scope and Steps

Starting Shoes Dropshipping in India – Scope and Steps


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For their aspect of utility, Shoes will always be in high demand. Whatever happens, shoe buying will continue to be popular and necessary. Thus, shoes Dropshipping India online is an excellent business concept!

Any business requires considerable preparation. Several factors to consider, from sourcing suppliers to marketing and shipping when opening an online shoe business. To ensure you start your eCommerce company on the proper foot, we conducted research and compiled a step-by-step guide for you to establish a Dropship sneakers business in India.

Current Opportunity of a Dropshipping Business in India?

Dropshipping in India operates in the same manner as it does in the rest of the globe. Due to India's distinct geographical location, profit margins for Dropshippers may be higher.

Even foreign commodities may be moved effortlessly with this means of transport. While some legal measures must be observed, a Drop shipper in India may be able to generate a profit from their operation in India. Additionally, company loans are accessible to meet financial obligations.

Why Choose Shoes for Dropshipping in India?

According to Businesswire, the Indian footwear industry is expected to develop at an annual pace of 8.28 percent between 2020 and 2025. In other words, this is the optimal moment to open an online shoe business in India.

Footwear is a high-demand item. Each year, the typical Indian purchases at least two pairs of shoes. Footwear is a necessary item that must be changed regularly. As a result, shoe company owners who maintain a high brand quality have a strong chance of retaining clients.

You may expect a respectable salary if you start sneakers Dropshipping. Profit margins range between 80 and 130 percent.

However, you may encounter several difficulties while opening a sneakers Dropshipping store:

  • High financial investment—starting a shoe company requires a considerable initial expenditure, which is not vast.
  • Competitors include well-known shoe brands.
  • Changing fashion trends may render certain things obsolete, resulting in unsold inventory.

After reading this post, you will understand how to overcome the above hazards.

Selling shoes online is far more lucrative than running a brick-and-mortar shoe business. Why? Because you can have access to a broad consumer base throughout the nation, end up saving a lot of money, and run your company remotely!

How to Dropship Shoes in India

This section will go through all the steps you have to take to set up a profitable Shoe Dropshipping business in India. Let’s learn them well:

Laying the Foundation for Shoe Dropshipping India

To begin, there are many considerations for a businessman. You should clear the legal hurdles. Although registration as a small company is not required, it is usually a good idea. Ascertain that you have the essential documentation. Numerous organizations in India encountered compliance and paperwork challenges in the recent past. A small company tax blog will educate you on legal issues affecting small enterprises that Dropship sneakers.

Researching your Prospective Clients

Why is it critical to define a potential customer? The more information you have about your customers, the more effectively you can market your products. Once you've defined your specialty, identifying prospective consumers becomes easier. Establishing a customer group and determining the most appropriate items is a sound method.

Consider the following elements while identifying your target audience:

  • Age and gender distribution
  • Average annual income
  • Do they like traditional products or ones that are unique and colorful?
  • Shoes are often purchased.
  • Where they spend the most of their time—social media

Figuring out Ways to Stand Out

The footwear industry is tremendously diverse, with several well-known companies. That is not to say that your shoe shop cannot be distinctive as long as you identify your niche and promote your shoe brand as unique in sneakers Dropshipping.

Your perfect footwear niche is the intersection of your passion and market need. For instance, you may be interested in selling sports shoes, but the field is already crowded, and you may overshadow your brand. Later in this post, we'll cover how to determine which things are in demand precisely.

The first step in defining your footwear specialty is deciding on the footwear to offer. You have two choices: sell any footwear without regard for a specific audience or sell just one type of footwear.

We would advocate selling certain styles of shoes since the competition from the large competitors will be reduced. Additionally, this is the simplest method. Always bear in mind that attempting to satisfy everyone satisfies no one!

One effective strategy is to categorize all the products based on customer groups and features of the shoes. Here are a few examples:

  • Classic Shoes: Shoes that never go out of style like heels, sneakers, boots, flats, and sandals, to name a few. Their need is insatiable and always will be.
  • Sport Shoes: This is an excellent niche with a focused target demographic! Individuals who are active in sports often purchase athletic shoes. You might also explore cross-selling other sports-related items.
  • Nature-friendly Shoes: Most shoes are constructed of plastic, latex, and petroleum. Eco-friendly shoes help to mitigate climate change by using renewable materials. This kind of shoe appeals to environmentally aware individuals seeking better options.
  • Indoor Shoes: Another excellent option is selling comfy indoor footwear, such as slippers and flip-flops. You may be inventive and construct a collection of lovely indoor slippers!
  • Special Footwear: This category includes footwear designed to withstand hard exterior circumstances and extreme situations or used only by particular experts. Hiking shoes, track running shoes, climbing boots, and rain boots are just a few examples.

Finding the Right Supplier for Sneakers Dropshipping

Right Supplier for Sneakers Dropshipping  - Dropship USA

Dropshipping is not the optimal business model. It becomes necessary to select the correct suppliers. A Google search can assist you in this endeavor. The wholesaler may be chosen and partnered with based on the specialty picked.

Selecting a supplier may also be accomplished via specialist platforms like us. However, before picking a supplier, verify that they make original products, are not third-party invaders, and are dedicated to on-time delivery.

This is a critical stage because if the product given falls short of the customer's expectations, you may be required to address them.

Collect shoes in quantity from a single or several suppliers and eventually sell them out. You may choose from a variety of footwear. While the risk is somewhat more significant than with sneakers Dropshipping, you will be less reliant on the manufacturer.

You may locate footwear wholesalers and manufacturers who provide shoes Dropshipping India through a simple Google search or online business directories.

International vendors are simpler to locate than domestic providers. Numerous websites include a comprehensive listing of suppliers and manufacturers from across the globe. The industry is dominated by websites such as,, and others.

You may look for and communicate with suppliers or manufacturers using these websites if they Dropship sneakers.

Additionally, you may request samples of their items and inquire about their dependability. I enjoy these mediation websites because you can quickly identify reputable vendors by reading client feedback.

Promoting the Business

It is critical to advertising the business for prospective sellers to approach you. Many firms have struggled to turn a profit while providing exceptional service. This is mainly because they lack marketing and visibility. It is critical to sell and promote the firm aggressively to prevent this predicament. 

Various new tools are available for promoting a company online, like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. These internet advertising initiatives significantly increase brand exposure and awareness. Influencer marketing is also a popular kind of marketing in the modern day.

In today's society, a buyer does extensive research on a vendor before placing an order. Because this research is often conducted online, any firm must have a robust social presence.

Because most social media services are free, develop compelling material about the service and share it freely on social network accounts. It will project a bright and favorable picture of the firm.

Additionally, having an active social media presence makes it easy for potential sellers to contact the firm. It is a critical instrument in today's corporate environment.


Thus, here are all of the processes necessary to begin a Dropshipping shoe company in India. I've attempted to outline each stage so that you may utilize this knowledge to achieve success with Dropshipping. Bear in mind that beginning a company is not nearly as tricky as maintaining it.

However, there is a large market for eCommerce and shoes dropshipping India, and if you do it correctly, you will quickly become a billionaire.

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