3 Dropshipping Success Stories That Inspires The Dropship Nation

3 Dropshipping Success Stories That Inspires The Dropship Nation


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Dropshipping, as you know by now, is one of the most popular businesses out there. Countless dropshippers have carved out a space for them within the dropshipping business.

The dropship lifestyle has plenty of success stories globally, with many entrepreneurs being the cornerstone of the dropship nation. So you only hear about dropshipping as a lifestyle, but you may not hear about the most successful dropshippers.

We here at DropshipUSA thought we make a list of the three dropshipping success stories that inspire residents of the dropship nation. So let's check them out!

Aloysius Chay and Galvin Bay

Aloysius Chay and Galvin Bay are one of the most successful dropshipping stories you will find out there. Their store earned 60,000 dollars a day on average within a year of starting their dropshipping store.

Before becoming dropshippers, they were professional poker players in Macau. Like most of us, they heard about dropshipping from friends, and they wanted to get in on the action. Their initial struggle was to find the right balance between the market and the product.

At first, they started listing 20-30 different items, and they found it hard to get their business off the ground. In 2016 they scraped all the items and started focusing on Jewelery.

They started to become better at targeting specific industries and demographics according to country. Chay and Bay swear that Facebook ads were the best tool they used to generate business and traffic.

According to them, Facebook ads are user-friendly, and if you lack any information or skill, you can make up for it by looking at free tutorials online.

One of the advice they usually preach to other dropship hopefuls is to build a network and discuss their business with other e-commerce business owners to improve their model.

One of the most important factors that attracted them to dropshipping is the income and the freedom it offers. Now, their target is to move to earn six figures, and that's what they are working towards these days.


With 32,000+ monthly revenue from the dropshipping business, Kate is one of the biggest dropshipping success stories out there. Kate now works with Aliexpress's e-commerce department, where she creates and tests promotion strategies for dropshipping stores.

Before working with Aliexpres, Kate was a journalist and was a saleswoman on an offline gift store. Kate started researching her niche, and she settled on Anime as the theme for her business.

She found out how to pool items from several different suppliers based on her Anime niche, creating a dedicated shopping base. Kate's approach to dropshipping was a little bit different than most.

She offered a wide variety of products. Even when she offered more than a hundred items, it wasn't enough for her customers. She regularly updated her product list with brand new items and then kept the customers' intrigue.

Kate was always vigilant about the most popular items in her product list and ensured that she always had the product in stock for her customers.

Kate uses tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to find out and create the perfect demographic for targeted ads.

She uses PPC advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to generate traffic for her business and convert leads into sales. She has a simple method of garnering leads. Here is what she did:

  • Wrote brilliant product bios
  • Analyzed and utilized popular hashtags.
  • Experimented with different post formats
  • Use Instagram Ads

Content marketing is her primary tool to gain leads and customers. She does that by making the content more appealing to Facebook and Google Shopping.

Kate's store has thousands of followers, and they all look for original fun content from her store. She regularly writes original content for her business that matches her products and then publish them on the store blog and Facebook.

She also optimized her Google Shopping account that generated 300 sales per month by being a semi-automated system. Google Shopping optimization allowed her to capitalize on people searching anime terms to discover her store and products on Google.

Kate hit 922 orders and $32,000 a day back in October 2017 and has been growing ever since. Her conversion rate was as high as 1.31%, which shows that optimizing her store and choosing a well-researched niche goes a long way into creating a successful dropshipping business.

Irwin Dominguez

Irwin is one of the most successful dropshippers in the dropship nation as he made a million dollars in profit within eight months. Irwing got interested in dropshipping when he saw one of his close friends bringing in much money with dropshipping as their primary business.

Now at first, he didn't know how to start dropshipping, but he knew that it is a simple business operation. He started by researching e-commerce on Google. Then he opened up a Shopify account.

After that, he registered with Oberlo, a platform that helped him import dropshipped products into his e-commerce store and shipped the products directly to his customers.

Irwin was a local marketing consultant assisting small businesses to increase online traffic before becoming a dropshipping success story. His job helped him acquire the skills needed to make a dropshipping business a success.

He made his first sales with Facebook Ads, and it did take up most of his operational budget. However, Irwin says that it's the one thing that got his business off and running.

Over time, he perfected the Facebook Ads campaigns and learned to handle the marketing budget better, increasing his profit margins. Irwin made more than 30000 dollars a day on his best day, and usually, he clears around 10000 dollars a day.

Irwin always talks about the importance of creating the perfect demographic with the right niche.

He wants to improve the numbers by continually updating the product list and developing new audiences to target different niches. Irwin had two tips for hopeful dropshippers they are:

  • Before dealing in large quantities, validate your product idea by making a few sales before jumping in headfirst.
  • Be prepared when the floodgates open! Once you find a super popular product, make sure you have a mechanism to deal with the demand.

Be The Next Dropshipping Success Story

So those are our list of dropshipping success stories you needed to know about. They are the Dropship Nation's pillars, and they say that you could be the next successful dropshipper.

Be The Next Dropshipping Success Story-DropshipUSA

Just follow their example and focus on acquisition and niche research when building a successful dropshipping business.

If you want a perfect drop shipping website on Shopify, then feel free to contact our developers. Or, if you want to know more about our clients and other successful dropshippers or any other questions regarding dropshipping, then drop them in the comments below.

You can also hit us up on our socials for your queries. So that's about it for now. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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