7 Killer Tips For Writing Better Product Description

7 Killer Tips For Writing Better Product Description


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Do you know that a well-written product description adds value to your product? When you write a good product description, it has an impact on its own to move a random product viewer into your buying customer. That’s no exaggeration; that’s the truth! Knowing where and what to write about a product is a skill every business owner or product lister should know, for it holds the utmost potential of traffic conversion. 

But not everyone can write a good product description, and hence customers are less attracted to the products. Always remember that your customers need to be attracted to your product in order to buy them, so your description has to be engaging and compelling. We get it that writing may not be your forte. And therefore, we are here with a set of tips that can help you out so that even if you are no writing expert or a web copy expert, you can still manage to write better product descriptions.

How To Write An Effective Product Description

1. Make your product description sound conversational

Let’s start with the basics; keep your target viewers in mind when writing a product description. Just because writing a product description is boring doesn’t mean the description has to be boring as well. Many dropshipping businesses we have worked on also just copy-pastes product descriptions from the product manufacturers. This is a deal-breaker! To pique your customers’ interest and sell your products, your product description needs to sound natural and conversational. Avoid writing descriptions that sound robotic or computer-generated unless your target customers are bots or, I don’t know!.

So, how do you make it simple? Make the description sound conversational. Talk about the particular product to your customers as you would talk to your friends. Use adjectives like beautiful, stunning, breath-taking, absolute, elegant, etc., to describe your products but don’t overuse them; otherwise, it won’t work.

2. Precise and structured description is the best approach

It’s a good practice to write a product description that doesn’t hurt the eyes of the reader. Instead of writing paragraphs, impose the product information with several bullet points. That way, it’s easier for customers for a quick go-through. For example, if you are selling apparel, you can list the description into separate points based on its features, specialties, and price.

3. Make the description SEO optimized

For selling your product, you need to incorporate SEO in every shape and form. Try searching for long or short-chained SEO keywords that belong to your product niche. You may also need an SEO plugin to insert the keywords everywhere, including the page titles, meta descriptions, image tags, and product descriptions. If you want to know how to write SEO product descriptions, that needs another article to cover. We will talk about incorporating SEO in product descriptions more elaborately in the future, so stay tuned.

4. Incorporate images of the products

Take a look at this situation, two different companies sell the same products. The only difference is one uses high-quality pictures in the product description, the other doesn’t. What do you think gets the most traffic? The company that incorporated pictures - this is no brainer! Because we will always want to see what we are buying before actually buying it. That’s human nature -  make use of it! Quality photos that fully showcase the products along with well-etched descriptions are the most attractive ones to viewers. 

5. Know what to put into the description

Putting too much information that isn’t valuable to customers isn’t what you should do. Instead, brainstorm for a while to figure out what is the most appealing thing about your product and why your audience should buy it from you. Here are some things you should include in your product description. 

  • The original region of manufacture product
  • The ingredients list/specifications
  • Size Charts (for clothes, jewelry)
  • The price of the product
  • Discounts/price off (if any)

6. Use a proofreading tool to edit your mistakes

Grammarly is a life-saver for writers and proofreaders! You can purchase the premium version to improve your writing style, but just the free version will do. No, this isn’t a paid promotion; in fact, that’s what pretty much every writer uses. However, you can try other writing tools as well. These tools make sure your sentences are structured well and there are no spelling mistakes.

7. If everything fails, hire a web copywriter

If you are still unable to get the perfect lines even after trying a couple of times, or if you just don’t have time for writing descriptions yourself, it’s best to hire a writer who can write it for you. If you want that professional touch to your description but still want to paint a picture with words in your viewers’ minds, you should invest in a web copywriter. A professional writer will know how to make your descriptions appealing to the audience. All you need to know is to feed him/her all the product information and the background story, and you are good to go!

Hire a web copywriter - write better product descriptions - Dropship USA

That’s how you write a compelling product description. In order to write the perfect description for your products, you need to know your target audience. You can add in a touch of humor every now and then for products like clothing, jewelry, food, etc., so that your descriptions appear fun and frolic to read. However, refrain from using humor on sensitive issues like death, accidents, etc., as that would be an inappropriate response. Once you know your target audience, it gets easier to write descriptions. So, don’t panic and have fun. Remember, you can always re-edit them in the future.

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