Tips On How To Get Free Shipping For Your Dropshipping Business

Tips On How To Get Free Shipping For Your Dropshipping Business


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Hey there entrepreneurs, are you looking to get into dropshipping as your career option? Are you all done with choosing your niche and creating your website?

Do you want to be a dropshipper that offers free shipping and affordable shipping rates to its customers? Well, then you have come to the right place.

Dropshipping has become one of the most popular business options for young entrepreneurs looking to make some money because it takes so little effort to get started.

Recent studies show that dropshipping is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce businesses out there. We here at DropshipUSA provide Shopify dropshipping solutions, so we know all there is to know about dropshipping.

If you want to know how to get free shipping for your business, then we believe we can help you. Here in the following passages, we will talk about Shopify's free shipping options and discuss a few ways you can create an affordable shipping option for your customers. So without further ado, let's get into it.

Analyzing Competitors' Free Shipping Strategies

When you see that a niche is competitive, then it usually means you can build a profitable and sustainable business around it. So when you are done choosing the right niche for your business, you have to dive deep into competitor research.

Start by identifying the leading brands within the niche. After that, you should analyze everything they have from online stores, blogs & articles, and social media posts.

Keep researching the other aspects of the business and then see what the audience likes. Once you have analyzed all the parts of your competitor's dropshipping business, you should be able to create free shipping campaigns. When you make your campaigns, you will drive high conversion rates by fulfilling the gaps left by your competitors.

Check Out Different Product Samples

Whenever you choose your dropshipping suppliers, you have to make sure you put in many sample orders from different suppliers. That way, you will be able to assess what your customers will experience.

You can judge everything from the quality of packaging to average delivery time to their free shipping options. When you check out the shipping logistics, you will be able to develop innovative ways of improving customer experiences.

Dropshippers love integrating free shipping options, and ordering many different product samples allows you to understand the cost-effectiveness of the service.

Choosing The Right Dropshipping Platform

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business that needs the right platform to generate success. Choosing the right e-commerce platform when building your website will significantly provide a smooth experience for your customers.

Now, there are plenty of different e-commerce platforms you can use for your dropshipping site, but not all platforms offer maximum free shipping support.

Usually, we provide solutions and help dropshippers integrate Shopify shipping for free shipping support. However, you can use other platforms as well for that.

Platforms like AliExpress shipping and Wix shipping services to automate freight and tax calculations. These integrations make the customer journey a breeze and provide a fast check out process.

Along with that, automation ensures better business transparency, and that breeds trust in customers. So if you want to reap the full benefits of free shipping for your dropshipping business, you have to make sure you choose the right e-commerce platform.

Remember that taking full advantage of free shipping demands will hinge on building your website on the right platform to talk to experts to check out your options.

Finding Average Shipping Time

One of the reasons why dropshippers suffer is because they provide inconsistent shipping services. As a dropshipper, you will never generate enough interest for your shipping solutions if you, as the business owner, don't know the average product fulfillment time.

You can never rely on ship time estimates the suppliers provide. However, you can order a few times to calculate the average order processing time and know the product's average delivery time.

If you want to know how to offer free shipping for your dropshipping business, then you most definitely get ample first-hand experience order the product.

That way, you will be able to create efficient shipping solutions for your customers, which will most definitely generate interest.

Showcase Average Shipping Time To Customers

Online customers are very fickle, and success for a dropshipper lies in providing convenience to the people coming in to buy their products. With US consumers, you always have to give the information and keep them informed about the orders all the time.

Providing a better shipping experience is one of the conveniences that regular customers look for. So make sure you are clear about the estimated shipping time and delivery date at all times.

If you are always transparent about the order shipment, you will be able to disarm refund requests and complaints from unsatisfied customers.

Create Interest For Your Free Shipping Offers

If you want to know how to do free shipping right for your business, you need to realize that you have to generate your audience's interest.

For this reason, successful dropshippers usually create a free shipping campaign. Limited time offers usually offer fantastic value and generate interest amongst impulse buyers. Free shipping campaigns also help you with shopping cart abandonment issues.

It lowers the number of abandonments as the customers are more convinced about buying the free shipping offer to get more excellent value for their money.

Ensure your campaign broadcasts your free shipping offer is a limited-time option only to motivate buyers to go through with their purchases. You can even attach a limited-time pop-up showcasing your free shipping offer to everyone that comes to your website.

Integrating A Unique Free Shipping Model

As we said earlier, free shipping options are always an excellent tool for dropshippers to attract customers and encourage sales. It can easily be used as a temporary tool or a permanent one depending on the niche and the type of business model you have.

Often dropshippers utilize free shipping options as a significant selling point in attracting new customers. Remember, the shipping cost should be absorbed when setting prices for your product.

That way, you will be able to generate profit quickly. Make sure your business model can handle your customers' shipping demands and needs; otherwise, the plan might cause more harm than benefit.

Let Your Customers Know You Offer Free Shipping

You have to keep in mind that free shipping is a great way to generate sales, but if people don't know that you are offering free shipping options, your conversion rates will plummet.

You have to broadcast your free shipping campaign everywhere, from product pages and mailing lists. Try utilizing head banners on the websites.

Make sure all your money pages showcase your free shipping options to increase your lead conversion rates. The end game for your free shipping campaign is to gain new customers and build trust with your older customers.

Make New & Regular Customers A Priority

As you know by now, free shipping is a useful marketing tool for a dropshipping business; recent studies its shown that nine out of ten people think of free shipping as a great incentive to make a purchase.

Make New & Regular Customers A Priority - DropshipUSA

Since it's an efficient tool for gaining new customers, make sure you cater your campaigns to first-time customers. Offer free shipping to people buying your product for the first time.

You can also create a specialized campaign that caters to your most loyal customers, Offer them free shipping coupons and let them see you care, and your coupon will encourage them to buy your products.

Choose The Right Target Market

Your free shipping campaign should be created with a target market in mind. Create your free shipping campaign aimed at markets with ideal shipping options.

Try reaching the right market with ads on AdWords and Facebook. You can also check the analytics report on the profiles to see which demographic and geographical location is best and suitable for shipping costs and delivery times.

With all the information, you will create an effective strategy that increases lead conversion rates. So make sure you choose the right market for your free shipping campaign.

Working on a market with lower shipping prices and faster delivery times will help you increase customer satisfaction on order fulfillment.

Free Shipping For Dropshipping Businesses

So that's all there is to make a free shipping campaign for your dropshipping business. Hopefully, by now, you can answer your question, "how to get free shipping for your business?"

If you need to know more, then feel free to contact our developers because we know how to do free shipping on Shopify correctly. However, simply following the instructions listed above will help you with your free shipping troubles to follow everything to a tee.

So with that being said, we are at the end of our conversation today. If you have any queries regarding free shipping, then feel free to drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials.

We are always there for you and will answer all your questions as soon as possible. And that's it for now. We will come back with something about the dropship nation soon that you need to know. Until then, see ya!

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