How To Increase Your Drop Shipping Sales Numbers!

How To Increase Your Drop Shipping Sales Numbers!


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So you’re a dropshipper, but you’re not getting many sales through your site. You’re wondering why your competitor’s sites are doing so much better. Well, don’t worry! We’re going to tell you how to get sales dropshipping!

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Now, how to increase drop shipping sales. Our team has found several ways to ensure your conversion rates go up and you see an increase in sales. Read on to find out how to get sales dropshipping and get your first sale on Shopify!

Ensure Image Quality

In the land of e-commerce, images are one of the essential parts of increasing your conversion rates. We often see dropshippers uploading low-quality photos on their website and social channels. This makes your brand look bad.

Ensure you shoot your products on a clean, white background and that you have multiple angles of the product. Make images high-resolution so that you can edit without losing quality!

Remember, e-commerce customers rely on photos when deciding on purchases. If you don't have high-quality images, it will be hard to convince people of product quality. So, it’s worth taking a little time to make sure you create high-quality images for your dropshipping business.

Blind Shipping

As a dropshipper, you are not producing products. Your suppliers are the ones that stock, package, and ship your products. It’s best to work with suppliers that offer blind shipping. Blind shipping means that there is no supplier information included in the package your customers receive. This is good because you don’t want to undercut your brand by sending another company’s promotional material such as coupons, pamphlets, or their website in the package to your clients.

Remember, you are the one who will have to build relationships. If your suppliers are slipping in their promotional products in the packaging, they are undercutting your brand. So, do your research and choose suppliers that offer blind shipping!

Consistency In Pricing

If you want to increase dropshipping sales, you have to offer consistent pricing for your products. Your commission is based on the MSRP you set based on the price you pay your wholesaler.

Your customers will never think of you as a brand when you offer different prices for the same product. Never list a product that you cannot provide at one single price.

So if you want your sales number to increase, then make sure all the products' pricing is consistent. Only work with suppliers that can help you meet your MSRP margin.

Consistency is key to an increase in conversion rates and sales numbers for a dropshipper, and that is what you have to ensure.

Amazing Product Descriptions

Remember, you are all there is when it comes to convincing people to buy your product. The people coming into your dropshipping website need to make the right choice.

The only way you can ensure they choose your product is by writing down excellent and detailed product descriptions. The descriptions should not only be informative but should encourage people to buy the products from your website.

Work with professional writers if needs be but make sure you have the perfect descriptions. Remember that a great product description will help you with your SEO efforts as well. It will not only increase your sales number but also help you improve your traffic as well.

Update Your Inventory Regularly

Dropshipping might be easy to manage, but if you become complacent, then you will be left behind. As a dropshipper, you need to understand that several other businesses like yours are vying for your customer.

So expanding to other products should be an inevitability rather than a choice. Find new products to add to your list always and keep updating your inventory regularly if you want to see an increase in dropshipping sales.

Also, you have to make sure your website and social media stores are updated. You don't want your customers to put to later find out that the product is out of stock now, do you? To avoid this problem, regular inventory checks with your supplier and regular inventory update must ensure your dropshipping sales number only goes up.

Analyze & Optimize Your Marketing Plan

You already know that marketing is a big part of increasing your dropshipping sales numbers. Gather all the data from the social channels and website data in one place. Then analyze every single data you gather.

Analyze & Optimize Your Marketing Plan-DropshipUSA

Find out what is working and what is not. Then analyze the patterns that your audience has. You should also analyze your competitor's audience and see their content posting and data to understand what they are doing that's working.

Once you have all the pertinent information, you should create an ads campaign that will convert more, and that is how you can increase your dropshipping sales.

Diligent Dedication

So there you go, hopefully, now you know the answer to the question of how to get your sales numbers up through dropshipping. The criteria listed above are all tried and tested.

All the dropshipping success stories confirmed that these methods work. So follow all the steps and see your sales numbers increase. If you want to know how to get your first sale on a dropshipping Shopify website, contact our developers.

They will be able to let you know what you need. If you have any other queries about growing your dropshipping business, then put them down in the comments below or hit us up on our socials. And with that being said, we are at the end of our conversation today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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