Sending Thank You Mail to Customer for Order: A How-To Guide with Examples

Sending Thank You Mail to Customer for Order: A How-To Guide with Examples


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Who doesn't like to be appreciated? Your customers are no different. In fact, almost 60% of customers will quit doing business with a company if it seems to be uninterested in them. Always keep in mind that you're operating a store for them, and without them, you wouldn't have anything to run.

To create a long-lasting good impression, follow up with your consumers immediately after they make a purchase on your website. What's the best method to go about it? With a well-crafted thank you mail to a customer for an order.

This blog post will teach you:

  • Why is it essential to write thank-you emails?
  • When is it appropriate to write thank-you emails?
  • 4 steps on how to send a client thank-you email
  • 6 things to include in thank-you mail
  • Examples of thank-you emails for your e-commerce business

So, let's get this party started.

Why Should You Start Sending Thank You Mail to Customer for Order?

Sending a thank-you email demonstrates more than politeness. This kind of communication has additional advantages:

  • A thank-you email allows you to communicate with your consumer on a two-way basis. They express interest in your business. You respond by demonstrating that you are a person behind the website while also expressing appreciation for the attention.
  • It contributes to the reputation and trustworthiness of your company. 
  • A thank-you letter is an excellent opportunity to remind your consumers of your values and how much you appreciate their presence.
  • You may also add some discounts and incentives for their next purchase to entice them to return more goods.
  • A thank-you email is an excellent opportunity to encourage consumers to follow you on social media, sign up for a loyalty program, or leave a review. The only thing you should avoid is aggressive upselling.

When Should You Send a Thank-You Email?

When you send a thank you email, it depends on the customers' activity. By activity, we don't just mean making an order; there are various scenarios in which your automated thank-you letters may be delivered. You may send thank-you emails automatically to:

  • Valuable and loyal customers
  • Customers celebrating their birthday
  • Attendees at the event/webinar
  • Specific holidays thank you notes (Valentines, Christmas, new year, etc.)
  • Subscribers to the newsletter
  • Applicants for jobs and interviews

How can these be used in practice? Simply sign up for an email marketing automation program that allows you to generate thank-you letters depending on user behavior. Make sure you evaluate the deliverability, spam score, and content of thank-you emails, as well as any other transactional communications.

What Is the Best Way to Write a Thank You Note?

Thank you mail language may be challenging to come up with. Use the steps in the instructions below:

1. Start with greetings. 

First and foremost, a greeting is required. Always!

  • Hello, John!
  • Hi, John!
  • Greetings, John!
  • Good day, John!

2. Get the mail's main point through quickly.

  • I wanted to drop you a short message to say hello and thank you for purchasing with us. Thank you very much for making this purchase.
  • Your support is much appreciated, and I eagerly await your feedback on your purchase!
  • In a world when there are so many choices, I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for selecting us.

3.Additional customization. 

This is the letter section where you may go above and above – without being creepy – and write something extra personal and unique to that customer.

  • I really hope you like <product name> since it is one of our best-selling items and a particular favorite of mine.
  • Your address piqued my attention since I spent a lot of my youth in New York!

The personalization in thank you for your purchase letter should be visible, honest, and relevant.

4. Closing

Finish with a lighthearted yet polite sign-off.

  • Cheers
  • Thank you once again.
  • Sincerely

Of course, each mail must be tailored to the individual to whom it is being sent.

When you're attempting to thank someone for their business advice, a "Payment received, thank you." mail isn't going to cut it. Take a look at the tips below to see how all of these components may come together to make the perfect thank you note. 

Tips On Sending Thank You Notes for E-commerce Websites

There are a few recommended practices for drafting a great client thank you note no matter what sector you're in.

1. In the subject line, say something nice.

Make sure the subject line offers your consumer a sneak peek at what's in store. Thank you, "valued client," "your loyalty," and "appreciated" are all excellent indicators that the consumer may anticipate a friendly communication from you. 

Take a look at these samples to see how you may uniquely open your thank-you letter:

  • "Great news and even greater appreciation." 
  • "You came up in a big way."  
  • "Thanks for having excellent taste." 

2. Be cautious about what you advertise.

A thank you note should not be used to persuade your consumers to make further purchases. 

Nothing makes an email (posing as a thank you letter) appear more dishonest than pushing the reader to purchase anything else right now. There are many other ways to inform your consumers about special deals and new goods, but this isn't one of them.

It's OK to send a thank-you letter to a client that is nothing more than a thank-you message. You can include a link to a customer feedback survey, customized instructional material, information about a loyalty program — or anything else that doesn't need customers to spend any more money.

3. Write like a human, not a bot. 

If you're going to send a thank-you note to your consumers through email, make sure it's well-written, customized, and genuine.

Every day, our inboxes are already filled with automated email templates delivered in bulk by companies. To express how grateful you are for a customer's business and loyalty, make sure your thank-you email sounds as personable as possible. 

4. Include a personal or authentic touch.

Understanding that another person's message will be read is an integral part of writing like a human. If your email comes off as insincere or hurried, it won't have the desired effect on your recipients. While the gesture will be appreciated, it will not impact that will remind them of your brand in the future.

Including something personal in your thank you letter is one approach to truly make it stand out. This may be a brief narrative about how this purchase affected your company, a memorable encounter between your staff and the client, or just a humorous joke and a lighthearted reminder that your support channels are always there to assist. 

Whichever option you pick, it should give your email more meaning, so you're not simply stating "thanks for purchasing something" or "thank you for your confirmation" and sending the client on their way.

5. Make it easy for customers to reply.

You should provide a way for consumers to contact you if they have any further questions about their transaction, wish to give feedback or make another purchase.

Check whether consumers can reply directly to the return email address if you're using marketing tools to email your contacts. Some shared inbox solutions utilize a placeholder email address, which enables you to send a 1:1 email to a broad group of people but prevents them from responding. If you can't modify your reply-to email, try including an email address in the message itself so that consumers may contact you directly.

6. Create a template that your whole team may utilize.

While you should attempt to customize each thank you note for each client, a template may help you maintain brand consistency by ensuring that fonts, colors, and images are consistent. This will also save your team time since you won't have to start writing from scratch. 

Instead, you have to customize the template and include whatever information or offers are appropriate at this stage in the customer's journey.

If you own an eCommerce store, you may already communicate with your consumers via email. After consumers make a transaction on your website, the section below may assist your staff in writing eye-catching thank you notes.

5 Best Examples of Thank You Notes

5 Best Examples of Thank You Notes - thank you mail to customer for order - Dropship USA

These will be written from the perspective of a fictitious bookstore called "The Crooked Bookstore." Suppose this is a mystery bookshop with a book club membership service.

If you have a first-time buyer…

Hello, Nancy.

Welcome to The Crooked Bookstore family from all of us at The Crooked Bookstore! Thank you very much for choosing <book name> as your book of choice. It's a classic, and we're confident you'll like it!

We're a small, carefully selected bookstore that stands behind every title we sell. That means you may exchange it for any other book in our shop if you don't like it. Simply respond to this email, and we'll take care of the rest.

Thank you once again for selecting The Crooked Bookstore; we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Your acquaintance,


If you have a returning client…

Hello, Nancy.

I was ecstatic to see your name pop up on our order list yet again!

It's always a pleasure to see a returning client. We realize you have many choices when it comes to books, so the fact that you chose to buy <book name> from us means a lot to us.

We have a love-it-or-exchange-it policy, so if your new book doesn't live up to your expectations, we'll work with you to discover something that suits your tastes better.

Thank you once again,


For a business-customer anniversary…

Hello, Nancy.

Congratulations on our anniversary! We can't believe you've been a member of our book club for a year already. Your continuous support is precious to us.

We look forward to reading and discussing our favorite mystery books with you for many years to come!


If customers leave good reviews…

Hello, Nancy.

I just read your nice comment about our business and wanted to thank you personally. It's very satisfying to hear that someone had a positive experience with our company and felt driven to tell others about it. Positive reviews are particularly essential to a company like ours.

Thank you very much once again. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance.


If someone left bad or neutral feedback…

Hello, Nancy.

I hope you don't mind if I contact you. I couldn't help but notice you're dissatisfied with your last buy. My goal is that every interaction between The Crooked Bookstore and our customers is pleasant, and I am very disappointed to learn that this did not meet your expectations.

I'd want to sit down with you and talk about what went wrong and how we can make things right. Could you please contact me or phone me at 555-123-4567?

Thank you in advance for your time.


A Free Tip:

You can include a hand-written Thank You note with the parcel. A little remark like "Thank you very much, we hope you love your new headband!" reminds customers that your box was packaged by individuals who care about their clients.

The Bottom Line

Although saying "thank you" may seem a simple gesture, it is critical to your consumers' satisfaction. It implies that they're more than simply another customer.

A little gesture of gratitude may improve the whole customer experience and, in the end, help you increase: 

  • Order value on average
  • Revenue
  • Customer retention

Are you sending your readers any thank-you emails?

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