How To Use Google Ads For Business In 3 Proven Ways?

How To Use Google Ads For Business In 3 Proven Ways?


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Google is a one-stop-shop for businesses seeking new customers. They don't just offer the largest advertising network but are also the most popular online ad provider and have access to millions of potential business opportunities waiting on Google Ads.

If you are an advertiser and wondering how to use google ads for business, you have landed on the right page. 

Advertisers can target users across two main networks: the search and display network. The former refers to pay-per-click advertising. Advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their business and have a chance for potential displays of ads shown during Google's Search function; this is also known as paid search. 

Display advertisements work through an auction system where bidders compete against each other through bidding mechanisms so they may gain ad space within various websites with high volumes of traffic such as Yahoo! or Facebook."

How Can You Use Google Ads for Business?

Account Structure Optimization

Using Google ads for business is getting easier day by day. 

An easy way to take care of your Google Ads account and ensure you’re getting the best ROI is by structuring it properly. A logical, structured ad campaign can dramatically impact several crucial PPC metrics such as Quality Score, which will save money for you in the end! 

Other benefits include more relevant traffic coming into your site through targeted ads, higher quality scores (resulting in lower cost-per-clicks), plus easier optimization with less clutter.

Practicing proper structure means that when disaster strikes or changes are needed later down the line, changing things up won't be difficult. Everything is already well organized instead of just thrown together haphazardly like most people do their taxes at tax time. 

Google Ads campaign structure is crucial for success on the platform. By breaking your campaigns into individual ad groups, you can target each area with specific keywords and messaging to generate results in line with what they need.

The possibilities for structuring your Google Ads account are endless. For example, you can structure it by the types of advertised products or services, based on geographic location if you operate the business in multiple individual markets - and that's just scratching the surface!

In-depth Keyword Research

Finding the appropriate keywords is the first and foremost google ads strategy for small businesses. Let me tell you how. 

Google Ads is a clever system that allows advertisers to target their desired audience by bidding on keywords relevant to the business. Let's take, for example, an insurance company that sells a car and life insurance businesses may want to bid on "car insurance" or "life insurance." They would then be shown whenever someone searches these terms online.

Keyword Discovery

The worst thing you can do during keyword research is to try and target an obscure phrase that no one will search for. However, it’s important not to get too lazy when coming up with new keywords because Google won't rank your website if it doesn't think people are searching for what you're providing.

The first phase of a successful SEO campaign starts by creating relevant, targeted phrases that accurately describe the content on your site and its audience.

If you're looking for a way to generate more keyword ideas, don't forget the brainstorming! It's simple and can be done from any location. The next step is using some great tools that will help expand your keywords even further- start with Google AdWords' Keyword Tool. 

Analyze and Pick the Best Keyword for Your Business 

Now that you have a base spreadsheet of keywords, It’s time to move to the next phase.

You can use both free and paid tools to arrange the keywords according to SERP results and difficulties if you are interested in getting deep down the alley, opening up the SERP details, and checking organic traffic on each keyword. 

Please note that this process will take a bit of time - so be sure not to run through the list too quickly! I usually go with no more than 100 keywords here to stay on track, or else it would take all day just looking up information about these words alone (and we still need other tasks!).

Write the Perfect Ads

Creating compelling ads that speak directly to your prospects is the key to success on Google Ads. With such a small space for text, persuasive writing becomes even more crucial than ever before!

The basics of PPC advertising are relatively straightforward: you identify keywords relevant to your business and craft brief ad copy to persuade people who click through it (i.e., prospective customers) into buying something from you or at least taking some sort of action in response.

 Write the Perfect Ads - Using Google Ads For Business - Dropship USA

Anything from signing up for an email list all the way down to making their first purchase online if they have not done so already. The goal here, then, isn't just about getting clicks but rather delivering results by enticing potential buyers without being misleading and creating positive customer experiences beyond. 

When writing for PPC ads, it is essential to keep the tone of your language in mind. Some simply offer a discount, while others may use fear or comedy as bait. Your choice will impact how potential customers feel about clicking on the ad and whether they do so at all!

Benefits of Google Ads For Business

Now you know all the nitty-gritty details of how to use google ads for business. Let’s take a look at the benefits it brings to your business. 

Target with Utmost Precision 

You can now use Google’s many targeting options to ensure your ads are only displayed to potential customers. Business owners can filter their audience based on geographical location, age, keywords, and more. 

Additionally, they also choose when Google shows their ad by selecting an ideal time slot corresponding with business hours. Besides,  for example, running from Monday-Friday 8 AM - 5 PM is typical because businesses are closed or slower on weekends, so this maximizes advertising spend while still reaching prospective audiences!

Finding a local business is now easier than ever with the rise of mobile devices. A recent study says that half of the smartphone users who conduct searches for nearby businesses end up visiting one within just one day, giving them an advantage in catching people's interest by being at the top of SERPs.

Choosing Specific Devices

What kind of device do you want your ads to be seen on? This needs to be answered first before using google ads for business. 

With the new Google AdWords update, businesses can now choose which devices they would like their ad served to. So, for instance, if a business wants its ad displayed only for desktops or tablets (or both), that's possible with this new feature! 

Not happy with just desktop and tablet advertisements, though? No worries - there are more options available too; mobile phones among them. Want even more refined control over what people see when looking at your site from different types of computers/mobiles but don't have data analysis software installed yet? 

Bid adjustments allow automatically bidding higher or lower as per the specific type of computer being used to maximize conversion rates and sales revenue instead- so might I

Tracking the Performance

With Google Adwords, you can track the performance of your ads. This means you'll know how many people saw and clicked on them. Plus, with tracking URLs for each ad campaign, you get to see which visitors took action after viewing your site - like signing up or buying something!

Google AdWords has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. In the last year alone, Google's economic impact report revealed that "businesses made an average of $2 in revenue for every dollar spent on advertising through Google’s search engine and website services." 

And with signs pointing towards continued growth over the next few years, there couldn't be a better time than now to make use of this strategy as part of your online marketing efforts. If you're still not sure about its effectiveness or how it may fit into your business model? Give it a try!

Pay When it Brings Results 

Paying only when people take action is the most popular advantage of advertising on Google AdWords. When businesses advertise with pay-per-click ads, they don't have to worry about paying for every person who sees their ad—they just need viewers to click and visit their website!

This means that if a business has an advertisement that loads 100 times but no one clicks it, you are not charged anything. With this system in place, you save money because your payment per visitor will be lower than traditional models. Advertisers had to buy impressions from media outlets (such as TV or radio).

Quality Traffic

Google Ads is a valuable advertising tool for eCommerce stores. With Google ads, you are guaranteed high-quality traffic that will convert into sales! This is because users who visit your site after searching on the search network have already demonstrated buyer intent and know precisely what they want to buy from your store, making it easier than ever before to turn them into customers.

Google Ads brings in more visitors with higher conversion rates than other forms of advertisement like TV or radio campaigns where people may not be wondering how their product could help solve an issue they’re experiencing at that moment. 

Integration With Other Services  

Whether you’re an experienced eCommerce marketer or beginner, Google Ads integration with their Analytics platform will give you all the insights needed to help make your ads and audiences more successful. If this sounds like something that could interest you, we have a guide on how to get started here!


How to use google ads for business is more like a delicate task where you need to integrate innovation and imagination. But if you know the basics and do some in-depth research based on this article, one thing is guaranteed: constant growth of your business.

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