Why US Suppliers Are The Solution For Dropshippers In US During COVID

Why US Suppliers Are The Solution For Dropshippers In US During COVID


Dropshipping is all about order fulfillment, and during the COVID pandemic, dropshippers all over the country are finding it hard to fulfill customer needs.

Because of this, plenty of businesses are failing. With the pandemic raging, dropshippers everywhere are struggling to meet the demands. Now you may be wondering, as a USA dropshipper, how do I keep up with the demands? Well, the answer is pretty simple, "US suppliers."

Any dropshipper in the US looking to meet their customer's orders need to diversify suppliers, and US suppliers are the only way to meet all the demands with air travel restrictions in full flow.

So we here at DropshipUSA provide complete Shopify dropshipping solutions to dropshipping hopefuls. What this means is that we have ample knowledge about what makes for a successful dropshipping business. Here in the following passages, you will find out why US suppliers are the solution for dropshippers in the US. So let's begin.

The COVID Effect On E-Commerce

Before the pandemic hit the world, most dropshippers used Chinese vendors to fulfill orders. However, when it hit, everything changed. At first, the dropshippers who got their products from vendors in the Hubei province were affected.

Slowly as weeks rolled on, the factories were being shut down, and then the travel restrictions rolled in, making deliveries impossible. Alibaba, which is considered the biggest dropshipping supplier platform, struggled with shortages.

Now with the second wave of lockdowns bearing down, air travel is slowing down, and there is a scare within the dropship nation that the shortages will come again.

The entire world of e-commerce has been turned upside down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the world is so interconnected, these travel restrictions hamper many logistical operations as many are not even functioning now.

From truck driver shortages and cargo issues to factories working with smaller teams of workers to maintain safety regulations to terminal shutdowns, many things are impacting dropshippers.

Because of all these problems and shortages, dropshippers in the US are finding it hard to fulfill their customers' demands. E-commerce is the go-to option for people now, with contact-less deliveries, the ideal way to get the things they need while minimizing COVID contraction risk.

With the increase in demand and low logistical support, dropshippers have to diversify their supplier portfolio to US suppliers to guarantee order fulfillment.

Now is the perfect time for dropshippers to grow with e-commerce becoming the norm for the world, but as we said, diversifying your supplier list is the only way to stay viable as a business option.

Diversifying Your Product Mix

Every dropshipper right now is thinking about the future restriction the world might have to face because of the pandemic. Different places across the globe are already in lockdown, but the demand for products has not lessened in any way.

This is why dropshippers in the US are working with suppliers in the US. Companies like Amazon are already working towards optimizing and expanding their operations to better cope with the demand.

Amazon announced they were hiring a hundred thousand new workers to support FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon). If you want to know more about FBA, then you can check out our take on what you need to know about FBA.

The US's location and size mean that not all states are affected by the pandemic the same way. That means there are plenty of suppliers all over the country that can help you with your order fulfillment. So during this time, you should look to expand your national suppliers.

Benefits Of US Suppliers For Dropshippers

One of the best things that US suppliers offer dropshippers is faster shipping times. Usually, products coming from China take around 14 days to deliver.

Benefits Of US Suppliers For Dropshippers - DropshipUSA

However, with US suppliers, you will provide the product within 2-3 days and sometimes even 1-day delivery. The best thing about the US is that it's a country that' well-connected logistically.

What that means is that you will always have products in stock. Besides, with international travel restricted, you will be able to fulfill the orders from local suppliers.

Plus, if you are working in the right niche, then you might even see higher demand levels for your products. Now, if you have only US suppliers, then order fulfillment may be challenging.

Still, as a dropshipper in the USA, you should most definitely have them in your list of vendors along with international ones. The more suppliers you have, the better, especially in a time of crisis where people are more dependent on online shopping.

The Long-Term Impact

One of the best things you can do for your dropshipping business during this COVID crisis is to have an extensive local supplier list to maintain an uninterrupted drop shipping operation.

Having local suppliers on your list means that your local suppliers can fulfill your customer orders as your backup supplier even if there is an international travel ban.

Remember, if you have the right suppliers, you will guarantee sustainable growth as a dropshipping operation within the US. If you want to know more about the suppliers, you can check out the article on the best 2020 dropshipping suppliers.

However, if you are doing your research, then you can find suppliers in two different ways. One is directly looking for suppliers, and the other is to use platforms like Modalyst to find new suppliers.

Finding US Suppliers For Dropshipping

As a member of the dropship nation, you may have heard about suppliers you were interested in working with. Now is the perfect time for you to get in touch with.

You can also use search engines like Google and start some competitor analysis to find the suppliers US dropshippers are using. Pay attention to your contemporaries and see which suppliers are providing fantastic value to your competition.

You can also use platforms like Salehoo and Worldwide Brands to find the right suppliers for your dropshipping business. When you have potential suppliers, you have to find out if they are the right fit for you. Find out the following things to find the right option for your dropshipping business:

  • Find out their dropshipping terms.
  • Find out their per-order fees and how much are the costs.
  • Find out their safety precautions and their contingency plans for reduced workforce requirements.
  • Find out how long they have been working as a dropshipping supplier.
  • Find out how they source their products.
  • Find out their shipping partners.

Remember, you want to work with a supplier that has a plan to work through the crisis. That way, you will be able to guarantee uninterrupted service.

When you cover all the basics with your supplier, you will offer all the things your customer needs to instill a sense of security, so make sure you work with the right suppliers.

Harness Local Suppliers For Sustainable Growth

So there you go, that's about all you need to know on why US dropshippers should consider US suppliers during the COVID crisis.

Sourcing local suppliers will help you harness all there is to guarantee sustainable growth for your dropshipping operation, and finding the right partners is the first step into achieving that. And with that being said, we are here at the end of our discussion today.

If you want to know more about Shopify dropshipping solutions, then feel free to contact our developers. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries.

Also, if you have anything else to ask about finding the right suppliers for your US drop shipping operation, then feel free to drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials.

So that's about it for now. We will come back with something new about the world of dropshipping soon. Until then, see ya!

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